The front splitters not only separate the airflow going under the car from the airflow going around the car, but they also generate significant downforce. Contact Us It also adds a certain responsiveness to steering inputs. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ed94e53b862ad12 Greenwood body kits for C4 Vettes: Aero Plus, Motorsports, GC4, GC4R Chevy Parts (Truck '47-'92) Ford Thunderbird Parts Buy the best and you will be certain the part will fit! Learn More. Corvette Body Kits, Ford Falcon Parts |Mold Kraft Motorsports Package|Mold 1991 Greenwood G4R Body Kit Prototype Written by Chip Lamb This one-of-a-kind 1991 G4R Series Greenwood prototype was handcrafted by 1970s racer John Greenwood. Price: Regular Price: $1,364.99 Kit. • 1-800-284-3906. The first kit to be offered is their G5 Series ground-effects package. Aero Kits, There are two styles of wing: the "R" and the "RS." Chevy Parts (Full Size '58-'72) 1984-1990 Corvette Aero Body Kit John Greenwood Design Tweet. C5, C-5, Greenwood C5, Wings, Greenwood Wings, Spoilers, Greenwood Spoilers, El Camino Parts 1975 Corvette custom, complete with Mazda headlights. The legs are bonded separately, and these attach to the car's frame using two aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum girders. Greenwood, John Greenwood, Motor Sports, wings, conversion, After Market, aerodynamic, Those areas that might come in contact with the ground are covered with a black urethane elastomer coating to further protect the lower surfaces. Copyright 2002 Mold Kraft & MFG., Inc. All So what makes this one different? Sale Price: $1,194.88 Kit. original tunnel package for the. Firebird Parts fiberglass, body kits, streetcar, modifications, performance, racing, Corvette, Call now for pricing! Motorsports, Phone : 407-269-2495 The main aluminum upright brackets are neatly machined and install through the license plate and taillight openings. Titusville, FL 32780 - 1-800-284-3906, Available - Allow extra time for delivery. Ford Fairlane/Torino Parts It was developed for use in Desert Storm to protect helicopter blades from abrasive sand storms and has about a 400 percent elongation factor, which means it will stretch considerably before it fails. Anyone preparing a car for competition might also lower the car using new springs and coilover shocks. Aero body kit this 8 piece kit will bring you corvette back to life. Geneva, Fl 32732 Eckler’s is open, shipping and ready to meet all of your automotive needs. This one-of-a-kind 1991 G4R Series Greenwood prototype was handcrafted by 1970s racer John Greenwood. A 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum bracket is attached to the upper frame, and an aircraft-grade cable, running through the brake duct, connects to the splitter, thereby limiting downward flex. INC. - Day Five Build Recap, Week To Wicked: Will We Finish? This lesson was learned by their father through various deals with assorted merchandisers. All products mentioned and registered trademarks are trademarks of their respective • The Greenwood Daytona Turbo is, without a doubt, the most radical of all body styles a Shark would ever wear. 1984-1996 Greenwood As such, it is very resilient and is easily touched up. Greenwood - The American Response. All rights reserved. The rear tunnel comprises three pieces: the tunnel and two valance panels. The Greenwoods are aware of how quickly their unique designs will be copied. Ford Galaxie Parts Our own driver in the car also suggested that the increased downforce is real-it makes the car feel much more stable and connected to the ground. Learn More... We detected that your JavaScript seem to be disabled. - Day Four Build Recap, Week To Wicked: Two Days Left To Build our 1955 Chevy! In terms of construction, the Greenwood kits are built using a vinylester resin and gelcoat system that are more resistant and have superior longevity compared with polyester resins. The Greenwood kit reduces overall ground clearance to about 4 inches. History of John Greenwood racing and custom street Corvettes. A plate with a specific serial number is attached to the door jamb and is backed up by meticulous records and a certificate of authenticity. The exhaust pipes are wrapped with an included header wrap to reduce the amount of heat they shed. Greenwood Corvette, Greenwood Ground Effects, Body Kits, Greenwood Body Kits, Buy the best and you will be certain the part will fit! If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. The wing is manufactured in two halves, which are then bonded together. The simple answer is that this kit not only looks good-it works. |Mold Kraft C-5R Package|Contact|. This means that the splitter is already riding quite close to the ground for everyday street applications. We take you through the short but careful process of installing an aftermarket passenger sideview mirror on a C3 Corvette. - Day Two Build Recap, Week To Wicked: 1955 Chevy – Day One Build Recap, Win a 1961 and 2019 Corvette with $60-G’s for Taxes, 2019 NSRA 50th Street Rod Nationals…Lots of Corvettes, 1975 Corvette Custom … Blast From the Past, 2020 Corvette Exterior Design Manager Kirk Bennion Interview, A Look At The Three Corvette Assembly Plants. 1984-1996 GreenwoodAero body kit this 8 piece kit will bring you corvette back to life. 1984-1996 Corvette Hood Louvers C4R Functional John Greenwood Design Part # 25-107870-1, 1986-1996 Corvette Windshield Fairing C4R Convertible John Greenwood Design Part # 25-107868-1, 1984-1996 Corvette High Rise Hood Addition C4R Non-Functional JohnGreenwood Design Part # 25-107869-1, 1984-1996 Corvette Windshield Fairing Coupe C4R John Greenwood Design Part # 25-107867-1, CHEVROLET CORVETTE B2K CALLAWAY TWIN TURBO. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Orlando Web design and hosted by Next Search Terms Don't be fool by cheap imitations. Although it looks like your standard gravel guard, this elastomer is very special. Call for a color brochure or for more information. Ask our Subscription Coordinator by submitting your question to our help desk! Of course, many people will think about the aero package as just one element in a complete overhaul of their Corvette. To achieve this, the foam core is shaped to an inverse wing contour, which is then enveloped in the lay-up process with e-glass and Kevlar. The only thing better than winning a brand-new 2019 Corvette is winning a new Corvette and a fully customized 1961 Corvette with $60K included to pay the taxes. Tellingly, many sales to date have been to replace lower-quality kits. Sales of C4, C5, C6 Corvette aerobody kits. MOLD KRAFT MANUFACTURING, Greenwood|Mold Kraft Aerosports Package| To be effective, rear-mounted wings must be in clean air so that the boundary layer flowing over the car body does not interfere with the low-pressure area generated below the wing. Not unlike their C3 products program, the Greenwoods offered to the public various body kits, suspensions mods, and aftermarket wheels and stereo systems. Ecklers, Mid America, Vanacors, ACI, American Custom Industries. This is wrapped with Kevlar, and then a superior e-glass cloth is used as the final surface prior to the gelcoat. Treat your classic Corvette to a professional dyno shop super tune. The side skirts incorporate a Z06 factory vent and ducting for rear-brake cooling. Because the C5 Corvette also has its exhaust exiting at the center of the car, there is extra heat being vented through the tunnel, which helps to accelerate air flow. Quality Hand Laminated Fiberglass By Original Manufacturer For John Greenwood The 8-piece Original Design AERO kit includes (2) main side skirts, (2) door strips, (2) rear quarter skirts, front spoiler and rear wing.