You really don't realise your riding a scooter. Apart from this, no problems. All registered in England and Wales. After all, it was the early '80s then, and Diet Coke, Bud Light, and Richard Simmons were all the rage. Only have 57 miles on it but like it so far! I use to ride middle weight roadsters but the Silverwing with all it's extra features, practicalities and performance ensures I won't be rushing back to a standard motorcycle anytime soon, if ever. After a couple of expletives and a chuckle I thought, why not I've got 15 mins to kill. This was soon charged up again in my home. It's such a brilliant bike I don't know why more aren't ridden in the uk. But not in town, that's a waste. Saw this Silverwing online having only 2200 miles on the clock at less than half the price of the Burgman which had done similar mileage, but was a few years newer. don't know how. If a machine that promises enough punch for any highway, a fully automatic transmission, comfort to spare, and a user-friendly attitude sounds good to you, then Honda's "other" Wing may just have you believing all that glitters is not necessarily gold. With a CVT in the swing arm it feels like a scooter , and you experience that feel on take off . All said and done this is a fantastic bike/scooter that fits in with my needs brilliantly. Shock absorbers feel harsher than a conventional motorcycle, but quite acceptable. I can't offer any comments on tyres other than the standard Bridgestone Hoops seem okay at the moment. The Honda FJS600 Silver Wing also has two glove compartments and a cavernous section under the seat mean loads of storage space. I for one dought it. I changed the standard screen for a Givi screen which eliminated buffeting, and I altered the riders buttstop to a backrest which was quite simple to do and cost pennies to achieve. I marked it down slightly on ride quality but I am being picky. I have read that you can get fork upgrades and Hagons will do new shocks for us, ahem, 'larger' riders but I won't bother unless it gets too noticeable. The Silver Wing was the second full size maxi-scooter introduced in the USA (after Aprilia’s Atlantic 500), with Suzuki’s landmark Burgman scooter arriving a year later. Loads of power, excellent performance and handling, great brakes… Not only is it competent, it’s versatile and huge fun, too. I'm really glad I bought it and I'd recommend one as a utility vehicle over anything else. I do my own servicing which is a doddle on this bike. The Honda FJS600 Silver Wing is beautifully put together and well designed, making it not just useful but also a real joy to ride. A sort of Gold Wing 'lite' if you will. The motorcycle’s main sticking point is its price but the Honda FJS600 Silver Wing is really is a very good quality motorcycle with truly surprising performance. On rough roads it can get a bit bouncy and if you take it over 80mph (which you can easily), it get a bit vague especially in cross winds. The Silverwing cost £3750 two years ago.