Filipino meals, which more often than not are served in one go, reflect Filipino’s notion of time – as non-linear. Tests given then were the matching type or filling the blanks which usually were about who, when, where and what. Additionally, de Leon points out that Filipino art reflects some of the natural characteristics and values of Filipinos such as togetherness (“pakikipagkapwa”), harmony, unity, intuition, and relatedness (as opposed to estrangement, aggression, disunity, logic and individualism, respectively). As a result, there is a communal participation in the arts – everyone is expected to produce art – and this is regarded as the norm. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY We all have personal tastes, preferences and desires. Yet, due to external factors like technological advancements and colonial influences, the true essence of being a Filipino now reaches the point where it is slowly degrading. Read More. or of our material possessions such as having more house-help than needed, an unkempt garden, a booming business or a start-up bed and breakfast lounge, etc. The centuries-old colonization introduced a lot of  deadweight, a type of excess baggage in the Philippines’ understanding of itself. The Filipino concept of kapwa (shared identity/goodness) and non-duality of life make people absolutely equal in principle and nobody has a right to regard himself as above or more important than others Humility is highly-prized, at least outwardly The privilege of one must be the privilege of all. It bridges the deepest individual recesses of a person with anyone outside him or herself, even total strangers. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As a result of this low self-esteem, many Filipinos have fallen into self-contempt and indulgence in the notion that anything that is good must be foreign, whether they be goods, concepts, approaches, services, techniques, among many more. Narrative essay of … One way an individual can maintain their self-concept is through the consumption of products. Further, art is a powerful tool that helps Filipinos more fully appreciate who they are and what they have. awaits them. We make an effort to set ourselves aside from the din of every day commitments, to take time off, whether this be a retreat, a reflection session or any other form of extricating ourselves both mentally and physically from this physical world for a good enough length of time. A fifth strategy is to train them set goals or objectives for every endeavor which they will launch themselves or with team mates. de Leon called this the “Doña Victorina Syndrome”, based on  a socialite character in Filipino Jose Rizal’s classic work. Copyright © The Manila Times – All Rights Reserved. RESILIENCE science is a brand-new field that has engaged both social and natural scientists. Both in the individual and community level, strong emphasis is placed on social acceptance and maintaining social harmony.