He too has personal issues he must deal with like his collapsing marriage and relationship with his brother. Working from a screenplay by Puzo himself, Coppola's behind-the-scenes battles in bringing the story of the Corelone family to life are well documented but, ultimately, the director's career-defining work … It was ranked as the 32nd-greatest film in American cinematic history by the American Film Institute in 1997 and it kept its rank 10 years later. The Godfather Part II (Note: Two plotlines run through this movie. But Vito won’t lie down. The Question and Answer section for The Godfather 2 is a great The Lake Tahoe house and grounds portrayed in the film are Fleur du Lac, the summer estate of Henry J. Kaiser on the California side of the lake.[1][5]. THE BIG CITY Jump forward in time to the Corleone Family at a funeral. Michael, however, expresses his hesitation after contemplating the effects of ongoing Cuban Revolution. However, Fredo refuses to go with Michael, despite Michael's pleas that Fredo is still his brother and that it's the only way out. (The first was Alfred Hitchcock in 1941 with Foreign Correspondent and Rebecca, which won. Followed by “Michael, your father loves you very much. He proposes to take a portion of Vito’s earnings from his criminal ventures in exchange for his safety. In the end, Michael is left alone, having lost his family and his essential humanity. Discussions from the world of film and TV. During the procession, Vito's older brother is murdered because he swore revenge on the Don. Most actors from The Godfather returned in their original roles, including Talia Shire as Connie Corleone, but Strasberg, a renowned acting teacher, made his film debut in the movie. He deals with it for awhile, seeing people threatened and losing his job to Fanucci’s nephew, but after Fanucci wants some of the money that Vito, Clemeza, and Tessio have been making he cannot take it any longer. Michael has asked Fredo, who knows Havana well, to show Senator Geary and other important American officials and businessmen a good time, during which Fredo pretends to not recognize Johnny Ola. Traveling to Brooklyn, Michael lets Pentangeli know that Roth was actually behind it, and that Michael has a plan to deal with Roth, but he needs Frankie to cooperate with the Rosato Brothers in order to put Roth off guard. Immediately afterward, during the neighborhood festa, Vito murders Fanucci in the hallway outside his apartment and then rejoins his wife and children on the stoops outside his apartment building where Vito tells the infant Michael that his father loves him very much. Rather than confront him, Michael continues with his ventures with Roth, pretending that he doesn’t suspect a thing. With the murders of the heads of the other four New York / New Jersey families, the Corleone family has unassailable control in New York. He also tells Michael that the Senate Committee's chief lawyer, Questadt, is Roth's man. De Niro of course is a plus though, and I still do love the flashbacks. When Michael won’t let her, she reveals that her recent miscarriage was actually an abortion. He takes immediate action and goes to see Pentangeli and then Hyman Roth (Lee Stasberg). The scene then cuts back to another flashback: here we see Vito Corleone visiting Sicily, the first time since his harried departure many, many years ago. [1][5][6] Charles Bluhdorn, whose Gulf+Western conglomerate owned Paramount, felt strongly about developing the Dominican Republic as a movie-making site. He does this in order to root out all co-conspirators in the treachery against the Corleone clan. For both The Godfather and The Godfather Part II, many scenes that were shot were not shown in the original theatrical runs but were included in the television adaptation The Godfather Saga (1977) and the home video releases The Godfather 1901-1959: The Complete Epic (1981) and The Godfather Trilogy: 1901–1980 (1992). The first movie had sucked me in though, and I had to finish them all, even if Part II was tearing out my soul and Part III was just plain depressing me. There’s just this feel about the first one that makes it better (or more enjoyable). Perhaps he guessed what Mike’s fate was to be. The first involves Mafia chief Michael Corleone in 1958 and 1959 after the events of the first film; the other is a series of flashbacks following his father, Vito Corleone from 1917 to 1925, from his youth in Sicily (in 1901) to the founding of the Corleone family in New York City. 2003 AFI's 100 Years...100 Heroes and Villains: "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Plot Keywords Vito’s mother pleads for Ciccio to spare him, but Ciccio refuses; claiming Vito will only return as a man to exact revenge. At a birthday party for Roth, Michael mentions that there is a possibility that the rebels might win, making their business dealings in Cuba problematic. The film begins with a flashback to 1901, where the grisly massacre of the Andolini family … It's only a local election, but don't forget to vote! The neighborhood is controlled by a purported member of the "Black Hand", Don Fanucci (Gastone Moschin), who extorts protection payments from local businesses. The end of Godfather 2 was a paradox. In Part II, everybody is so isolated. The comment prompts Roth to remark, privately, that Michael has not yet delivered the two million dollars to firm their partnership. They have it out, big time. Cinematography Academy Award nominations (* denotes win), https://www.britannica.com/topic/The-Godfather-Part-II. The final scene in the film is Michael sitting by himself at Lake Tahoe, in silent contemplation. Nice review! The final shot of Michael alone is tragic and heartbreaking. Parents Guide. Frank Pentangeli, who did not die in the attack by the Rosato Brothers and falsely believes that Michael had tried to kill him, has made a deal with the FBI, and will testify against Michael. I just get the feeling that this is not how things are supposed to go. However, when Frank comes to testify, his brother is present from Sicily. Tom Hagen and Michael discuss the problem, observing that Roth's strategy to destroy Michael is well planned, as Michael will be indicted for perjury after Pentangeli's testimony. The investigation goes nowhere until Frank agrees to testify against him. He “make[s] him an offer he can’t refuse” and it’s great hearing De Niro say that classic line. To date, there has not been a single release that contains all of this footage together in one collection. Michael ends his conversation with Geary when he refuses to pay the outrageous fee Geary demands, telling the senator he'll get nothing. Vito gains more power and respect while retaining his devotion to family. Back in New York in 1917, Vito Corleone (Robert De Niro) scrapes by making an honest living for his family. If Nicholson had won I might be a little more forgiving, but is was Art Carney for Harry and Tonto and this is probably more of a sign of my ignorance than the Academy’s idiocy (at least I hope it is) but I don’t even know who or what that is. Part II is just so depressing that I don’t like to watch it. Based on the original 1969 novel by Mario Puzo, The Godfather represents one of cinema history's true undisputed landmarks, making the careers of Francis Ford Coppola, Al Pacino, Diane Keaton and many more. The two hitman are found dead having been killed by a "mole" within the compound. Then we follow a young Vito Corleone who returns to Sicily with a warm welcome. Country Later on, during the neighborhood festival, Vito follows him to his apartment where he shoots him using the sound of fireworks to conceal the crime. Written by I’ve grown more fond of Part II over the years, but it’s still the less enjoyable film for me because of the unbearable sadness left in the wake of all the family deaths in Part I, mostly Vito. Your email address will not be published. When Pentangeli is pressed, he claims that he just told the FBI what they wanted to hear. The Corleone family is established in Nevada, owns several casinos, hotels, and politicians, and is doing pretty well. This is the first time since then that I have rewatched Part II in it’s entirety; I caught a bit of it on AMC one night before going to bed and I will never watch Part III again of my own free will.