Since then, the breed of hog eventually became just a breed of “pig”. It might take some effort which is why it is considered as a disadvantage when owning a pig. Lifespan:  12 years They may appear to have a “silky / glossy coat” because of their smooth skin and thin hair.COLORS — There are times when you may encounter a different colored Hampshire pig, they may be white and ginger in color and may still vary depending on which breed they were crossbred with.HEAD — Hampshire pigs commonly have medium sized heads that usually appear straight and slim when observed from a specific angle. These pigs were referred to as the “Old English Breed”. Hampshire pigs are capable of sensing grief from other animals, their companions or their human owners. Body of the animal is well built with long legs and noses, making the breed popular for meat production. You can read our article entitled “Can Pigs eat Meat?” if you would like to have more information about this topic. A pig in “heat” may also tend to behave completely different from their usual acts. 7 Amazing Benefits of CBD for Pets That Every Pet Owner Should Know, Gifts for Dog Owners That Already Have Everything, How To Tame Your Pet Lizard: Have More Fun Safely. Since Hampshire pigs have a wide range of emotions, they also have bad sides too. Body of the animal is well engineered with long legs and noses, creating the breed well-liked for meat production. If you’re looking to keep one as a pet, you must read on to understand their preferred environment when under captivity. This can be avoiding by providing them enough space is necessary in order for them to get the exercise they need. Just like most breeds of pigs, the Hampshire pigs are friendly and social animals. It has the reputation of being the leanest of the North American Breeds and the majority of carcass competitions in North America are won by Hampshires and Hampshire crosses. “Pig” and “Hog” is technically the same thing, but pigs are called “hogs” when they weigh more than 54 kilograms (120 pounds). NAILS AND HOOVES — The Hampshire pigs also have hooves and “dewclaws” that may need trimming. The Hampshire pig, legend has it, is associated with royalty. Their smart brains allow them to feel both negative and positive emotions. For those who may not be aware, the tusk is actually part of the jawbones and is considered part of the teeth. THE PIG is a great place to hold a party. The sharp teeth get replaced by normal teeth afterwards. In terms of temperament, the breed is fairly even-keeled, although the boars can become aggressive later in life. And these animals apparently met an untimely end during the Civil War and fortunately more … They might try to make several escapes or even attempt to break through obstacles just to get to freedom. Regardless of gender, Hampshire pigs make good pets because of their fondness towards human contact, interacting with new things and being peacefully active unlike other breeds where certain male pigs could develop territorial behavior. The american National swine registry notes this as the fourth “most-recorded breed” of pig raised as livestock in the united states, and probably the oldest american breed of hog. Most pigs only rolled around in mud to keep cool because it’s the only thing they can do when there is no pond of water around them. The intelligence of hogs such as the Hampshire pig makes them popular as pets. … From shop ShowBarnBoutique. It is this breed that is usually introduced in crosses to improve the quality of the channel. Curious why pigs have curly tails? var rect = adElemSticky.getBoundingClientRect(); They need to be smarter than their swift and strong predators. The Hampshire breed may sound like a high maintenance pet, but you’ll be surprised by how complex their personalities can be in both good and bad ways. In addition, Hampshire pig sows are notably long-lived, adding to their prolific quality. In terms of breeding, this breed is known for its excellent mothering qualities and their longevity in the sow. However, trimming is a different task and is only done to care for the pig. They are aware when a companion passes away or when they get left behind or abandoned. Find out more here.. For anything bigger, whether it’s a wedding or any other event, we do offer an exclusive-use package from £35,000. Do not use in pregnant pigs or breeding boars. That’s why we’ve got a comments section on this blog!