George Jacob Jung (born August 6, 1942), nicknamed Boston George and El Americano, is an American former drug trafficker and smuggler who was a major figure in the cocaine trade in the United States in the 1970s and early 1980s. However, his modus operandi was still quite small. However, he was arrested yet again for parole violation after making a paid appearance as a guest at an event. George used a way of smuggling that was still unknown to the Colombians, transporting cocaine in stolen airplanes, the property of the Medellin cartel. Here Are Facts, Kamala Harris Family – What To Know About Her Children, Husband And Parents, A Look at Kyle Kuzma’s Ethnicity, Parents and how Tall He’s Become. In 1987, he was arrested from his mansion at Nauset Beach, near Eastham, Massachusetts. You may leave a message for the family by clicking here. St Paul the Apostle RC Church, He told George that he could sell the weed in Boston at a much higher price, thus making lots of profit. George Jung is an American former smuggler and drug trafficker, known as one of the prominent names in the cocaine trade in the U.S. in the 1970s and the early 1980s. All out family gatherings and celebrations. She married George Jung but was unable to leave drugs even during her pregnancy. It is unclear how these two met, but considering that Marta was a drug addict assume that they met thanks to drugs. For a man who regards himself as the high priest of cocaine, George appears to have aged well despite consuming large quantities of drugs in his lifetime. He soon took charge of driving the drug-filled vehicles himself. I will never forget Grandpa and the many ways he impacted my life. He came in touch with a friend and started smuggling marijuana from California to New England. He also had been the vice president of Marketing Bulk Products at Dairymen Inc. of Louisville. However, their marriage life was full of abuse and turmoil that eventually led to the divorced in the year 1984. Now their relationship is in a drastically better state. 5.Little about George Jung, Mirtha Jung Husband, Famously notorious drug lord, George Jacob Jung was born on August 6, 1942, in Boston. As a student at Rice High School, he played the trumpet in the marching band. Although rumours of his death have been frequent, George is alive, and is in incredibly good form, after his time in jail or using cocaine. She is now 39 years old and married to Romain Karan. Kristina’s maternal grandmother took care of him, and when she died, Kristina had to move with her aunt who provided her with shelter and care till her 18th birthday. Eating dinner at Roy Rogers, Harvest diner and going to the movies at Syosset. Kristina Sunshine Jung was born in 1978 and was only 6 years old when her parents parted their ways. Mirtha Jung had a troubled life for the most part. This site is provided as a service of SCI Shared Resources, LLC. The fact that he did not speak a word of Spanish made things more problematic for him. However, two years later, he was sent right back to a California jail for violating the terms of his parole. Soon after he was born, the family moved to Weymouth, Massachusetts, where George began attending school. See Also: Who Is Charles Manson, Is He Dead, Who Are The Children, Wife, Family? Not only does he have a self-published book, but there is also Ted Demme’s biopic Blow, based on his life and crimes. After graduating from high school in 1960, he began to study advertising at the University of Southern Mississippi, however, his extra enthusiasm for drugs screwed him up in school so he never graduated from the university. He was a much-admired footballer during his school days in Weymouth High School. Kristina is an excellent entrepreneur, busy in growing her business. The usual course of action for a person dealing in illegal earnings is to launder the money. While George was cautious at first, he became overconfident with time. His escapades began to come to its initial sad halt in 1974. He was also my confirmation sponsor, and I feel like I couldn’t have had a greater sponsor. Aisha Tyler’s ex-husband Jeff Tietjens Wiki Bio, height, net worth, new wife, Nicolas Cage’s ex-wife Alice Kim Wiki Bio, son, net worth, affairs, family, Who is Simon Halls? He was a former player on the University of Florida men's basketball team and was active in the University of Florida Alumni Association. Jung was a part of the Medellín Cartel, which was responsible for up to 85% of the cocaine smuggled into the United States. She equally spent some years in jail at some point. Your email address will not be published. Little known fact is this is not the arrest that led to my incarceration of 262 months. One of George Jung‘s greatest regrets would be how his criminal life jeopardized his daughter’s childhood. He soon began smuggling drugs through flights from California to Boston. You were truly a ‘one of a kind’ person & I couldn’t have asked for a better brother-in-law.You stood by your convictions & fought for your beliefs, regardless of any (or all) consequences. George Jacob Jung was born on August 6, 1942, in Boston, to Frederick and Ermine Jung. Interment will be held on He kept a low profile for a while but could not keep himself away from the drug business, which was highly profitable and thrilling. He thus grew richer every day. The infamous cocaine smuggler is said to be currently living a decent life away from drugs and crime. The business boomed, and George grew rich. The man was eventually released from prison in July 2017 after completing his sentence. Kristina Sunshine Jung: Facts About George Jung Daughter, Andrea Bocelli: Interesting Facts about Italian MUSICIAN, Heather deForest Crosby: Steven Mnuchin’s ex-wife Wiki, “Life Below Zero” star Glenn Villeneuve Wiki: Networth, Marriage, Age and Family, Jennifer Lahmers age, family and Net Worth, Margherita Ronchi: Everything to know about Mathew Fox Wife. He was a member of the St. Joseph's Catholic Church of Elwood, IN., member of the Amateur Radio Relay League where his call sign was WD4ARN. One of which was pro-life. Mr. Jung was usually busy working on one of his planes or maybe a helicopter when I would come