Use this glow boosting face moisturizer from Garnier to get naturally glowing skin without makeup. A glow boosting moisturizer such as this primes skin for makeup application and it can be layered with other products such as a sunscreen (it does NOT have a sunscreen in it). Problem ingredient number one is the amount of denatured alcohol this sheer, tube-dispensed lotion contains. The irony of using alcohol-based products to control oily skin is that the damage from the alcohol can actually lead to an increase in breakouts and enlarged pores. So, the study is actually just telling you that one irritant, sodium lauryl sulfate, is worse than another irritant, alcohol. ...Makeup Junkie Extraordinaire! Here's a few reasons why this may happen: You reached this page when attempting to access from on 2020-11-05 15:09:48 UTC. References for this information: What Is in Your Makeup? Chemical Immunology and Allergy, March 2012, pages 77–80 I think that would be great and it would save me from having to take the place of using another cream on top of this or underneath it. Why Fragrance Is a Problem for Skin: Daily use of products that contain a high amount of fragrance, whether the fragrant ingredients are synthetic or natural, causes a chronic sensitizing reaction on skin. Skin will feel healthier, energized and feels softer and more supple. This moisturizer is formulated with 96% naturally derived ingredients and this illuminating, glow boosting face moisturizer with apricot extract gives skin an instant glow, either with or without makeup. Garnier SkinActive Glow Boost Illuminating Moisturizer, 2 OZ Reviews. Find GARNIER products at low prices. Sign up for my RSS Feed, it comes right to your inbox! Lasers Vs. Peels: Which Makes Sense For You? Surprisingly this facial scrub and mask is Vegan. Because Garnier is owned by L'Oreal, it's no surprise to find that there are lots of similarities between the better and worse aspects of L'Oreal's skin care as well as with L'Oreal's department-store sister company Lancome. I would highly recommend using a SPF over it/under it, at least with a SPF30. Using products that contain these alcohols will cause dryness, erosion of skin’s protective barrier, and a strain on how skin replenishes, renews, and rejuvenates itself. Garnier Glow Boost Illuminating moisturizer by Garnier SkinActive really moisturizes your skin and it looks more youthful instantly. It’s what causes it to absorb so quickly but you’ll feel a cooling (read: irritating) sensation as this sets—not good. Clinical Dermatology, September-October 2004, pages 360–366 The occasional jar packaging choice reduces the effectiveness of some of these products, but other than that, Lancome users should take note of the happy facerated products in this line. When we express concern about the presence of alcohol in skincare or makeup products, we’re referring to denatured ethanol, which most often is listed as SD alcohol, alcohol denat., denatured alcohol, or (less often) isopropyl alcohol. Thanks for reading. For example, there are fatty alcohols, which are absolutely non-irritating and can be beneficial for skin. Today I'd like to review something that I tried and loved. We’re fascinated by skin care and makeup products and thrilled when they meet or exceed our expectations, but we’re also disappointed when they fail to perform as claimed, are wildly overpriced, or contain ingredients scientific research has proven can hurt skin. Get free shipping at $35 and view promotions and reviews for Garnier SkinActive Glow Boost Illuminating Moisturizer It leaves skin more radiant, brighter and glowing. Alcohol just weakens everything about skin. As we said, the alcohol does have an immediate de-greasing effect on skin, but it causes irritation, which eventually will counteract the de-greasing effect and make your oily skin look even more shiny. Guest Post from Consumer Safety Organizatioin: Garnier SkinActive Glow Boost Illuminating Moisturizer, Garnier SkinActive Glow Boost Illuminating Moisturizer, above: swatch of Garnier SkinActive Glow Boost Illuminating Moisturizer. It's also disappointing that some products contain irritating peppermint, which made us wonder whether the dermatologists who consulted for Garnier had any idea of what's good for skin and what isn't. Our mission has always been to help you find the best products for your skin, no matter your budget or preferences. Shop online for bath, body, cosmetics, skin care, hair care, perfume, beauty tools, and more at Garnier Skinactive Glow Boost Illuminating Moisturizer with Apricot Extract, Silicone-free, 60 mL: Beauty American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, 2003, pages 789–798. Blogger, Esthetician and Freelance Writer. We’d love to recommend this to those with normal to dry or combination skin, but two concerning ingredients significantly reduce our enthusiasm. Several well-known actresses have had dual roles as spokesperson for Garnier's hair dyes and skin-care products, with