How funny it is you don't realize the skill lies in knowing within the truth there's still lies の新バージョンは使い勝手がさらに向上。サイトを 再読み込み して利用を開始してください。, このアルバムのバックグラウンド情報をご存知ですか? If you think you know me from the facets they show these folks to get money, I gotta laugh I was seventeen years old when I had you (When I had you) That’s almost like bubblegum rap now, how the people are accepting it. What you hear is part of me Had a baby as a kid, mama kicked me out The format of what an album is in the books, isn’t what’s going on in 2019. I just wanted to get that off my chest. “Father of 4” was my favorite track of them all. Enzo (Malaa Remix) [feat. Kalea, you my first, first daughter [Chorus: Offset] Ups and downs in this fame, roller coaster Father of 4 received generally positive reviews from critics and debuted at number four on the US Billboard 200. [20] In its second week, the album dropped to number nine on the chart, earning an additional 39,000 album-equivalent units that week. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2019 Mustard Yellow Vinyl release of Father Of 4 on Discogs. "[18] Reviewing the album for Entertainment Weekly, Brian Josephs stated "Offset often sounds drained in a way that doesn't really invite empathy. Make sure they remain kids, 'cause they know who I am. Dungeon Family’s Big Rube Originally Wanted To Be A Rapper Before Being Encouraged To Try Spoken Word, Offset Breaks Down The Meaning Of "Father Of 4", Offset’s ‘FATHER OF 4’ Album Cover Was Not Photoshopped, Offset Studio, Los Angeles, CA; Boomnati Studio, Los Angeles, CA, I was seventeen years old when I had you (When I had you), My son, Kody, he three, rappin' already like me, My son Kody, he three, rappin' already like me, I'm a father of four, gotta get that cash, gold, Kulture, remind me of my grandma, feel like she is closer, If I don't ball, then everything 'round me fall. Your mama tried to push me down, ain't let me stay at the house You might expect Cardi’s eventual guest verse to be an emotional affair, but on “Clout,” she says screw all that, firing shots at all kinds of adversaries and temporarily stealing the spotlight: “Soon as these bitches got something to sell, they say my name, say my name, Destiny’s Child,” she growls. Yes. [Verse 2: Offset] The album's release makes Offset the third and final member from Migos to release a solo album. My son Kody, he three, rappin' already like me Big Rube) Offset 4:19 261円 2 How Did I Get Here (feat. Other times he sound flat and stale. A son, a brother, a husband, a father We just wilding out. But still can go even farther ... Father of 4 is decidedly still a trap album, but it bucks the current conventions of the genre. Then I got caught for the shit, in the pen when she pushed you out