over to the house.He was always friendly to me and easy man to talk to. It took away a lot of the uncertainty in my life at the time. He was placed in a prison cell with Carlos Lehder, in jail for car theft. He often spent his free time participating in church and community organizations, as well as working on environmental projects. He was in prison for a while but was released soon. He was born on 6 August 1942, in Boston, Massachusetts, to parents Frederick and Ermine Jung. Visitation will be held on George Jung graduated from the school in the year 1961 and went to University of Southern Mississippi. He stole small airplanes and began charging $10,000 for every kilo of cocaine. I'd notice at parties how he would always check in to see how everyone was doing. I love you, Pop-Pop. Not to forget the New Years Eve at Nevada Street and watching "when Harry met Sally". She said that her biggest motivation for the separation was to give her daughter a more modest life from the drug trafficking life which her husband refused to give up on, but Mirtha only stopped the lifestyle after she spent a long time in jail over drug possession. The duo who has been seen together at public events and functions has so far made progress in rekindling their relationship. George Henry Jung, 77, died Sunday, March 20, 2016, at his residence in Shelbyville. 3.Mirtha Jung’s Relationship with George Jung, Divorce. While in prison, he met another drug trafficker and stepped into the business of cocaine trade, flying cocaine from Pablo Escobar’s Colombian ranch into the U.S. George made millions before getting arrested again in the late 1980s. To George’s surprise, these women were successful, and it was the beginning of George’s and Carlos’s smuggling business. Please allow 24 hours for your entry to be reviewed for appropriate content. Required fields are marked *, Mirtha Jung: 5 Things to Know about George Jung’s Wife. In 1994 he was sentenced for 60 years prison but the punishment was reduced to 20 years once he testified against Carlos Lehdar Rivas. This was the beginning of an arrangement that changed the face of drug usage in the U.S.A. About 700 pounds of marijuana were brought from Mexico to California and were later driven to Amherst, Massachusetts, in large vehicles. You were a strong family man with old fashioned conservative family values, which was one of the things I admired most about you.You had such a great sense of humour & I can still hear & see you laughing.You were kind, & generous to a fault ... always giving without looking for anything in return. 2:00 pm at That was the first time she witnessed a bit of stability in her life. Your email address will not be published. Though he excelled in sports, especially in his school’s football team, Jung, however, had poor academic records. Soon, he became a famous drug peddler in Boston. His kindness extended to his friends, co-workers, and those he mentored. Carlos worked with the Medellin cartel, started by the most infamous drug lord in history, Pablo Escobar. By the mid-1970s, he was making a quarter of a million dollars each month., Celebrities Who Look Beautiful Even Without Makeup, Top NBA Players With No Championship Rings. Her fame and recognition are because of her status as the ex-wife of former drug lord George Jung. Soon, he began buying marijuana from California and selling it in Boston regularly. I remember getting excited when he went up to hand out the Eucharist at morning mass. George Jung graduated from the school in the year 1961 and went to University of Southern Mississippi. He was released from prison in 2017. He was studying in ‘Weymouth High School’ when he was arrested for the first time, for soliciting a prostitute who turned out to be an undercover cop. She last appeared in front of media in the year 2001 when the movie was released. He had a daughter named Kristina Sunshine Jung from his marriage. Although he was soon released on bail, George was returned to jail again, because he was busted by a friend who worked with DEA. Andrew Frankel Bio – Age, Family & Net Worth, Demystifying Jazz Jennings Real Name, Boyfriend & Family Of One The Youngest Transgenders, Abby and Brittany Hensel Bio, Are They Married or Engaged? Bradley Cooper Shares A Daughter With Ex-Girlfriend Irina Shayk – Inside His Life Since... Facts About Ricegum – His Girlfriend, Real Name & Net Worth, Who is Cory Booker? The protagonist of the movie was Mirtha Jung husband, George Jung. Guest Book sponsored by His Loving Family. New York. His life was completely reversed when he dropped out of college, and began to work with marijuana. George Jung 1869 1952 New York George Jung in New York State Death Index, 1880-1956 George Jung was born circa 1869. However, these two men were capable of much bigger things. After being busted with a large quantity of marijuana, Jung eventually landed in jail but that sentence changed his life forever. The business grew rapidly, and he also began stealing planes to add to his business. Required fields are marked *, George Jung: the real drug trafficker’s from “Blow” Wiki: Daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung, Net Worth, Death, Released, Wife, Arrested. He was a native of Tipton, Ind. George Jung's tragic relationship with his daughter was the emotional core of the Johnny Depp movie "Blow"-- and TMZ has learned he's already reconnected with … Reportedly, she gave an interview to the Texas Newspaper. He tries to put the time he has left to best use, trying to fully reunite with his daughter Cristina, living again in Massachusetts. He flew to Boston and sold marijuana for a little profit initially. During his heydays as a drug lord, George Jung had a short-lived marriage to a Columbian woman Mirtha. @chess_mex @gettesetta @notoriousclintorious, A post shared by George Jacob Jung (@bostongeorgejung) on Aug 8, 2018 at 7:15am PDT. Following this, he was sentenced to 60 years in prison and was kept in a federal prison in New York. Though Johnny made frequent prison visits while making the movie in order to portray the former drug trafficker’s character properly, Jung only got to see the movie almost 20 years after its release.