sure to do the trick. from our in-depth article. If you have a guinea pig with an overactive grease gland, you may notice a hard waxy buildup around the area right above their tail. The most popular is probably aspen shavings, as these are arguably the most effective. What fruits can you feed to your guinea pigs? Sources: Management of skin conditions in guinea pigs, Preference of Guinea Pigs for Bedding Materials, Care of Guinea Pigs, Guinea pig housing, Suitable bedding for Guinea Pigs, Petsaver guinea pig guide, Guinea pig care, GUINEA PIG GENERAL CARE GUIDE. To help You don't want to miss them out! Another essential step to ensure that your Guinea pig remains clean and healthy is to brush their hairs regularly. Bedding is one of the biggest components If you feel your Guinea pig is smelly and needs a bath do make sure to give it one. This can cause their urine to smell. Do Guinea Pigs Smell? Guinea pigs themselves do not smell, but are often blamed for the odor coming from the buildup of waste in their cage or other contributing factors that can result in a lingering smell. Show your cavy your love and affection by treating them right. Our site intends to provide you with the most accurate and updated information about guinea pigs. Firstly, remove any uneaten fresh vegetables, fruits, or treats lying around the cage. If you notice clumps of hair or knots starting to form, this might be a sign that some brushing is in order. There are supplies made specially for this, such as this cage cleaner spray. They have both used many products to try to combat the smell and both families followed our other guides on how to deal with this. Luckily, there are a few key things you can do to ensure that your guinea pig is feeling their best, and smelling fresh. Dry your pig with a regular towel, and keep it warm until it’s dry. We recommend always using a proper shampoo made for the purpose. I prefer Guineadad fleece liners, But you can also go with wood pellets(Amazon) or Carefresh bedding(Amazon) for your Guinea pigs as these also help in reducing the odor around the cage. If your guinea pig’s cage is exuding any less than pleasant aromas, odds are that it is coming from the piggy. Some long hair guinea pigs have more trouble keeping themselves clean as compared to the short-haired ones. If you are looking for fleece bedding for your guinea pig, look no further than Guineadad fleece liners. Well, that's what we're here to help out with. Much like people, there are factors that determine how a guinea pig smells. Also, make sure not to leave any perishable food behind in general! can try to litter-train your guinea pig at any stage of their life. How Much Time Should You Spend With Your Guinea Pig? Beans Equal Bursting. But, despite the freshness of the cage, now your piggy itself is letting off some stink. They will always have an aroma but it can be reduced and not be too overpowering. Replacing the bedding is only the first step. Well, guinea pigs can smell, and they can build up quite the stench if nothing is done about it. The diet of your guinea pig should be They are ultra-absorbent of both liquid and smell. When it comes to choosing the bedding for your guinea pig, there are three things you should keep in mind - good absorption, antibacterial properties, and odor control. There is no compromising on this fact. The TheWellKeptRabbit store also offers a wide range of home made treat, our guinea pigs loved treats from them. You can also use a store-bought cleaning spray to wash the cage if that's what you prefer. inadequate cage maintenance, in a nutshell. Though this gland can a source of a guinea pig’s odor, it can still be easily managed with upkeep. Also, sweep the bottom of the enclosure using a brush to scrub off any litter remaining. Give it a spot clean on a daily basis and then a big clean once a week. Guinea pigs are generally very clean animals so you shouldn’t have a problem at all. when it comes to creating a cage that is odor-free. When and how? Pets are more than companions, aren't they? This is because this kind of lettuce has literally no nutritional value. Should you give your guinea pigs a bath? Along with urine they can become quite smelly as time goes, unless they get bathed. must promptly replace it with bedding that is fresh. How can you sufficiently maintain your We respect your privacy and you can unsubscribe at any time. Guinea Pigs like all other pets will smell if they are not cared for correctly. Nowadays the popular pocket pet we know as the guinea pig can be found in homes right across the globe. Sprinkle some baking soda at the bottom of the cage while changing bedding which shall minimize any foul smell as baking soda is useful in reducing the odor. Keeping your pet and their enclosure clean will ensure their health and survival. But, once your little piggy starts emitting odors, you can't put off bathing them any longer. Firstly, remove all the items from the cage. If you’re worried about guinea pig smell as a prospective owner, then some experts recommend adopting sows rather than boars, as some owners have found that female guinea pigs produce less smell than males. Two of our close friends have guinea pigs and they found, towards the end of a cage clean, the cage could become a bit pongy! food that may have become stuck. Yes! Usually, Guinea pig in the wild used to use this smell to mark their territory. Liek humans, guinea pigs nails grow constantly,... Where Do Guinea Pigs Come From? How to get rid of guinea pig smells. Our aim is to provide the reader with information to enable them to make a good decision when making a purchase or caring for their pet. I have gone through a lot of info and videos available on the internet and have noted down a few necessary things we must do to avoid Guinea pig smell altogether. We, as the owner, are responsible for maintaining a clean cage and living environment for them. According to the Humane Society, the cage size for one guinea pig should at least be 30" x 36". will require veterinary assistance. Do not let your pet wandering in the house or outside when you are cleaning the cage. Happy Cavy Tips, Nature’s Miracle Small Animal Cage Scrubbing Wipes, Himalayan Guinea Pig – Ultimate Breed Care Guide. There are many fruits, vegetables, All pets require bathing and grooming to be clean and stink-free, including cavies. This step will also assure you need not bath them as regularly as you might need to otherwise. If there is a small amount of grease, or even no grease at all, then there is no need to address the area at the moment. Like any other caged pets, Guinea pigs have limited space indoor and will need to eat and poop at the same place, which can often lead to messy cages.