for our ATC clearance. Does anyone have examples of an FO actually taking over the controls when they became convinced that the captain is going to crash the plane? While all the pilots have the necessary skills to fly the aircraft, the captain is legally responsible for the flight. to stabilizer trim). 700m 1706:44 PH-BUF started rotation . [4], In fact the aircraft was flying roughly parallel to the runway, and a wind from the southwest was pushing it even further to the east. Roger. The aircraft hit the ground less than 60 seconds after take off, killing everyone on board. The aircraft had been following an instrument landing system (ILS) approach due to poor visibility. 700m. It found that the crew's decision to initiate the descent from cruise altitude was late, and it resulted in a significantly increased workload that affected the crew's subsequent performance and ability to properly track all parameters. Furthermore, the pilot did not recalibrate the compass after the initial descent, 15 minutes before the crash, though regular recalibration when so near the North Magnetic Pole is necessary; the magnetic influence further increased the initial mis-calibration to 17°, giving the captain the wrong impression that the aircraft was tracking towards regaining the runway centreline. centre line lighting is out of service. No significant problems with the aircraft maintenance records were found during the investigation. — the indicators are checked. is a ninety degree turn. XÓ_L. caused a shrill noise in KLM cockpit - messages not heard by KLM crew. KLM four eight However, an inadvertent movement of the control column by the captain during the turn onto the final approach track caused the autopilot to disengage from VOR/LOC mode and revert to maintaining the current heading, resulting in the aircraft rolling out to the right (east) of the runway centreline. All right. information provided by the FDR. (Sounds similar correct? for the runway and - ah - make - ah - back track. // -->. (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 3 )) || want us to turn left at Charlie one, taxiway charlie one? Instead, it would be more effective to focus on pilot training.