George is a stereotypical insensitive plain speaking Yorkshireman; unfortunately he usually finds himself in a position of responsibility requiring creativity and sensitivity. Later Enfield, with Paul Whitehouse, starred in a series of commercials for Hula Hoops as The Self-Righteous Brothers, characters from Enfield's television show. The adverts were pulled because of the 2001 foot-and-mouth crisis. Their members are "Law Man" (Wielder of the mighty sword of Dobber), "Fire Man" (Whose fiery balls of fire can start fires) (played by Nathaniel Parker), "(Kometh the) Ice Man" and (Apparently the most powerful of all) "She Woman Cat Type Thing" - who has the superpower of regurgitating fur balls - celebrated by the others as "her amazing regurgitative powers". An old-fashioned father, looking and sounding suspiciously like Enfield's own, who struggles to accept his son's homosexuality. Each skit would feature the pair's love of "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" by Bachman–Turner Overdrive, seemingly the only record they ever played – although they were shown playing other records at the introduction of several sketches. Perry is faultlessly polite to Kevin's parents, Mr and Mrs Patterson, but in one episode we see he is just as rude to his own parents as Kevin is to his, whereas Kevin is faultlessly polite to them. While this second guest is smiley and charismatic, his gestures indicate his anecdote has a violent double-meaning. Popular BBC sketch show that introduces a whole host of memorable characters such as Tim-Nice-But-Dim, Wayne and Waynetta Slob, The Old Gits and teenagers Kevin and Perry. The Collection was going to be a five-disc set containing Series 1 and 2, and the 1992 Christmas episode of Harry Enfield's Television Programme, and Series 1 & Series 2 of Harry Enfield & Chums, and Christmas specials from 1997 and 1998. [citation needed]. Harry deliberately hurts Lulu, or more often tricks her into hurting herself, but then plays the innocent when their mother arrives to investigate, and asks for a "big hug", but that doesn't accept his apologies. The format of the opening credits was the same, although Enfield was now joined by co-stars Whitehouse and Burke to take a collective bow to the audience. In 2012, he starred with Simon Callow in the film Acts of Gordfrey, which opened in UK cinemas on 27 January. Out-of-date Fab FM DJs Dave Nice and Mike Smash, a thinly veiled parody of some older Radio 1 DJs of the time. In early sketches a stereotypical annoying little brother, Kevin Patterson goes through a major personality change the instant he turns 13 years old, he also loses his dress sense and physical energy. The couple win the lottery and also win a holiday; but the aircraft crashes because they are so overweight, and they end up stranded in the jungle. Based on the TV series Lovejoy. Many sketches involved the couple patronising another couple of similar age, desperate to convince the other couple (Pam's sister and her husband in a couple of sketches) that their greater wealth meant greater happiness or social importance, and their inability to accept the successes or talents of others as being noteworthy (such as the British couple they meet on a Spanish holiday who, fluent in Spanish, are dismissed as "showing off"). Harry Enfield, Actor: Kevin & Perry Go Large. An infuriating know-it-all father who advised various people with both household tasks and diverse jobs, such as a football pundit. It's Harry & Paul) started in 2007. and "You drive a hard bargain, don't you? Canoe completes the family, with the 'brown baby' Waynetta always wanted (since all the other mothers on the estate had one). Harry Enfield was born on May 30, 1961 in Horsham, Sussex [now West Sussex], England. A chronically absent-minded pub landlord who is easily confused, never manages to serve a drink and frequently mixes up his anecdotes, customer orders, money ("Now, you gave me a tenner"), the names of even his regular customers (one of whom was played regularly by Martin Clunes) and even his own marital status (Les: "Maureen!