Check our strategy guide if you're stuck. Once you’ve progressed the main story far enough the house contractor will sell the “Administrative Privilege” work order for 3 diamonds. Infernal (Erebus) Gates are unlocked after your first successful run by purchasing the Erebus Gateways at the House Contractor. We've got a list of some of the Prophecies over here. Once any of these is unlocked, just successfully escape with it equipped. A variety of fish shall be caught; Dark Reflections: new! To fulfill this prophecy you’ll need to speak with all of the characters beings listed in the “Cthonic Gods” section of the codex. This is all done by progressing the relationship with each up to a certain point, and even completing some Favors. Orpheus is the musician of House of Hades; ex-husband of Eurydice. This will come over time as you play the game. To enter them, you require Heat from the Pact of Punishment (at least 5, for Tartarus Gateways; then higher). Fulfill the ‘Chthonic Colleagues’ Prophecy. When choosing a boon from a god, there will also be a check mark symbol next to boons you haven’t received yet. To all of you who joined us during development, thank you! Escape Elysium to unlock this achievement. Once revoked, Orpheus will immediately appear in the House of Hades. Eventually you’ll be given the option to purchase an order from the contractor to change Orpheus’ contract. Successfully beating the first floor boss and leaving the room will earn you this achievement. About how to do so? Check our strategy guide if you're stuck. "It was believed by Aristotle that Orpheus never existed; but to all other ancient writers he was a real person, though living in remote antiquity. Talk to Megaera and Hades about his sentence, then pay the Contractor seven diamonds. Don't make it harder for yourself. At the beginning, he’s locked, and you’ll need to unlock the House Contractor before unlocking Orpheus himself. You’ll need to spurn a god when you have their aid ability. After that you'll have to visit Euridice in Asphodel to find O&E singing in duet. These kills are cumulative across all your play time. He's very good at killing enemies, since he's the reaper after all, but he's not unpredictable. Terpsichore was the muse of dance and chorus. Then, at a moment, the Eldest Sigil Restoration House Contract will come up, which you must purchase. During his life, he lost his wife and muse Eurydice and ventured to the Underworld to plea for her return. You have to talk to Persephone after having contacted all the Olympians, then the cutscene rolls. Eventually you’ll be offered the ability to alter his contract with the house contractor for 6 diamonds. This does not have to be done in the same run. He was the oldest of three brothers, the others being Zeus and Poseidon. Some accounts say she was responsible for inventing the double-flute. Eventually the house contractor will offer you a contract for 8888 darkness to complete this prophecy. Species Thanatos' Keepsake, the Pierced Butterfly boosts Zagreus damage for each Room cleared without taking damage. Just deprive Thanatos on kills by drawing all enemies out of the circle, and killing the marked enemies before Thanatos even has a chance. Musician and Muse: Reunite Orpheus and Eurydice. Afterwards you’ll be able to find fishing spots throughout the game. Thanatos has two timed attacks that clearly indicate who he's focusing on: he'll either summon a big circle that kills everyone inside after some time; or lock onto one enemy, which will put a scythe on their heads. After giving enough nectar to Persephone you will get the task/prophecy to contact every Olympian, meaning you have to get one boon of each god (excluding chaos) over the course of multiple playthroughs. The Wretched Broker is unlocked once you gain access to the Lounge, just a couple of runs after you've started the game. Get 30% bonus damage with the Pierced Butterfly. To fulfill the Favour, purchase it. At the beginning, he’s locked, and you’ll need to unlock the House Contractor before unlocking Orpheus himself.