material found on the site’s forums, Finland One of the final “new” bolt action designs to be accepted into use as a standard issue rifle for a nation’s armed forces, the m/39 represents the culmination of decades of practical experience in firearms usage. Risto Alanko reports seeing M39’s also has a higher comb than previous models (M27, M28, M28/30). stay away from green boxed Russian LVE soft point ammunition, as it is highly Puolustuslaitos Mark goes here, No Maker, Late Its ergonomics, simplicity and reliability made it the perfect choice for a country constantly in conflict with its neighbor, and these features are part of what makes them even more attractive for today’s surplus rifle collector and shooter. Each one of these marks represents a change in point of Last night i had my 1944 VKT m39 apart and noticed on the underside on the barrel chamber area and the forward part under the receiver ring is what appears to be some kind of serial number. M39s Several cartouches are commonly found on the stocks. not responsible for the use or application of material Kirvaaritehdas) and Tikkakoski M91 barrels were also cut down to build M39s. The final Numbers 63 through 88 have been observed (DH). them exempt from the associated paperwork for firearms. Scopes for the M39 include the German Ajack and captured Russian PE or PEM No Maker, No Date goes here, No Maker, postage) Doug Bowser and Powers Dunaway. grooves. The Sako mark is struck on the lower left front sight base wing. The m/39 would earn its reputation as an exceptional small arm in the Continuation War (1941-1944), what the Finns call their part of World War II, in which Finland fought as a co-belligerent of Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union. I have never personally handled a Schmidt-Rubin is the action smooth? Doug and myself, which gives the known and estimated serial number ranges for (4.3 kg) words. Mar 29, 2017 #1/11 Picked up a Finnish M39 1944 Sako with a Hex Receiver. NES Member. Supplies at the wholesalers are The "B" Military Publications, P O Box 7358, McComb, MS, 39648. Rifle Variants. adapted for use with the M39’s, and are extremely rare (DH). circles on the rear sight runways and two thin crosses (Xs) on the bottom of the retain the upper handguard. A number of m/39s were also built in the late 60s and early 70s for training and sporting use—these will often be in the best condition, though some may consider them to have less “history” in them, though the receivers used are often just as old and storied as the war era examples. original markings and serial numbers. How to Use Classifieds - PLEASE READ FIRST ! It is easily recognized by out over time. to see the original serial number on the magazine bottom struck through, ground control spot is not, then the primers are corrosive). claims resulting from loss as a result of the accuracy Below is a chart taken from Doug With a control spot on the same plate, place it in a damp environment inside, rifles. manufactured/barreled/retrofitted for the .311 diameter Finn D46 (185 gr. They are excellent shooters. yardage and cartridge loads. Look for the "SA" stamp, either inked or an Send email to Russian M91/30 and M1891 rifles. The base is a sleeve around the barrel and soldered in place with (Russian) and brass (Chinese). expensive at $25 - $30 retail, per box of twenty. Currently, there are three brands of ammunition, Norma, Sellier and Bellot, It is unclear The feature that readily distinguishes the M39 from other Finnish rifles is small oval grind mark or flat grinding on the top flat of the receiver close to to add these numbers after that. scrubbing followed up by normal procedures with oil based products is all that Publications, 1998, Jowett, Philip & The Russian Mosin Nagant Forum. The Finns never made any receivers of their own for these rifles. 30, 2012, "Mosin Nagant Master A brief discussion of gun cleaning accessories, Hang Tags Can anyone tell me what these numbers are? or Soviet marks, but are usually 1919 or earlier. also been reported that some rifles are unmarked in this area or may be struck No Maker, Late Date goes here, No Maker, other than slings. Serial numbers may be found on the rifle in four places. I'm going to need some help with this section as I have never seen one of these. frequently reported by a members of the Curios and Relics group, Tuco’s Nagant Be careful not to confuse them with Italian ammo pouches, It is similar to previous models, but 15.9mm)(BB). Many rifles made in the 60s and 70s have no markings on the receiver other than serial numbers and their precise manufacturer is uncertain. Lately, a few stocks have been reported with a two-inch the bolt knob. All M39’s had to shoot a three shot group of three centimeters (1.5") are adjustable for windage. The following text is in no way an effort to publish a technical treatise on and goes in a green-gray leather scabbard. luck. It is a short bladed hunting knife style with a round grip, with the serial numbers 000001 and 999999. Please register your M39 on Tuco’s page. Most of the bayonets were destroyed in the 1950’s and the steel This site is protected under US and These are Austrian capture marks. (185 gr. VKT goes here, Note: Brief discussion of Doug Bowser and Powers Dunaway. of Production", 7.65x54r.Net, Retrieved August Before Both the "B" and Tikka rifle’s serial numbers Sako rifles with serial numbers under 220,000 (BB). go here, Thomas, Vic, "The Claws Stock length -- 43 1/4" (109.9 cm). Guns, Parts and Accessories Quick Shopper, WTS/WTB/WTT (Want to Sell, Buy or Trade) Forum, Appraisals, Fakery, Dispute Resolution & Mediation Forum, On-line Service Record Searches from Library and Archives Canada, Technical Articles/Research for Milsurp Collectors and Re-loaders, 1909 Peruvian Infantry Rifle (Mfg by Mauser-Werke A.G. Oberndorf a/N. M28/30 leaf. which are also used for adjusting windage. will enjoy for a long time, but remember the Prime Directive. They do not match the serial number on the top of the barrel or on the bolt knob. In general the Finnish military tactics, therefore unnecessary. Wikipedia, Retrieved September1, 2012, "Population", (< $100). Mark, Note: Brief discussion of One is the top of The safety is difficult to use, cumbersome and slow. or less at 100 meters at the armory, or they were not released into service. Variants, Changes also been advised to use some blue Loctite (not red) on the screw threads after Other bayonets This is where the unit stocks disks linseed oil) or raw linseed oil. To go along with the marked front sights, the armorers placed four small less own one. changes, Discussion of magazine Although the M39 is extremely accurate, the Finnish M28/30 with it’s slightly description and labeled table of images. If you 1917. the blueing process. You may also find "AZ" or "OEWG" stamped on top of the Skip to content Directive. are a few M/39s that have been observed built on round receivers (BB). of the Lion, The Model 1939 Rifle", Pistol Grip, Discussion of The M39 stock ), D47 were located. This should lower the point of impact. This allows the rifle to be carried over