The chief mourner again circles the pyre three times with a clay pot of water on his left shoulder, and a burning torch behind his back. If you have specific questions relating to Hindu funeral customs for an individual sect, we recommend that you consult with your spiritual advisor. In the Hindu religion, a person will usually pass away at home, surrounded by family. The Sun receive thine eye, the Wind thy Prana (life-principle, breathe); go, as thy merit is, to earth or heaven. The family recites mantras and Hindu prayers, while they focus on the top of the deceased’s head. Although flowers are not part of Hindu tradition, they may be sent without causing offence. If those options aren’t possible, Hindus have begun scattering the cremains in a river or other body of water in the US. In Hindu cremation rights ghee (butter) and wood are imp0rtant to assist fire, while services of electric crematorium are taken placement of ghee (butter) and woods in coffin is just a symbolic act. All Rights Reserved, Funeral Insurance Finder and Instant Quote, Islamic Funeral Customs and Service Rituals, Attending Funeral Services: Your Funeral Etiquette Questions Answered, Top 8 Things to Never Say to the Bereaved, Yes – or gift of fruit to the family home. Offerings are made to ancestors and gods. Hindu funeral rites take the form of chants, or mantras, which are specially written to be chanted at funerals. In the USA, the cremation must be performed in a crematorium, therefore a revised ceremony has to be arranged. Can we bring the ashes home while waiting to travel? Their goal is to help believers transcend the world as it is ordinarily perceived and realize the divine presence. If possible, a Hindu should die in their home with their loved ones. This provides momentum to deceased ancestors so they can reincarnate and advance to a more superior form. There may also be a third Hindu funeral ceremony (shraddha) that takes place about 10 days after the death. It is the most polluted river in the world, due in a large part to the thousands of cremations performed there. To hinder the growing problem of overcrowding, some graves are not marked. According to Hindu funeral customs, the body remains at the home until it is cremated, which is usually within 24 hours after death. Family members sing hymns, recite prayers, and chant the dying person’s mantra. A priest will purify the house with spices and incense. By creating a positive atmosphere, the mourning family and friends pass on the merits of good karma to help prepare their loved one for a positive rebirth and future life. If you have specific questions relating to Hindu funeral customs for an individual sect, we recommend that you consult with your spiritual advisor. The preta-karma is an important Hindu death rituals that takes place during the period of mourning. Often this ceremonial bathing will be performed by the women in the family. When the oldest surviving family members performs the ceremonies, he is called the karta. As Hinduism upholds the belief of cycles of life through reincarnation, the rituals also prepare the deceased for the life to come. If the deceased is a married woman whose husband is still alive, or an unmarried younger female, the clothing will be either a red or yellow dress. During this period, relatives and friends are expected to visit the family to offer their condolences and support. The Doctors and Police didn’t allow us and recommended to do last rites at Smashan Ghat only. read more. “God, full of mercy, who dwells in the heights, provide a sure rest upon the Divine Presence’s wings […] Therefore, the Master of Mercy will protect him forever, from behind the hiding of his wings, and will tie his soul with the rope of life. The deceased person will usually be dressed in new white clothes. Open-toe shoes are acceptable, as is jewelry… but keep a light touch with the jewelry, nothing flashy. Mantras were originally conceived in the great Hindu scriptures known as the Vedas. Most prevalent among Asian Indians, the religion teaches that God is within each being and object in the universe and also transcends every being and object. After that, sesame oil is applied to the body and then bathed with water. During catholic funerals, prayers are recited, alternating them with times of silences. In this life you embraced them with your tender love; where there will be no sorrow, no weeping, no pain. Hindus try to hold the funeral service before the sun goes down on the day that death takes place. Afterward, the plate is taken outside to a vacant place. If you have specific questions relating to Hindu funeral customs for an individual sect, we … What happens at a Hindu cremation? “Place me in that deathless, undecaying world, where the light of heaven shines in everlasting luster . If the soul has realized the true nature of reality, it may become one with the Brahman, the “One.”. The following information is generalized to be representative of Hindu funeral customs and traditions.