Kratos returned to the moment Zeus tried to kill him where he reclaimed the Blade of Olympus and confronted Zeus. It is highly implied that the old man who told Kratos the stories was Aesop, a famous Greek storyteller. Emerging from the darkness, Hades tried to rip Kratos' soul out of his body and absorb it, but was unsuccessful. Zeus also blamed Cronos for Kratos managing to retrieve the box as he was supposed to kill anyone trying to reach Pandora's Temple. For breaking his oath, Ares ordered The Furies to hunt down the Ghost of Sparta and force him to once again serve the God of War. He was saved by Athena and Helios, who stripped him of his powers and equipment, leaving him unconscious upon the cliffs overlooking the Aegean Sea. Hera was Zeus' wife, but Zeus would constantly have affairs behind her back and would have children from this affairs. He does, however, express extreme guilt for what he has done to Greece after killing Zeus, ultimately attempting suicide over it. Kratos, having pinned all of Clotho's lower body parts to the ground, ascended to the top platform and impaled her with one of her own instruments, instantly killing her. Father and son engaged in battle once more as Olympus continued to crumble around them. According to the paintings on the walls of Jötunheim, Kratos will apparently die during Ragnarok leaving Atreus to mourn him (somehow birthing the World Serpent from his mouth at the same time) and travel alone with Skoll and Hati. Oddly, he also has the scar from where Zeus stabbed him, despite his battle with Ares occurring long before his fight with Zeus. When Kratos sent his Spartan soldiers to conquer Rhodes, Athena implored him to stop, as the other Gods grew weary of his destructive behavior. But even with Ares dead, the nightmares still wouldn’t cease, with the Olympians that Kratos so diligently served refusing to cure them. There were 12 original Titans, the males being known as the Titans (Oceanus, Coeus, Kreios, Hyperion, Lapetus, and Cronos) and the females as the Titanides (Rhea, Theia/Thera, Phoebe, Mnemosyne, Themis and Tethys). As a result, the power of Hope was inadvertently released into the mortal world, angering Athena. While in Tyr's chambers he finds a vase containing Lemnian wine, from Lemnos, a Greek island near his birthplace in. Freya assures them that she can reason with him, but Kratos says that he means to kill her, to which Freya adds that she doesn't care and will protect him. He was forced to abandon his daughter and Kratos killed Persephone for both threatening to put his daughter in harm's way and for making him give up the only chance he had to be with her. Another city is ready to fall! Kratos then discovered that the Titan Atlas had somehow escaped Tartarus and captured Helios. Though his past had been forgiven, the Gods refused to relieve him of his nightmares. A couple of years later, Faye died for unexplained reasons and requested that her family take her cremated ashes to the highest peak in the Nine Realms. Kratos once again emerged in Hephaestus' lair. However, he is far less knowledgeable than either Atreus or Mimir, and will occasionally ask them for information: this serves as a means for the game to share the world's lore with the player. Kratos, Atreus, and Mimir make it to the dead Stone Masons body. The enraged Spartan pounded Poseidon with his blades, while the God tried to defend himself with his trident. Kratos and Atreus are thrown out of the serpent as the serpent falls back unconscious. The murder of his family was meant to be one of three "tests" that would bind Kratos to Ares' will: the slaughter of one's enemies, the slaughter of innocents, and the slaughter of one's own family. Kratos holds his dying mother in his arms. When trying to convince Kratos to not sacrifice Pandora failed, he instead sent him on a suicide mission and hoped that Cronos would kill him. He vowed never to falter again and, to honor his brother, he gave himself a tattoo in the exact image of his brother's birthmarks. Initially attempting to crush Kratos between his fingers, the Spartan used Helios' head to temporarily blind Cronos and escape death. Nonetheless, Kratos interpreted this answer as a 'yes' and set sail for Athens anyway. Kratos catches up to Baldur, saying that the portal is locked into Asgard, and it'll be over for him when the entire weight of as Asgard will descend upon him. Morpheus | After defeating more enemies, the trio overhears voices of the demigods Modi and Magni. At first Kratos didn't want to fight Baldur, but Baldur's attacks as well as his provocation forced Kratos to defend himself. Eventually, Aphrodite discovered that Kratos needed help with the bridges and that only Hephaestus could help him. Eventually, the two siblings determined that Deimos was the likely candidate due