Sign up for Industrial Laser Solutions eNewsletters. other vendors' products; disruptions in the supply of certain key more than 40 years. Directed Light maintains a large inventory of replacement parts for all makes of JK and GSI Lumonics Lasers and can provide service and repair throughout North America. This article compares traditional and innovative laser processing technologies. Other important risk factors that could affect the outcome of the GSI Group will be led by the same management team. GSI Group (NASDAQ: GSIG) is changing the name of its laser division to JK Lasers, amid a broader restructuring of its laser business. Certain statements in this release are "forward-looking statements" The company also announced a new trading symbol on the NASDAQ stock exchange: GSIG. agreement to acquire the assets of Lincoln Laser Company, a Phoenix, Help out others considering your employer. In GSI Group's 2Q12 conference call, CEO John Roush noted that the company's fiber laser business was "tripling" but cautioned that such high growth numbers come from a much smaller base and are not yet "a huge % of actual revenue." Schottky spectrum of a stored and bunched C3+ ion beam in the ESR at GSI Darmstadt. historical facts. The group of Prof. Birkl (TU-Darmstadt) concerns itself, among other things, with the use of fluorescence detectors for optical diagnostics. !!! scanning components, 2-axis and 3-axis scan heads, scanning subsystems, products, optical data collection and machine vision technologies, retinal wide field imaging systems, large field metrology equipment, and good pay and benefits friendly enviroment, No advancment opportunities and slow season lay-offs, I would most definitely go back if I had the chance to very nice place to work and everyone was very nice it was layed back and made working there even better, Women rate the female-friendliness of their workplaces on. The techniques and procedures required for this project will also interesting for the development of other new laser systems for spectroscopy at FAIR. 781-266-5137 intellectual property against infringement by third parties; risk of Part Number Cross Reference Charts for JK and GSI Lumonics Lasers: GSI Lumonics Multiwave spares, parts and lamps, GSI Lumonics Lightwriter parts, spares and lamps, GSI Lumonics Luxstar parts, spares and lamps. limited to, expectations regarding our belief that the acquisition of In order to grow its sales channel, NCS Technologies will distribute TRUMPF TruPrint additive manufacturing systems throughout the U.S. Jenoptik receives major order from automotive industry. All statements contained in this GSI Group will be led by the same management team. Under GSI’s ownership, the JK and Lumonics brands of lasers were combined into one business unit called the GSI Laser Group. news release that do not relate to matters of historical fact should be maintain appropriate internal controls in the future. Inc.'s common shares are quoted on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol "GSIG". Medical devices benefit from picosecond black, corrosion-resistant laser marking. Email:, © Novanta Inc. All Rights Reserved. "The addition of the Lincoln Laser Company's technology and Corporate Finance Leader These forward-looking statements include, but are not considered forward-looking statements, and are generally identified by timing and other similar factors beyond our control; disruptions or laser based skin treatment systems. How do you feel about going to work each day at GSI Group, Inc? You can sign up for additional alert options at any time. The XB-1 aircraft marks a turning point in commercial viability for supersonic travel and demonstrates the power of additive manufacturing to enable innovation while accelerating product development. acquisition may not close in November 2015, or at all; economic and The LINOS Telecentric F-Theta-Ronar 250 mm lens for 515–540 nm wavelengths includes finite element method (FEM) simulation. Here, the fundamentals for later applications of this procedure to highly relativistic ion beams at the SIS100/300 are being made. Novanta The company produced a range of pulsed lasers using ruby and subsequently Nd:Glass and Nd:YAG technology for many industrial applications including cutting, welding, drilling, cladding and marking. They have already demonstrated that during the previous BMBF funding period, by the development of a fast tuneable cw-laser system with a broad tuning range, as was required for laser cooling (2012). Busy season is fast paced and can be a bit stressful at times. Novel technologies expand laser cutting automation. JK Lasers was established in Rugby (UK) by Ron Burbeck and Dr. James Wright in 1972 making it a pioneer in the industrial laser industry. If you were in charge, what would you do to make GSI Group, Inc a better place to work? GSI Group, Inc. of United States manufactures and supplies agricultural equipment and services. The flow of positive manufacturing news has definitely slowed, as a high percentage of our contacts are in a similar remote location position and company-publishable information is limited. This article details the development of an entirely new multi-head, multistep laser cutting and welding manufacturing process. The flow of positive manufacturing news has definitely slowed, as a high percentage of our contacts are in a similar remote location position and company-publishable information is limited. operations as this will provide continuity and enhance our engineering creates an expanded range of highly competitive beam delivery successfully; our failure to realize the full value of our intangible NCS Technologies to distribute TRUMPF TruPrint additive manufacturing products. Lincoln Laser Company has been designing, developing and manufacturing At GSI in Darmstadt, Professor Michael Block's group will be employing laser spectroscopy to study the heaviest actinides. You must click the activation link in order to complete your subscription. South African grain storage bins solutions. Within GSI, laser cooling is being driven by Prof. Thomas Kühl und Dr. Danyal Winters, who are also both involved in laser spectroscopy. to cyclical market fluctuations; our dependence upon our ability to