Robert Ryan - Actor: John Claggart in Billy Budd - (Marine Corp Drill Instructor), Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "S"): Adam Driver - Actor: Star Wars: Episode VII - (Marine Corps) Buster Keaton - Silent Actor - (Army 40th Infantry Division WWI) Jimmy Dean - Singer/Sausages - (Merchant Marines 1944-46; Air Force 1946-48) Marty Robbins - Country Singer: Grammy Award "El Paso" - (Navy WWII 1943-1945) Clark Gable - Actor: Gone with the Wind - (Army Air Forces 1942-1944) The Everly Brothers (both brothers) - Musicians - (Marine Corps Reserve 1961-1962) Audie Murphy - Actor: Bad Boy - (Army 1942–45, The U.S. Air Force Academy gives its cadets some unique opportunities. Dan Cragg - Science Fiction Writer - (Army from 1958 to 1980) Daniel Snider), Although the Silver Star is the third-highest military medal, it&. Montel Williams - Talk Show Host - (USMC 1974-76; USN Academy 1976-80; USN 1980-89) Oliver Stone - Director - (Army) Claiborne Pell - Politician: RI Senator, Created the Pell Grant - (USCG WWII, USCGR) Jimmy Stewart - Actor - (Army Air Corps/Air Force Reserve 1941–1968) Charles Durning - Actor: Tootsie, The Muppet Movie - (Army WWII) Sid Caesar - Comedian, Actor - (Coast Guard) David Huddleston - Actor: 'The Big Lebowski - Air Force Officer (GI Bill to study acting) Keith Jackson - Sportscaster: ABC Sports - (Marine Corps) Sidney Poitier - Academy Award Winning Actor: - (Army) Gale Gordon - Actor: The Lucy Show, Dennis the Menance - (Coast Guard 1942-1945) Jackie Wilson - Boxer - (Army - Served beside fellow boxer Sugar Ray Robinson) Sgt Slaughter aka Tony Curtis - Actor: Some Like it Hot - (Navy WWII), Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "D"): B.B. Sonny James - Country Singer/Songwriter - (Army Korean War) Sam Peckinpah - Actor, Director: The Getaway, The Wild Bunch - (USMC 1943-1946) Ray Stark - Agent/Producer: Funny Girl - (Coast Guard) These actors were supposedly tried to server but were turned down for various reasons (age, medical condition, etc. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. - Actor: Sinbad the Sailor - (Navy WWII 1941-1946) Mark Valley - Actor: Boston Legal, Fringe, Human Target - (Army Desert Storm) Richard Cromwell - Actor: The Lives of a Bengal Lancer - (Coast Guard WWII) January 01,1969     Ken Norton - Boxing: Heavyweight Champion - (Marine Corps) Julia Childs - Chef, Author - (Intelligence Officer Office of Strategic Services WWII) Bob Keeshan - Actor: Captain Kangaroo - (Marine Corps Reserve) John Mariucci - National Hockey League: Chicago Black Hawks - (Coast Guard WWII) His wife, Betty, died in 2003, after 58 years of marriage. The show was canceled in 1956, but Barry's character—a ladies' man with expensive tastes—served as the model for three shows in which he later starred. Scott Glenn - Actor: The Silence of the Lambs - (Marine Corps 1975-1986) Warren Covington - Band Leader: Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - (USCG 1943-1945) Warren Oates - Actor: Two-Lane Blacktop - (Marine Corps) J.R. Martinez - Actor: All My Children, Dancing with The Stars - (Army Disabled) Adam West - Actor: Batman - (Army) Lover of languages, cultures & history. David Eigenberg - Actor: Steve Brady on Sex and the City - (Marine Corps Reserve) Get your company's FREE profile and be seen by millions of fellow veterans, government agencies, prime/sub contractors, corporate purchasing departments and every day consumers strongly support businesses owned by those who proudly served/serve our great nation! Charley Pride - Country Music Star - (Army 1956-1958) Chuck Norris - Actor, Martial Artist - (Air Force 1958-1962) Coleman Young A KC-135 Stratotanker conducts aerial refueling with an F-16 Fighting Falcon in the…, Three KC-10 Extender tanker aircraft executed, Arctic presence Dr. Ron Paul - Texas Representative - (Air Force 1963-65, National Guard 1965-68) Larry Storch - Actor: Corporal Agarn on F Troop - (Navy WWII aboard USS Proteus) Eli Wallach - Actor: The Magnificent Seven - (Army Captain 1940-1945) Barry is an