to strange markings on his body, and they stole him away from Kratos and delivered him to Thanatos, the god of death, giving Kratos a distinctive scar over his eye when he tried to stop them. When the day came for Atreus to lay down his life in battle, he did it without hesitation and saved many others, earning Kratos's respect. In the OT Kratos was used as a vehicle by Gaia and Athena to destroy the olympians so they can only betray him and take over as rulers of Greece. As Kratos journeys back to Midgard, Mimir pieces the relationship Kratos had with Athena, his fire blades, Zeus being his father, and the ash-white skin, he realizes he is hanging on the hip by none other than the Ghost of Sparta himself. Finding himself in the frozen Nordic lands, Kratos put his rage-fueled legacy behind him and began anew, marrying a woman and raising a child together, Atreus. One of the monsters latched onto Gaia preventing her from climbing, the titan had told Kratos to free her from the constraints after doing so the two came face to face with the Hippocampi version of Poseidon who using his mighty trident and his minions had delivered many powerful blows to Gaia. Sometime later, Athena inadvertently revealed to the Spartan that it was she, along with Ares, who had taken Deimos from him that day, justifying their actions on the grounds that he was a threat to Olympus. In. By the time of God of War III, Kratos is so blinded by rage and obsessed with killing Zeus that he does not notice, or care, that he is destroying entire Greece in his quest for revenge, coldly ignoring the warnings of Athena, Poseidon, Hera, and Zeus himself that his murdering of the gods would bring about the end of life on the Grecian world. Their fight continued as they fell, but ended when Kratos ripped off Icarus' Wings and drop-kicked him down in the Underworld, sealing his fate. Gaia is a giant Titaness with trees and other plants growing on her, thus according to legends and Greek mythology was named Mother Earth or Mother Nature because she represents nature and the Earth. Alias It's also revealed that his mother is none other than Freya herself. His appetite for glory and merciless tactics in battle won him acclaim from his superiors and fear from his legions of foes, and over time he gathered his own army under the banner of Sparta. There she takes them to the Realm Travel Room, the only place in all the nine realms one can use to travel between said realms. After they arrive at the central chamber Kratos gives the axe to Atreus and he absorbs the Light of Alfheim into the Bifrost but while he's inside the light Kratos follows Faye's ashes and he listens to how Atreus resents him for not being a loving father and he arrives in Jötunheim and he's see's Faye and before he could reach her Kratos is then pulled out of the light by Atreus. Perseus challenged the Ghost of Sparta to a fight, believing it would prove his worth to the Sisters of Fate and allow him to rescue Andromeda; or, if not that, would at least allow him to "bathe in the glory of being the one to bring down the mighty Kratos". He is shown to love Atreus just as he loved Calliope, Lysandra, and most likely Faye. Witnessing the battle from close by, Thanatos intervened and snatched Deimos. There, he took two scholars hostage and forced them to read an incantation that Kratos himself could not read before ultimately sacrificing them both. Even in death, she still loved him and begged the gods to allow him mercy, and to punish her for his crimes as she blamed herself for all the things he had done. As the serpent begins to slumber again, Kratos and Atreus realize that its awakening had dropped the lake's water, bringing them closer towards more concise destinations. Danaus | Lakhesis grew ever more frustrated and engaged once more, only now with Atropos in tow. When Kratos soon finds himself embroiled in the petty disputes between the Norse gods, the Spartan must take up arms once more. Kratos then used the Horse Keeper's Key to gain control of the steeds, moving the temple of the sisters of fate closer and connecting the two together. Callisto was Kratos' mother. The Spartan made short work of the Speed God, who then bitterly insulted him for his lack of honor and the terrible things he has done. As Kratos reached the Labyrinth, he was confronted by Hermes, who joyously teased and mocked the Spartan warrior both for his past failures and the foolishness of his current vendetta against Zeus. The Furies' oath-keeper, Orkos, appeared before him and encouraged him to see past the illusion, using Lysandra's necklace and ring to break it. He is also shown to be incapable of accepting full responsibility for his actions, usually blaming the gods (especially Zeus, Ares, and Athena) for his suffering while ignoring or denying his own part in it.