NE: any 2LN: tooling 411: information JMN: jamming PRFXN: perfection Tops My Interesting License Plate List. STR8N: straighten (Toby Otter - Tony Alter /Flickr Creative Commons), Tell the world that you're clueless! Other people are asking where did we order our plate from. UBNPASD: You’ve been passed TOTLXTC: Total ecstasy 4K: fork A White Plains woman declares herself, can be seen on a red BMW wending its way from Tappan to Madison Square Garden on cold winter evenings; and a dentist in Farmingville has the rather cryptic. 2 ZIPN: zipping[/vc_column_text][/vc_column], Introduction UNEEK: unique 2LY: truly 2BORWAT: To be or what? R8D: rated FTW: for the win Batman summers in Connecticut, apparently unconcerned about keeping a low profile. W8R: waiter RT: arty, retweet(function in Twitter) OIMMI: Oh I am, am I? G: gee DON: don’t B: be CN: seeing, seen MN: man RETD: retired B4DKCME: Before decay, see me (dentist) FNOMNL: Phenomenal BOX 111G indicates a sport as a hobby and so on. RUNVUS: Are you envious? These combinations can be followed either by your initials or by your name, and there you have a good looking personalized license plate. Hot stamping - Lenikey   (Bob B. Brown/Flickr Creative Commons), Indiana's winters are anything but tender. GGGGGGG: G-string ML8ML8: I’m late! Many people are defined by their hobbies, being passionate about what they are doing and dedicating a lot of time and effort for their hobbies. QTPA2T: Cutie Patootie LVS: loves CS: seas, sees You finally got the car you wanted? CC: (to) seize TTYL: talk to you later For example, if you own a gym than GYM will do. D8NNE1: Dating anyone? From custom license plates used as interior decorations in upscale buildings to license plates used on cars in the filming of major motion pictures and TV commercials to license plates installed on fine automobiles at high-end auctions to year-of-manufacture license plates for vehicles at weekend car shows, has a plate for everyone. OAN: on another note FTFY: fixed that for you YFS: wife’s SAY AH is owned by a doctor…” — HOT PLATES . 24KTAU-24 carat gold (Au=gold) (Eli Christman Gamma Man/Flickr Creative Commons) Show More Show Less 40 of 43 His Mercedes is sick, but his … BYU: bayou, by yourself (marc falardeau/ Flickr Creative Commons), The universal plaintive cry of North Side Chicagoans. : Got the Secret? MUDNYI: Mud in your eye FREQ: freak BSTNSHO: Best in Show FX: effects, affects 10SNE1: Tennis anyone? Registration plate If you want to promote your business or you’re just proud of your job, you can use this idea when personalizing your car plate. Report. TOTL, TTL: total UCRED2: You see red, too? AU: gold CR8: crate DVS: devious (KennethKonica /Flickr Creative Commons), Indiana again. (Big Dubya/Flickr Creative Commons. EDUC8: educate NIZ2CU: Nice to see you ASAP: as soon as possible (Toby Otter - Tony Alter /Flickr Creative Commons), His and her Beemers. D8: date IIM8TY: Aye, aye, matey! CNTA4IT: Can’t afford it RATA2E: Ratatouille FUTAB: feet up, take a break. 5 A White Plains woman declares herself a JETS FAN; KNICKS can be seen on a red BMW wending its way from Tappan to Madison Square Garden on cold winter evenings; and a dentist in Farmingville has the rather cryptic plate NYILNDRS. I'm sure there will be more military members looking to order this size plate shortly. 2BENVD: To be envied W Most excellent - and so are the plates! … NAHRTBT: In a heartbeat BFF: best friends forever Personalized designs. J CUNOZ: See you in Oz MKITSO: Make it so Locksmiths usually go for LOX, and landlords will use PUB. A dentist in Scarsdale is more creative: His personalized license plate is CAVITY. IMABZB: I’m a busy bee (Seth Miller/Flickr Creative Commons), That's all folks. How to distinguish license plate types SHRNNUF: Sure enough LO(I’m)VE RTCUL8: articulate LVIT2F8: Leave it to fate IN4CLAW: I enforce the law YN: wine (whine) ENUF: enough They will be ordering some soon.Once again.Thank you,Gladys, In January, you sent me some replacement letters for a license plate I ordered from you a few years ago. ICI2I: I see eye to eye Customized from high-gloss laser cut durable acrylic and meticulously assembled like mosaic art. High quality, customized embossed/stamped license plates, license plate frames and holders and accessories. SCRMOM: Soccer mom TNT: dynamite NV: envy H2OUUP2: What are you up to? DIY: do it yourself IRIGHTI: Right between the eyes Private Policy   Terms & Conditions, Free Buyer’s Guide D HIHOAG: Hi Ho Silver (Ag=silver) 2ISHN: tuition (KennethKonica /Flickr Creative Commons), Caution, lead-footed driver or mortgage lender ahead. FXION8: affectionate ELI5: explain like I’m 5 years old(means to ask a question about a complex idea) IXCLR8: I accelerate 9 EZ2CYIO: Easy to see why I owe TT: (to) tease RU18QT: Are you 18, cutie? IMAQT: I am a cutie! GR8D8B8: Great date bait FUD2DY4: Food to die for EL8D: elated YL: while XIS: tennis GDAM8: Good day, mate! UDR: other DU: do you KIDBGON: Kid be gone! EE: to ease DVLA number plates in UK: The Definitive Guide. 322200, Jinhua, IDH82BU: I’d hate to be you 6A/6E: sexy 1DRFL: wonderful NEONE4T: Anyone for tea? C: see, sea TI3VOM: Move it!