American dark comedy crime television series created by Alec Berg and Bill Hader that premiered on HBO on March 25, 2018. Nate Dogg - Rapper - (Marine Corps Munitions Specialist) Dennis Weaver - Actor: McCloud - (Navy Air Corps pilot) According to his co-star Gary Conway, who played Det. Tom Selleck - Actor: Magnum P.I. Bubba Morton - Major League Baseball: Tigers, Braves, Angels - (USCGR Retired) Freddy Fender - Musician - (Marine Corps) Frank Murkowski -Politician: Governor, Senator for Alaska - (Coast Guard) Chuck Woolery - Game Show Host: Love Connection - (Navy), Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "X"): When the situation comedy Our Miss Brooks was given a change of format in 1955, Barry was cast in a recurring role as the physical education teacher Gene Talbot, the new romantic interest of series star Eve Arden. Hoyt Wilhelm - Major League Baseball Relief Pitcher: Old Sarge - (Army WWII) Kris Kristofferson - Singer, Actor: A Star is Born - (Army Helicopter Pilot 1960-1965) Marshal, gambler, and gunman, was broadcast by NBC-TV from 1958 to 1961. Wayne Rogers - Actor: Trapper John on M*A*S*H - (Navy) Leon Uris - Best-Selling Author - (Marine Corps), Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "V"): Charlie Rich - Country Musician, Songwriter - (Air Force) Mickey Hart - Drummer: Grateful Dead - (Air Force Drum and Bugle Corps) Arnold Palmer - Professional Golfer - (Coast Guard) Pat Paulson - Comedian, Actor: Foreplay - (Marine Corps WWII) Ted Knight - Actor: Ted Baxter on Otto Graham - National Football League: Hall of Famer - (Navy Air Corps WWII) Bill Cosby - Actor, Comedian - (Navy Hospital Corpsman) Eddie Fisher - Singer, Actor - (Army 1951-1952) (877) VOB-List. Chuck Swindoll - Radio Preacher, Author - (Marine Corps), Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "T"): The Beverly Hillbillies - (Coast Guard Officer) Hal Holbrook - Actor - (Army) Producer - (Coast Guard) Carroll Shelby - Racecar Designer: Shelby Cobra, Auto Racing - (Army Air Corp WWII) Lawrence Ferlinghetti - Poet: A Coney Island of the Mind - (Navy WWII Lt. Forrest Tucker - Actor: Sgt. Fred Gwynne - Actor: Herman on The Munsters, My Cousin Vinny - (Navy WWII), Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "H"): Randy Couture - UFC Heavyweight Champion, Actor - (Army) Jul 10, 2014 - A Pre-Raphaelite Child living in a modern world. Lisa Nowak - Astronaut (Navy Flight Officer), Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "O"): He played Gene Bradley, a government agent of independent means who posed as a glamorous American movie star. Pat Hingle - Actor: Commissioner Gordon in Batman films - (Navy WWII) Gene Kelly - Dancer, Singer, Actor - (Navy WWII) Paul Rodriguez - Actor: A Million to Juan - (Air Force) Tom Seaver - Major League Baseball Pitcher - (Marine Corps Reserve) John Larroquette - Actor: Night Court - (Navy Reserve) Thomas Sowell - Author, Economist - (Marine Corps) Shaggy aka Orville Burrell - Singer/Rapper - (Marines Corps 1988 -1992 Gulf War) In 1965–66, the final season of the series, the title of the show changed to Amos Burke, Secret Agent. CDR.) On October 22, 1944, at age 25, Barry married Betty Claire Kalb (1923–2003), whom he met on the set of Catherine Was Great. Jerry Garcia - Musician: Grateful Dead - (Army dismissed with General Discharge) Blake Edwards - Producer/Director: Pink Panther/10 - (Coast Guard WWII) Jacob Lawrence - Artist: Time Magazine Cover - (Coast Guard 1943-1945) Jack Klugman - Actor: Oscar Madison on The Odd Couple - (Army) Chris Kyle - Author: American Sniper - (Navy SEAL Sniper - Iraq War), Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "L"): Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "Z"): Darryl F. Zanuck - Film/TV Producer - (Army WWI) Charles Lindbergh - Inventor, Pilot - (Army, Army Air Service Reserve Pilot) Victor Jory - Actor: Man Hunt - (Coast Guard boxing and wrestling champion), Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "K"): Michael Murphy - Actor: An Unmarried Woman, Manhattan - (Marine Corps)