Please Login or Register. Canal De JMK De La Rosa: This is Agentdude! los texture packs puedes dejar tu like y sucripcion si aun no lo estas RedRover88. ►Reglas: Looks awesome! I think we should not bother because no one really uses texture packs in 2.0. ), Complete 35 map packs (Hah, you call that a pack? DeathEffect09.png|(Available in World) Collect 100 Ice Shards (Ice Master) seth is banned, blocked and never allowed on again. ), Collect 115 Secret Coins (Seriously, enough! (0.11.1). 》TWITTER: The ship unlocked for collecting 800 user coins bears a resemblance to the Jet Star from, The ship unlocked for collecting 75 secret coins resembles Porygon from the, One of the spiders available from the community shop resembles Stakataka from the, The waves unlocked for acquiring 2,500 stars and typing "Ahead" into the vault resemble a Metroid, main enemies of the, The icon unlocked for beating Jumper resembles Ogmo, the main character of the game, The icon unlocked by completing Hexagon Force in Normal Mode resembles a Creeper, a popularized aggressive and explosive mob from the game, The icon unlocked for obtaining 60 user coins resembles BamBam, a boom from the game, The robot unlocked for collecting 100 user coins appears to be a helmet that resembles Master Chief from, The icon unlocked upon gaining 3000 stars appears to be a direct reference to, One of the icons available in the secret shop resembles Kratos from, One of the robots available in the community shop resembles Zero from the, The icon unlocked for collecting all three coins on Deadlocked loosely appears to be a spin-off on. Trash Notice. One of the icons that can be found in a golden chest in the treasure room resembles the skull from the Doom Gauntlet picture. Like the Google Chrome Ball XD And Doritos cube! Disfigure - Blank [NCS Release] TOP 5 TEXTURE PACK - GEOMETRY DASH 2.0 | ♛BySlodinx♛, Geometry Dash 2.0 Texture Pack Minecraft | Geometry Craft Update 1.0. But I find that there's three links, one for steam, and two for the android, but the one has h4x so I chose the(of course) the first one. -No modifiques el texture pack Geometry Dash - TEXTURE PACK 2.011 - GuitarHeroStyles. Prior to Update 2.01, two icons, which are "Nice shot!" How did you find about this? ", were glitched and almost impossible to get. Challenge 100% Trolling. I came across this YouTuber(Link) and the thumbnail is what I got interested in it. So your texture will be working :) < > Thanks for the feedback! DeathEffect13.png|(Available in World) Buy in the Scratch's Shop for 10000 mana orbs Prior to Update 2.1, the requirement to collect the "Supporter" icon included going to settings and tapping the "Rate" button. Android (Aplicacion normal): DeathEffect17.png|Complete the Doom Gauntlet. Into Geometry Dash? ), Rate the stars of 500 online levels (Organizer). I couldn't find one for 2.0 anywhere. UFO 9 and later releases have smaller domes compared to those released prior. User:GDMatrix (User talk:GDMatrix) 01:31, November 10, 2015 (UTC). However, they are still a reasonably large part of Geometry Dash and I think that it would be a good idea to provide information on them. Sigueme En Mi Twitter! This could be a direct reference to him, since he is a very well-known composer in the community and various songs of his have been used in official levels from Geometry Dash World. 1,350 Views. It's me TechGamer966! The icon unlocked for rating the stars on 2000 online levels appears to be a spin-off on Batman, hence the name "Justice". emoticon. The rounded top originally seen in the WIP image better resembled that of the mushroom sprite. Un Saludo Y hasta la próxima!! DeathEffect10.png|(Available in World) Collect 5000 Diamonds (Diamond Master) ↘Preguntas Frecuentes: The icon unlocked for collecting 15 Lava Shards resembles a Thwomp from the, The ship unlocked for 35 bonus shards resembles a Chain Chomp from the, The UFO unlocked for completing 30 map packs is based on Bowser's Clown Car in. The rest you can see by downloading this pack! The wave unlocked for typing the numbers from the TV show. (edited by Deep-Fried Derp of Illuminati). estamos con un nuevo texture pack para Geometry Dash 2.11 The ship unlocked for collecting 180 user coins appears to resemble Firebird, an MDK character. ), Well, it ain't memes. Admin. Report. Some icons are inspired directly from the Oxygene 1 font which is used often throughout the game. You can post levels for others to see here as well! It is unlocked simultaneously when Trail 2 is unlocked, which was introduced in. And its the Thunder Texture pack by Claimed. Play now: geometry dash. (Gratis, No root) -twizms-. has special glasses that directly mimic the Steam logo. The GJ_Gamesheet02-uhd file is now 3.43 MB (without edits) in 2.11. 》CANAL SECUNDARIO (es de respaldo): _______________________________________________ Release of the winning icons are as follows: 1st place icons, Robtop's Pick and Bonus Winners will be released in Update 2.11.