splashy ads appearing in magazines and on television commercials. Nice article you can also check hauteher tips for hairs. Garnier wants you to think this is a revolutionary idea, but it isn'tdid they also overlook that everyone else, from L'Oreal (Garnier is owned by L'Oreal) to Estee Lauder and Clinique, has been using such ingredients in their products for years? The Beautypedia team consists of skin care and makeup experts personally trained by the original Cosmetics Cop and best-selling beauty author, Paula Begoun. If fragrance were beneficial to skin this would be great news but alas, research has shown the opposite is true. For more information about Garnier Nutritioniste, call (800) 370-1925 or visit Strengths: Interesting and potentially helpful cleansing oil and foundation primer. Garnier glow boost facial scrub. We love the brightening glow this leaves and how pretty it looks whether worn on its own or with makeup; however, you can achieve this look without the problematic ingredients by checking out our favorite tinted moisturizer and liquid highlighters. It can be used as a glow boosting lotion or as a primer during makeup application. The reason they’re included in products is because they provide a quick-drying finish, immediately degrease skin, and feel weightless, so it’s easy to see their appeal, especially for those with oily skin. Watch your inbox and get ready for the latest skincare and makeup product reviews from our team of experts. Try this illuminating face-moisturizer with apricot to turbo charge your glow for instantly hydrated, fresh, healthy radiant looking skin. Please read our terms of use here. These can also be purchased online at and . Examples that you’ll see on ingredient labels include cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, and cetearyl alcohol, all of which are good ingredients for skin. Turbo charge your glow for instantly hydrated, fresh, healthy radiant looking skin. Fragrant formula poses further risk of irritating skin. Chemical Immunology and Allergy, March 2012, pages 77–80 It’s important to differentiate between these skin-friendly alcohols and the problematic alcohols. There are people who challenge us on the information we’ve presented about alcohol’s effects. Fragrance free is always the best way to go for all skin types. Summer & Sunscreens: Which are the ones you REALLY need? And why consult a nutritionist (as Garnier did) when their training and professional expertise has little to do with application of anything to the skin? I do wish it had a SPF in it but that is my own personal opinion. It is called. After using this and then using foundation on top it still looks glowing and pretty. Oct 23, 2018 - Garnier SkinActive Glow Boost Illuminating Moisturizer at Walgreens. Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, 2008, pages 191–202 Also it goes well with any skin tone, even darker skin tones. You'll be getting a better product for considerably less money here (though, at least for now, no free gift with purchasebut you can buy Lancome foundations or mascaras instead when gift time comes around). Below is a swatch from the back of my hand with a swipe of Glow Boost on it: Please leave me a nice comment. Didn't need to put no oil or moisturizer unless if want too. What is deplorable is the lack of sufficient UVA protection in the sunscreens. Problem two is the amount of fragrance and fragrance ingredients (including linalool) that this contains. :), Come Join me on the Blogaholic Social Network, Some Good Basic Skin Care to Know: Yes, There is Always Time to Save Your Skin Part: 1, Some Good Basic Skin Care to Know: Yes, There is Always Time to Save Your Skin Part: 2. This reaction in turn leads to all kinds of problems, including disrupting skin’s barrier, worsening dryness, increasing or triggering redness, depleting vital substances in skin’s surface, and generally preventing skin from looking healthy, smooth, and hydrated. Biochimica and Biophysica Acta, May 2012, pages 1410–1419 Despite our disdain for the way Garnier's marketing takes precedence over making the products as good as they could be formulary-wise, there are some bright spots. If you do, then definitely wear a SPF30. It smells fantastic and is not strongly scented. Aging, March 2012, pages 166–175 ), and minerals. Massage it used on your face. When you see these types of alcohol listed among the first six ingredients on an ingredient label, without question the product will irritate and cause other problems for skin. Use this moisturizing lotion as it blends seamlessly into all skin tones and has a sheer finish. They often base their argument on a study in the British Journal of Dermatology (July 2007, pages 74–81) that concluded “alcohol-based hand rubs cause less irritation than hand washing….” But, the only thing this study showed was that alcohol was not as irritating as an even more irritating hand wash, which contained sodium lauryl sulfate. Experimental Dermatology, June 2008, pages 542–551