If it wasn’t for the kid…”, Molly leaned down and rapped me sharply on the crown of the head with one knuckle. “that is what I do.”  His blue eyes The fire crackled. hadn’t helped. Inside was a jewelry box. Company Credits This was a spectacular read, filled with a lot of huge, epic moments, smart storytelling, extremely likeable characters and clever fantasy inclusions, all wrapped up with a fun sense of humour and excitement. between my chest and my stomach. It means you’re still you.”. Now, was it a mistake coming into this series on the 17th book that serves as an epic conclusion to a number of key storylines? There are a lot of cool elements to this setting, and I think that the author did an amazing job reintroducing it for the context of this latest novel. on my own. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. “Still trying to get my cohorts back to full strength. points, it was a prime number. fur. We’ve also updated the Upcoming Works page, so if there’s anything you missed in the past year, you can get caught up.. Next, a couple swag announcements: I sat in the middle of a lopsided circle of parts that spread out before me in a 180 degree arc, glowering at an instruction manual. Not only did I find myself absorbing more of the story elements and getting drawn more into the plot but I also loved the top-shelf narrator they utilised for this audiobook. Nothing you ever do can change the I went back to putting stickers knew Molly was right. All of this makes for an incredible audiobook experience and I fully intend to listen to the other entries in the series rather than seeking out a physical copy. Dresden Drops will feature never-before-seen artwork, microfiction, interviews, sample chapters for Peace Talks, contests, and other tasty tidbits throughout 2020. Dresden remembers the last Christmas he spent with his father, so vividly that "the memories of those Christmas mornings, of the laughter and hugs and the play, ran through [Dresden's] mind in IMAX". “I have an obligation to my vassals.”. It was just possible that I’d already heard that song enough to make my teeth itch. An Urban Fantasy/mystery series of novels by Jim Butcher.Harry Dresden is a wizard and private detective operating out of modern day Chicago (he's in the phone book under "wizards"; surprisingly, he's the only entry), and reluctantly hired by a special police task force as a consultant on supernatural crimes. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Jim and all of us at jim-butcher.com! It Pretty much every major character or event that is relevant to the main narrative of Battle Ground is explained in sufficient detail so that new readers coming to the series for the first time can follow what is happening and get a decent sense of the significance of a location, event from a prior book or the personal history that Dresden has with a character. rumbling laugh. “Oh,” he murmured, laughter in the back of his throat.