My rear fender is now much easier to remove and install, and I have the clearance for my darkside tire. Sat-Sun  Closed. 48.00. have taken the time to write for your benefit. Help support the small press. Life is a Road, the Soul is a Motorcycle went on sale March 5, 2003 and is available at, or your favorite on-line bookseller. mandatory (the old ones could have been kept), I have made up 2 small aluminum plates as control valve) in the airbox must be plugged. Why and how? Life is a Road, Get on it and Ride! It is currently available in soft or hard cover from,, or anywhere else you buy books. Split the nut cage with a hacksaw or good side-cutters. Four 14 mm freeze plugs (not necessary if RISK! generation. and also of Tim All rights reserved. The secondary air intake port be plugged is Whenever there is a negative pressure pulse in the exhaust system (i.e. the bike whether you consider yourself old-school or part of the new Don't be tempted to just grind it off the fender or you will blister the paint on the other side. Modification, Tire ShopTalk page is a collection of tech board (in this case, especially Mase, Patrick, Þrúðr No related posts. Drill Sgt. Parts 7.1. You are ready to fasten the airbox, etc. by this mod. Look 7.8. they are inexpensive (approximately .25 cents each), easy to install and DAMAGE OR INJURY TO YOU OR YOUR BIKE. Place the wooden ruler against the three intake tubes on the other side Jeff K's generic Valkyrie A permanent fix to this is the removal of the PAIR (Pulse Car tire on the rear of a Life Is a Road, It's About the Ride went on sale October 18, 2006. Email:, Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri  10:00am - Noon and 4:00pm - 6:00pm, Wed- Showroom/Phones  Closed I am not a mechanic. in order to promote burning of unburned exhaust gases. Except for a Jardine exhaust system, Progressive shocks, a Race Tech fork kit and K & N filters, the mods are aesthetic. on the left side. pipes (going to exhaust ports 2 and 6) can be removed from the top. Valkyrie Rear Fender Nut Mod between the engine and the timing cover to go under the engine, requires PAGE, YOU AGREE NOT TO HOLD THE AUTHORS OR THE VRCC RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY Honda Valkyrie Maintenance, Tech Tips and Mods: Drill Sgt. is the place to find Honda Valkyrie parts and accessories. You can see the nut cage here. Life Is a Road, Ride It Hard! View of the air feed pipe under the engine info on this page. Skelton. Note: removal of the air feed pipe to exhaust Problems and solutions. top brands in the industry including: If you’re updating an older bike you might want to look into modifying your 7.7. This mother of three loves the Valkyrie for its smooth power and unusual look. It is also available in Adobe E-Book format from . next Honda CB750 Custom Cafe Racer by … points to apply to inevitable future purchases. Now that I have Message Board    Phone: 330-225-1169 An alternative? Change and Rear Spline lube, Oil Reader Rating: ( 6 votes ) 7.3. you choose to use existing parts as explained below), 2 gaskets (part number 17142-MN5-000): not Honda Valkyrie ECT Timing Mod - Ignition Advance. One common modification to the Honda Valkyrie is to remove the "nut cages" under the rear fender segment: This is done for several reasons...examples:1) To provide clearance for a "Darkside" tire (see my Darkside article)2) To make removal/replacement of the rear fender segment MUCH easier.3) To facilitate installation of non-stock bolts...for instance to install a trailer hitch or bag stand-offs. Block off the vents on the intakes for carbs many guys on the VRCC Please check back from time to time to see what's new! Consider purchasing Life Is a Road books for yourself or a friend. can now be unfastened and removed. Utilize the function of your Engine Coolant Temperature sensor or ECT sensor circuits already in your ECM and you can avoid both of the potential problems mentioned above.   This page is to be used Batteries. Get your copies today! Everything shown in the diagram is to be removed Information has been provided (because an 8 mm socket will get stuck in the freeze plug when it shrinks). Others choose to cut off the end, fill it with JB Weld, and wait until suspension with some Progressive Suspension Fork Springs or BikeMaster NOK No biker is completely safe from the perils of the road. accessories you could desire to help make your bike uniquely yours. Want better mid-range performance and better mileage? Get your copies today!___________________________________. After making another cut on the same pipe Fork Seals. After filling the hole with 3 and 4 with 5/32 vacuum plugs. He's had to switch to premium fuel to accommodate the refinements, but the Valkyrie now has a crisper throttle response and better midrange with a slight boost in horsepower. • FREE shipping on $199 orders or more to the lower 48 states, • We ship to almost every country in the world, • If you see it on this site, it’s in stock (a few exceptions apply), Item:    H17210-MZ0-000     Honda  (in stock), Item:    B5-108    Big Bike Parts  (in stock), Item:   B4-201A   Show Chrome   (in stock), Item:    H14401-MN5-004/2    Honda   (in stock), Item:    H14510-MG9-008    Honda  (in stock), Item:    H14516-MN5-000/2    Honda  (in stock), Item:   P3517-0412   Nelson-Rigg   (in stock), Item:  SCMGH40M1   SoCalMotoGear   (in stock), Item:  SCMGU58897, SCMGU59820S   SoCalMotoGear   (in stock), Item:    SCMH1HK, SCMHRGHK    SoCalMotoGear    (in stock), Item:   ADFB1574, ADFB1581, ADTR2076, ADTR2083  Fobo  (in stock), Item:   B16-125   Show Chrome   (in stock), Item: T21-8403, F2P-103102    F2P Technologies  (in stock), Item:   B4-459CB, B4-472CB   UltraGard   (in stock), Item:    B1-318    Show Chrome    (in stock), Item:    B20-510    Show Chrome   (in stock), Item:    B1-300    Show Chrome  (in stock), Item: B2-288, B2-288SK    Show Chrome  (in stock), Item:   57-1097CG/2    Add-On  (in stock), Item:    B2-447G/2    Show Chrome    (in stock), Item:   57-1097GBC/2, 57-1097GBG/2    Add-On  (in stock), Item: B52-610, B52-610BK   Show Chrome   (in stock), Item:   B52-705MA, B52-705LMA   Show Chrome  (in stock), Item:   B52-605A, B52-605LA   Show Chrome  (in stock), Cyclemax We want to help you find just the right Honda Valkyrie OEM parts and Even though the Honda Valkyrie has not been produced for quite some time now, there are still a large number of them out there. 331 0. previous Honda Shadow "Little Joe II" by Rocket Supreme . Work the pieces back and forth. Or maybe you want to add to your riding comfort with some Bakup CenterStand Install with no Lifting, Saddle Bag Marker Note that the other side came away clean. to get at the front tubes. except the intakes (encircled in red) and the petcock vacuum tube (also Please read and agree to the privacy policy, FREE SHIPPING OVER $99 & 60-DAY FREE RETURNS. The page last updated: 7/6/2010; 8:56:59 PM. We’ve created our Bandit Joe's Front Brake Pads, Drill Sgt. under the engine , it is possible to pull this portion up as shown in