This video is unavailable. Share; Tweet; Pin; 0 shares. You need to earn 2 of the 3 Mantis cruiser achievements to unlock Layout B. You will find the Rock ship at the marker, but do not destroy it. I’ve seen that there tends to be a relatively complex series of events that leads to unlocking a new ship type. Twinge, mekloz, Thomas Pettersson, Billy Kirby, chewbacca77, lifesaburrito, Crowrevell, Farb, Masala, Threarah, Hexagon, Scott Onesie Wilson, DiscordDraconequus. This is an awesome boarding ship equipped with the Healing Burst that can heal your units. Sometimes it might not be worth fighting a Zoltan ship. When I first bought FTL I had no idea that there were more playable ships but once I realized this I simply needed to know how to unlock all ships in FTL. Go to the marker to unlock the Rock Cruiser. Finish the game with the Zoltan Cruiser by defeating the Rebel Flagship. Complete 2 out of three achievements for the Engi cruiser. Accept missile-heavy surrenders. You will need a Mantis crew member, a level 2 Teleprter and a  level 2 Medbay. . The Hull Missile fires 1 missile for 2 damage and double damage on systemless rooms. Thank you so much for sharing this. FTL ships guide > Rock A. A new quest marker will be added. Contact To unlock the Carnelian you will need to complete two of the three Crystal Cruiser achievements. In that case, upgrading weapons before shields probably makes sense. You can complete the game by defeating the Rebel Flagship using the Federation Cruiser. Home » Guides » FTL: Faster Than Light – Rebel Flagship Guide. The Shivan is probably one of the easiest ships to play with. For that reason, it’s sometimes worth delaying your shield upgrades. Enter the Green Sector (Zoltan Homeworlds) and find the node where a peacefull ship will hail you. Without further delay; let me show you how to unlock all ships in the FTL: Advanced Edition…. Finally, choose the blue option again to save the Captain; healing him in the Medbay. You start wit no weapons but the ship is equipped with a 4-pad Teleporter and two drones. As always: Complete 2 out of the 3 Rock Cruiser achievements to unlock Layout B. It is great to know that you found my FTL Unlocking Ships guide informative and useful. Now find the Engi Homeworlds green sector. Starting with 4 Rockmen makes it easy to man each station and quickly deal with enemies invading your ship. A weapons buffer helps stop enemies getting away, but a shields buffer makes run-ending disasters less likely. You can also complete the game by destroying the Rebel Flagship with the Mantis Cruiser. Starting Weapons: Crystal Burst Mark 1 and Heavy Crystal Mark 1. You have 3 Crystal crew members from the start along with a Medbay, Cloaking and a rare 4-pad teleporter! to Pro. You have; however, a weak level 2 reactor and so you have to rely on backup batteries and your crew. Hover your mouse curser over the locks just below the text ‘Complete 2 for layout B’ to see the details of the achievements. Bear in mind that enemy ships can run away: for example, against a 10-hull enemy, consider starting with a Hull Missile before the Artemis to piloting. Engines-2 and engines-3 are useful and cheap. Bear in mind the Hull Missile may still be useful if you bought a teleporter: you might get forced into an Abandoned sector 2. Even an Ion Blast is good, as it’s cheap and helps against Zoltan Shields. 10% free evade is about 90 scrap value! Rock A need only float 18 scrap to afford even a teleporter, but Kestrel A would need to float 80 for hacking or a full choice of weapons. You need to reach sector 8 with the Engi cruiser using Layout B. Thankfully you start with 2 Engi crew members and 1 Lanius crew member on Layout C. For weapons your ship is equipped with Dual Lasers and a Beam I Drone which is a decent start. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Bulwark comes equipped with only missiles which comprises of Artemis Missiles and the Hull Missile. Hey Rodarrick! There are only two spaces in the medbay (probably because you only start with one crew member) and the healing augment is droppped. The biggest factor is what ship you are playing. Armed with deadly missiles and a strong hull, thanks to the starting Rock Plating augmentation, this vessel is made to overpower its enemies. You also get a Slug and a Zoltan as two of your three crew members. The other big difference is what they prepare you for. You start with 2 Slug crew members on the Man Of War. Consider Kestrel C, Federation A and B, and Slug C. These ships start with both shields and weapons-2. You urgently need non-missile offence. To be “safe”, you need two things as soon as possible: “Offence” at this stage usually means a weapon, but it could be hacking, mind control, teleporter, or a combat drone. Earn two of the three Lanius Cruiser achievements to unlock Layout B – The Shrike. You have now unlocked the Slug cruiser. Other than that, the Federation Cruiser is a pretty standard ship. Mantis Pheromones makes your crew move at 25% faster speeds. Layout B is pretty much the same as Layout A with better weapons and a better layout in my opinion but with a weakend shield. You start with 3 Crew mwmbers: 1 Lanius, 1 Engi and 1 Mantis. This guide will detail how to unlock every ship, as well as have a picture of both A and B types and detail anything of note about them. Guide de FTL : Faster Than Light. About Please let me know if you have any questions below in the comments and I will answer them as soon as possible. You start with 2 Lanius and 1 Human crew members. This is a good setup for early ships but you will need to upgrade your weapons if you want to defeat shield level 3 or higher enemies. Complete the game by defeating the Rebel Flagship with the Slug Cruiser. A quest marker is added and at the marker choose the option for attempting to hail the rebel attacker. Posted by u/[deleted] 6 years ago. Wait for them to FTL away and do the same. You may want to ignore them, depending on your skill level and how you prefer to play. Added to that: You can deal with fires much easier and the layout of the ship makes it easy to manage fires too. The MiniBeam cannot penetrate shields but