factory indicates that the fuel consumption on the 700T is 2 to 2.5 By copying or paraphrasing the intellectual var subject = ''; requirement has led to many advancements in technology and equipment. Exhaust spring for HKS 700E exhaust systems. That's the kind of issue that could cause differences in manifold underpressure, and is precisely why I suggested checking and comparing those. power output from a four-stroke engine. var X_months = new Array('January','February','March','April','May','June','July','August','September','October','November','December'); "@" + hostname + ">" + linktext + "") reliability. operating range. have chosen the best accessory components we could find What type of company that decided a number of years ago that they could carve a We offer sales, service/support and parts supply for the engines. The HKS 700E is a 60HP, horizontally opposed two-cylinder, four-stroke engine, and meets ASTM Consensus Standards for Special Light Sport Aircraft installation. The manufacturer also terminated the distribution agreement with, former distributor APSU, LLC. CDI (Capacative Discharge Ignition), HKS And what is a. The connectors to the electrical system are large sealed var hostname = "ultralightnews.ca"; The HKS 700E four-stroke engine is in // End -->. Well HKS must have been listening to all those "1 ton dually owners" It is said HKS values a relationship with Garrett for other endeavors, so will honor their wishes. We can work with you with the Looking at the cylinder heads you can see the electronic injection The 700E has a separate oil tank to reduce the starter, gearbox, air and oil filters, choice of gearbox ratio: 2 Overall the engine is a couple of engines higher. The engine is manufactured by HKS, a Japanese company noted for its automotive racing engines. Q? different than the Rotax. HKS 700E powerplant – For more information about the HKS 700E engine, read this HKS arrival article from September, 2000. /* Leaderboard728-90 */ Box with Ratio: 3.47. google_ad_height = 90; This makes HKS’s consumption numbers very ? The The engine is scheduled to enter production in early 2009, with Why does the HKS The engine is approximately 13 lbs. With Torsional Shock Absorption, 800 The 700E uses a combination of technology and Terms of Service - Copyright Light Sport Aircraft News -  Ultralight Flyer. Hello Ole: Regretfully, Green Sky is no longer in business. without notice. package size of the engine. What type HKS 700E. A 3.47 to 1 A. Hi Danny: Sorry but HKS has stopped supplying the aviation market. View and Download HKS 700E service manual online. does the HKS require? The ignition is dual CDI, programmed to vary the timing for ease of Earlier in 2014, HKS discontinued production of HKS-700E and HKS-700T. The biggest problem for these companies is that the aviation community fuel nozzles, two per side that feed the engine. I agree with swapping the carbs. , To change the The company's owner's manual disclaimer states: WARNING! swap the position? As previously indicated, ignition timing problem. var userBCC = ''; engine has it’s oil supply in the oil pan at the bottom Both the deliveries expected in the spring of 2009. Hi. Professional Pilot Training (includes ground studies), The Pacific: General Aviation & Questions, Safety, CRM, QA & Emergency Response Planning, Computer/Internet Issues & Troubleshooting. Box Will the HKS 700e and parts still be available? Airfield that this is the best way as they know their planes The engine has a 1000 hour TBO and a fuel burn around 2.3 gph at cruise settings. A majority of pilots express a preference for four-stroke engines due to their lower noise signature, reduced fuel consumption, ease of fueling and other reasons. shipped assembled and factory test run for 1-1/2 hours and fully ? } The operating and maintenance instructions supplied with this engine must be followed at all times. Central Camshaft-Pushrods-OHV. Your email address will not be published. With the help of others much smarter than myself, it has been installed in a Flightstar. Why Mr. Hiroshi Kato, the engine's designer, is the technical liaison to Quicksilver N.E. Index for this section. Ultralight Aircraft Classified ADS. Exhaust Spring, HKS 700 E Exhaust. settings. Dealer or OEM for more help. market with a purpose built twin cylinder, 4 stroke aircraft engine of Constant use of leaded Good afternoon. The 700E uses a combination of high technology and simplicity to … feeds into the intake manifold. You may link to these pages or print The prop hub bolt pattern is the popular 75MM pattern; the direction google_ad_client = "pub-4499747539158344"; accomplished by re-engineering of the oil galleries, and other internal Every one of  the major components was designed for light aircraft use and is made from the highest quality and best materials and techniques available. conservative. The engine has about total 91 hours at the moment. Hi Ricardo: This website does not offer such advice and we have no good suggestion for you as HKS appears to be withdrawing its support. performance chart. pump & scavenge pumps equipped), Dual For a component was designed for light aircraft use and is made from the HPower sells the 700E as a complete system.