Srividya- late actress was an icon of Malayalam cinema, appearing in over 200 films. In 1976, she married assistant director George Thomas despite family opposition. The Act, it is true by Section 19 provides that for the purpose of deciding whether the subject matter of the suit or other proceeding has been properly valued or whether the fee paid sufficient, the Court may hold such enquiry as it considers proper and issue a commission to any other person directing him to make such local or other investigation as may be necessary and report thereon. As per the law laid down by the Supreme Court, it is seen that the question as to whether the proper Court fee is paid on the plaint is primarily a matter between the Court and the State and the defendant cannot stall the proceedings of the suit by raising the said question. She was in a relationship with legendary actor Kamal Hassan and despite the approval of both families, they broke off. 485 of 1997 was filed by George Thomas, who is the defendant in C.S No. In this context, learned Senior Counsel would draw our attention to the observation of this Court made in the judgment reported in D. Pattammal v. K. Kalyanasundaram 1988 (2) L.W 161, defining the term “Market value”. Such witnesses are amenable for cross-examination with the leave of the Court as contemplated under Section 165 of the Evidence Act. 866 of 1994 is decreed in favour of the plaintiff with a direction to the plaintiff to value the relief under Section 30 of the Tamil Nadu Court Fees and Suits Valuation Act, 1955, and pay the deficit court fee within a period of six weeks from today. 3 ),(Featured 7 years ago ),( That no way meant an end to her love life. In 1976, she married assistant director George Thomas despite family opposition. Only after misunderstanding arose during July 1987, the plaintiff had to leave the house fearing her life. Aconitine Chemical Structure, Iu Women's Basketball Recruits 2020, (ii) that the vacant site was purchased by the defendant in the name of the plaintiff in order to avoid the income tax and the plaintiff was only a benami. 485 of 1997 are as follows: The suit in C.S No. 866 of 1994, 485 of 1997 and 1505 of 1995 is confirmed and the appeals are dismissed with costs. Further, the property was purchased in the name of Smt. Accordingly, we reject the said contention. That no way meant an end to her love life. Section 30 of the Tamil Nadu Court Fees and Suits Valuation Act, 1955, provisions of Order XVIII Rule 17 and Section 165 of the Evidence Act. In the said judgment, the Division Bench held as follows:-, “In order to determine the benami nature of a transaction, reliance must not only be placed on the surrounding circumstances and the position of the parties and their relations to one another, but also on the motive which governs their actions and subsequent conduct. Ana-maria Ramos, Two months before her death on 17 August 2006, Ms. Srividya had executed a will and entrusted Ganesh Kumar, cine actor and MLA, to register a charitable society to ‘start a music and dance school for efficient students who could not get ample opportunities due to lack of money or to give away scholarship to such students to continue their studies and to extend financial assistance to deserving ailing artistes.’. Point No. In fact, the absence of motive does not decisively negative the benami nature; but it plays an important role.”, 35. Advertising Quiz Questions, (iii) that the evidence of P.W.1, P.Ws.4 to 7 recorded after the closure of the evidence of D.Ws cannot at all be taken into consideration as the plaintiff cannot be allowed to fill up the lacuna in her earlier evidence. The Wichita Wind Surge, Her life became miserable and the marriage ended in divorce in 1980. 12,00,000 was borne by the defendant from his funds and the fund of his brother Samson Thomas and from the gifts of his father. (1) Whether the plaintiff has correctly valued the suit in C.S No. To what reliefs the parties are entitled? However, George Thomas claimed her property and a long legal battle followed that ended up in the Supreme Court and finally ended in Srividya�s favor.