They can appear in at least three Gang Attacks: It is odd that they show up in gang attacks in Rancho especially since that is Vagos territory. After holding Michael hostage for a few days, they realized that Trevor was not turning up, however Franklin did, and he and Michael escaped, killing all the triads in their way. In act of vengeance for assaulting his son and taking out their business partners in Blaine County, Cheng sent some of his men to search for Trevor. Strangely, they do not appear on Las Venturas streets, even areas surrounding the Four Dragons Casino, although they can be seen on several cutscenes and missions and can be made to appear on Las Venturas streets by means of editing the pedgrp.dat file. Members Grand Theft Auto VGrand Theft Auto Online They are also one of the few gangs that can be encountered during the resupply missions of the Bikers businesses. The San Fierro Triads are large gangs originating from Hong Kong, who have since moved to San Fierro. Chinese crime syndicate PistolMicro SMGSMGMGCombat MGPump ShotgunSawed-Off ShotgunAssault RifleCarbine RifleAdvanced RifleMinigunRocket LauncherSniper Rifle In the DLC GTA Online: After Hours, the Triads appear in Destroy all rival supply trucks Nightclub Management missions as enemies working for the rival Nightclub, Bahama Mamas. A Weazel News broadcast in GTA V states that Globalpol have shared intel that a number of Chinese criminal organisations have begun operating in the U.S. with a view of infiltrating the North American drug market, despite them already being heavily involved in it during GTA IV (five years earlier) and most notably in GTA Chinatown Wars, where the protagonist is a member of the Triads himself (four years earlier). Red In GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist, Tao's sister, Georgina Cheng, had Lester Crest and the GTA Online Protagonist team up once again to rob the casino, since it is now owned by Thornton Duggan. San Fierro Triad members don all-black suits or all-gray suits. Little Seoul, Los Santos Los Santos Triads It is unclear if this is supposed to be humorous or is simply an oversight on Rockstar's part. While the Triad gang members appear on the streets in Chinatown and Calton Heights in San Fierro. The most prominent gang in the group, the Mountain Cloud Boys, is operated by the blind Wu Zi Mu and answers to the Red Gecko Tong. Trevor Philips EnterprisesMotorcycle Clubs (GTA Online)Organizations (GTA Online)Duggan Family The SF Triads are also allied with high-ranking Grove Street Families member Carl Johnson and Varrios Los Aztecas leader Cesar Vialpando, and are rivals with the Mafia (Leone Family, Forelli Family, Sindacco Family), the Da Nang Boys, and the Loco Syndicate. There are three Triad factions in San Fierro consisting of a set hierarchy with small sets answering to larger sets; the Blood Feather Triad, which would later be slaughtered by their rivals, the Da Nang Boys; the Red Gecko Tong, which is led by Ran Fa Li; and the Mountain Cloud Boys. The sets of the SF Triads are heavily involved in joint operations and avoid violent conflict between the Triad factions, with the Mountain Cloud Boys establishing an alliance with the Red Gecko Tong. Triads are more like a mob than a street gang so business is strict - although the leader, Wei Cheng, has a son that's more into the drugs than the business. The mansion serves as CJ's own base of operation in his return to Los Santos. Despite their leaders' death, they still can be found at Little Seoul at the end of the game. Games Drug dealingArms traffickingSlaughterhouseKidnappingSlaverySupply DeliveryGambling