that is where the Dual Lasers comes into play. FTL: Faster Than Light - Rebel Flagship Guide. Having a Crystal unit is also one means of unlocking the Crystal Cruiser. The Zoltan Shields is an extra shield layer that goes over your normal shields. When a ship urgently needs extra offence, delaying shield upgrades is more worthwhile. Complete two of the three achievements for the ship. This guide contains all kinds of tips, from basic strategy to extremely advanced micro. Having two shields makes you much safer in sectors 1 and 2. When enemy hull is a multiple of 4, consider just using Hull missiles; otherwise, consider destroying piloting with the Artemis to guarantee a Hull Missile will hit. Most of the time, you can get away without this; but it only takes one nasty fight where you lose 20 hull to make you appreciate the value of shields-3. FTL Game Ships Complete Guide by TenLetters. You have an Ion Charger as a starting weapon and an Anti-ship Beam Drone I. The unique augmentation on board all Slug Cruisers is Slug Repair Gel that repairs hull breach damage. The Fire Bomb is a self-teleporting bomb that sets fire on board a ship. Apart from unlocking ships, there are different layouts per ship that can also be unlocked: You start the game with the Kestrel and layout A. Most of the guides I have seen single out Rock Cruiser A and B as the best choices for this mission(I personally unlocked it with A)but the Stealth ships are also fantastic choices. Unlocking Layout B Of The Rock Cruiser. Your ship is also fitted with a Defense Scrambler which is good against enemy defensive drones. You will either need a Slug crew member or Sensors level 2 and go to the Slug Homeworlds (PUrple Sector). Shields-3 provides a damage buffer, so your shield will not go down from (say) a Leto. Get to the Rock Homeworld sector (Red Sector) where a Rock ship will insult you at one of the nodes. Go to the marker to unlock the Rock Cruiser. But now after going through your article, I’m now able to unlock all the FTL ships. © 2020, FTL Unlocking Ships – Here Is How IT Works, Faster Than Light Game Review – What You Need To Know. Without the blue option, it’s 1/3 chance. Your ship is also fitted with a Clone Bay and 3 crew members of whom 1 is Human, 1 is a Rockman and 1 is a Slug. Ion and Beam weapons will do double damage. The Basilisk starts with 2 Mantis crew members. There are also 2 slots in the medical bay. The shield hack event is out there, waiting for you with a beam drone. Ideally I like to start with a good weapon, then add hacking a bit later. When a ship starts with strong defence or offence, delaying shield upgrades is less risky. A few upgrades later and the Carnelian becomes the most overpowered ship in the game with The Shrike (Lanius Layout B) in close second: You will unlock the Kruos once you have unlocked 4 other ships excluding the Kestrel. The Burst Laser 2 will give you the edge against enemies. Beware greed. In Layout B you will start with 4 Rockmen. The Gila Monster starts with 4 crew members – 3 Mantis and 1 Engi crew mwmber. To Unlock The Federation Cruiser Layout C: Reach sector 8 with layout B of the Federation Cruiser. This means that any ship with 2 shields or less will easily be defeated as the Mini Beam can hit up to 4 rooms in one go. With only one crew member it is difficult to manage everything. You could delay just a few jumps, because you are circling around a store in the middle of the sector. This ship is difficult to unlock and therefore a few tips: You start off with 2 Human – and 2 Crystal crew members on the Bravais. Unlocking Layout B For The Stealth Cruiser. Luckily your ship is fitted with Long-Ranged Scanners to avoid asterroid fields. There are two possibilities: You can also choose how long you delay them. This presents a choice: do you spend 25 scrap upgrading weapons before shields? to Pro. The Engi cruiser is equipped with the Ion Blast II and a Combat Drone Mark I. I dispise drones attacking my ship and I will gladly return the favor with the Engi. The strategies for these ships are quite different, reflecting their special starting conditions. Power can come later, after saving for a weapon. Choose the blue option again to have them teleport on board. Fit them in when you can, but do not let them delay shield upgrades or stop you buying an important weapon. The Kestrel Cruiser is the standard ship with layout A with wich you start off with. Go to the new quest marker and defeat the Mantis ship there. One of these ships will give you a new quest marker when defeated and after you demand information on the stolen technology with thir surrender. This that you have shared is really informative and I love it. It will cost 30 scrap to upgrade to a Level 3 reactor. Having the Rock Plating augment guarentees receiving the stasis pod from the derelict ship at the asteroid belt as a blue option. It is not that easy to handle this ship: Allthough it has a powerfull Glaive Beam weapon fitted, it takes 25 seconds to charge. Look around and defeat a difficult opponent near the shipyard. Wait for them to FTL away and do the same. So there you have it: You now know how to unlock all the FTL: Faster Than Light ships and I hope this helps you in achieving maximum fun with this awesome game. To Unlock The Federation Cruiser Layout B: Complete two of three achievements for the ship. The Crystal cruiser will be unlocked at arrival. You start with 2 Lanius and 1 Engi crew members. Piloting-2 can be tempting when you’re visiting nebula beacons without a clone bay, for a chance of a free weapon. When I say “look for a weapon”, that’s really shorthand for “look for a weapon, or hacking, or other offence”. Offence that works well against two-shield enemies, Get shields-3 immediately, but delay shields-4. Zoltan ships may be a problem initially as they will be untouchable with their Zoltan shields and you having no weapons. Layout B is not all that great: You start with only one crew member (Engi) and a Drone Reactor Booster as a unique ability. The Stealth cruisers have no shield system at all, and Zoltan B only has shields-1. You will find the Rock ship at the marker, but do not destroy it.