Alternatively, the Potato Beetle meaning also reminds you that if you’ve been a bit down on yourself, lately, you need to start using self-love affirmations. Celebrating over 10 years online. Consider the feeling tone. Secondly, here in Durban, South Africa, I have never, in 28 years, ever heard of anyone seeing one of these beetles. To dream of this ill- omened insect presages a speedy marriage. I fear spiders so I obviously freaked out in my dream as well. After doing something and looking back at the beetle, it was gone. My mother was pushing me to eat it. It is a time where you need to check them. Therefore, it’s time to take action. In other words, lose that weight, eat sensibly, and find ways to nurture yourself healthfully. The Stories We Tell About Mysterious Phenomenon Shape Our Reality | NUERONOMICON,, Dream Factory: ‘Seven Days In May’ With A Dash of Synchronicity – Deepest Dream, Butterfly Dreams: Saved by Synchronicity and Soul - Elaine Mansfield, Science and Creationism | Luann Robinson Hull. Jung quote from Jung Currents) […], […] when being unable to reach her, she began describing a dream to him in which she was gifted with a golden scarab. While she was telling me this dream, I sat with my back to the closed window. Psychoanalytical meaning: By C. Jung explanation the dream about black beetle indicates self-reliant earnestness, effeminate lust, style and endowment. Thus this insect teaches us to find beauty in everything. This fun website offers you all kinds of affirmations for all kinds of purposes. He explained that the beetle wouldn’t harm me since we had a deep connection and that it would protect me/kill anything that tried to grab it other than me. Beetle Dream Symbol – Dreaming of beetles represents you respect, or lack of, for authority. I have discovered it’s a scarab! As the scarab, the beetle may signify immortality. I felt around for what it could be and to the right side of my head (near my temple) I felt a really huge (about the size of a tangerine) smooth object that was clinging onto my hair. I kept trying an they kept burrowing into my ear further. Dreams are subjective in nature and the definitions and views expressed on this website should not be seen as fact. The beetle came under the door and stood on top where the door nob was and I tried to open the door , but it wouldn’t unlock and in the middle of the beetle. Watching many beedes: losses are inevitable. Oh I killed it, freaked me out. People with this Scarab Beetle totem make excellent diplomats, religious leaders, and artists. In my dream there were small circled sweet chocolates and when i ate it there are bugs inside and i warned some other not to eat it but then they ate and find out there were beetles inside the chocolate and throw it out from their mouths. 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It ate a piece of apple I fed it. Reading the information on the scarab being a totem animal – well – that’s me to a T. I have always loved it and think I will have it set into a ring. People with this power animal can turn all things negative into a positive. I will continue to drive the negativeness away, and protect my family and neighbors. If beetles are climbing on against your body it means that things may be worse than you expect. .post > div[property="image"] { Here is the deal, in my meditation I heard you and your boyfriend need a break because his family stress is too much for you right now. Yes, you can love a sport and focus on it, but you also need to vary your activities so that your body’s muscles don’t specialize. Beetles crawling all over you is a warning your finances may soon be in crisis. Dreams of a scarab represent that you are protected from harm, and that you are aligned with the sacred and the mystical. You may also feel that your values and beliefs are being compromised. Just get it done. Although this moment pales in comparison to Jung’s foundation creating beetle experience, it still threw me for a […], […] A young woman I was treating had, at a critical moment, a dream in which she was given a golden scarab. but yesterday I put an end to the negativity on my block. Beetle Insect Animal Totem Symbolism. So after meditation and the nettle crawling out of my hair I call him and tell him about my idea of a break.