4.8 l / 100km. While each method can work independently, together they help drivers maximize fuel efficiency for their specific driving conditions. Because some people do not care about gas mileage. And I should note: Under certain driving conditions, you don’t want to pull a load upgrade on ECON mode. The speed limit in my part of the province is 80 kph (50mph to Americans) Just made a one hour trip with the Econ button engaged and got No, it’s not cylinder management as applied to Honda’s 3.5 Liter V6 i-VTEC engine. Buccscott – Just trying to help you understand your savings. What happens when you press that big green button? A couple of months ago I drove a total highway trip of 1,093 miles from Hollywood, FL to Baltimore MD on only 2 full tanks of gas. The Ecological Drive Assist System (Eco Assist™) is a fuel efficiency information system designed to help you develop and maintain a fuel-efficient driving style. My Honda Odyssey automatically shuts off engine cylinders when not needed. I purchased a 2016 Civic touring turbo in November 2015. Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle Warm During Winter, 2021 Honda Pilot Engine Power & Performance Ratings, List of 2021 Honda Passport Updates & Changes, Gallery of 2021 Honda HR-V Exterior Paint Options. All of the gas-saving technology in the new Civic may help you get an estimated 39 mpg on the highway. Need I say it? All you need now is a longer playlist. You can use them to teach yourself more efficient driving habits. When pushed it changes several operating aspects of the vehicle, sending it into a super-efficient mode to maximize your fuel efficiency. The color change from blue to green is gradual and the driver can deactivate this feature via the customizable setting area of the iMID. Looking to the display in front of the driver, one will find fuel efficiency guidance bars in the form of an increasing and decreasing color changing light bar. This entry was posted A method of increasing the fuel efficiency used on most 2012 Honda Civic models, 2012 Honda CR-V, Civic Hybrid, Insight, and CR-Z, Eco Assist consists of two parts: the ECON mode and the Driver Feedback System. We purchased our 2016 Honda Civic Turbo in June 2016 and immediately took it on a trip (US) from Albany, NY to Omaha, NB to Milwaukee, WI and back home to Albany. Think of the Eco Assist as your onboard fuel-saving driving coach. Once you've saved some vehicles, you can view them here at any time. it might also be a good idea to turn eco off when driving up hills so you have more power. i was able to squeeze 42.2 mpg by the end of the trip. Read More: What Do Honda Dashboard Warning Light Symbols Mean? It’s got a 5 speed automatic and is really quick with the 2.4 motor and the ECON button off. So, for my specific circumstances and the way I use the Econ mode, I GAIN 6-10 MPG PER DAY. www.rensselaerhonda.com/what-is-honda-econ-button-and-how-does-it-work When the heat index is over 100 degrees in the afternoons, and I’m in a rush to leave work I turn it off and let the A/C cool the cabin for a few miles through town and then when I hit I95 I hit the Econ button. I tried switching on the ECON mode for the first time a week ago, I am now getting about 6.4l/100 kms and no noticable difference in performance on the highway. You can skip to the end and leave a response. But, I’ve seen 40 + MPG while driving on the highway in low wind conditions. If you dont get better mpg from using eco mode its because you are fighting the system instead of going with it. We averaged over 42 mpg for the entire trip with the cruise set between 70 and 75 a lot of the time. • Lebensdauer 30.000 h https://shop.framo-morat.com/Planetengetriebe/. In hot weather it is recommended that you don’t run continuously in ECON mode. From my experience, Econ mode does make a bit of a difference. Let’s find out! I found your reply to by very helpful. For me, pushing a button 10 times a week earns me a quick lunch during the week or a beer or two on the weekend. Multiply this by 5 days of work and I’m gaining 30-50 mpg per week. Bought a 2017 Honda Accord EXL (4 cylinder). I have no plans to use it again at this point. The Sales folks at Honda advised me to keep the Econ button on since it saves gas. I have tried Econ and non-Econ modes for the same 45 mile (30 highway) commute each morning and afternoon. That’s where the Eco Assist system comes in. My commute and commuting habits seem to inline with yourself but in the northeast area. A method of increasing the fuel efficiency used on most 2012 Honda Civic models, 2012 Honda CR-V, Civic Hybrid, Insight, and CR-Z, Eco Assist consists of two parts: the ECON mode and the Driver Feedback System. I thought that was incredible. Here’s how ECON saves Civic drivers a few dollars when used in conjunction with the fuel-economy optimization meter front and center on the dash. What the Econ does in a 4 cylinder engine is adjust the throttle response,(you'll note a "dead" throttle peddle, and lower the fan speeds on the air conditioner, and, in some cases disengage certain belt driven auxiliary units such as the alternator( Mazda) to reduce engine loads. On Honda Hybrids, when ECON mode is engaged, idle-stop operates more frequently and for longer periods of time, and regenerative braking is stronger. Granted this is only 1-2 gallons of gas (currently valued at ~ $2.15) which presents a savings of $3 to $4 per week. I primarily use the car to commute 50 kms each way to work, approx 45kms being highway. However, when I turned off recently during a drive in nearby mountainous terrain I neglected to turn it back on, During my commute this week I noticed I’m getting better gas mileage than I was when I was driving with the Eco Mode turned on. Your Civic will not downshift as readily when compared to selected normal or spot-mode for Civic if so equipped. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Almost every new Honda model has it, except for high-performance vehicles like the Honda Civic Si. Pinging is currently not allowed. I would love to hear about any other little tidbits you know about that will help with fuel millage and the car in general. When should you ensure you have it on? If you’re really interested in wringing more distance out of each drop of gasoline, watch the two bars of light on either side of your speedometer. Austin, the eco mode is ideally for flat free flowing roads and is working to lower the revs to the engine while running with or without cruise control. ECON mainly affects the throttle, climate control, transmission, and cruise control on Honda vehicles. Find Out Here! They’ll turn green when you’re driving efficiently, yellow or red when you’re driving less efficiently. I just bought a 2017 Honda CR-V with a Turbo engine….I was told by most if not all of the Honda staff to leave the econ button on all the time…However, I met at Honda a long time mechanic and he said to only use it on highway driving only but not city driving….I forget what he said mechanically, but it will hurt the engine if you keep it on in city traffic…. I’m not an expert but that is what I believe. I was quite pleased with this and would get about 600 kms to a tank.