on a budget with: Also Minimum age of 21 with a valid Driver’s License to rent a houseboat. Leave your vacation to us, Temagami's first and largest houseboat company. He sent me a video of a propeller being turned by hand that was clearly out of balance (When I asked if it was motor #16 (the one I rented) he didn’t know but said it was the “one I brought in”). Families enjoy the freedom to North Bay: 98 km / 61 miles - 1h. Renter beware! Enjoy the serenity and natural beauty of the Temagami region, location of Ontario's oldest pine stands, from Tamar Island with full access to private fishing huts. Temagami, Ontario If you need to charge any devices a cigarette lighter device is available. years of operation. According to our friend who had to sleep there, it was dreadfully uncomfortable to sleep on as well. pine stands, from Tamar Island with full access to private fishing huts. Upon our return to the dock at the end of the week, the company then advised me that the propeller had a ding in it and that we would be charged an additional $150 for its repair. I tried calling the office —no answer. now for your Summer Vacation!! ' I wish I had done better research. instruction manual on standard operating procedures is included. vacation location offering both summer vacations and winter Lake Temagami is one of the most beautiful and rugged clear water lakes in Ontario. Basically, he kept cutting me off and wouldn’t consider the scenario that he rented me a motor with a damaged prop and by running it for 4-days, the low level vibration transferred the damage up the drive shaft to the motor and it wore out. All areas of the lake are not available by marine band radio. These houseboats were in far better condition inside with modern furnishings and fittings……no comparison to Three Buoys Houseboats! Lake Temagami extends almost 50km (north/south) and approximately 35km (east/west) with over 1,200 islands. book see why they call it the Great Winter North!! All they are worried about is the bottom line. We had the same core of 6 every year and added up to 8 a few times. As well, an instruction manual on standard operating procedures is provided. This was a houseboat that was advertised to cater for 10 people. The anchor was dug in to the bottom and we experienced extreme difficulty getting it out. Given that we were boating in September, there was plenty of wind and rain and it was very cold and uncomfortable. I booked our houseboat months before from Australia where I live. For more details: As with many houseboats there is no household-type electrical power available for small appliances. Other than that, we had a nice trip which unfortunately was spoiled in the end by this incident. confirm that we have you reservation It is beautiful. Visualize cruising around in your Tamar houseboat, fishing, sun bathing with the occasional dip in the water to refresh all day surrounded by Lake Temagami's rugged shoreline. Due to a family death they were accommodating and postponed it till. explore. The shores of Lake Temagami are crown land, so you can camp onshore overnight at one of the first-come, first-served campsites. Ottawa: 455 km / 283 miles - 4 h 30m To suggest one could bath or shower is a joke. This all happened one day before our trip was scheduled to end. Only a few houseboats left. No Truth in Advertising with this company! covered mattress was so thin it was like lying on the bare bunk. You can have a full vacation at Tamar whether it be fishing, relaxing (see fishing), snowmobiling, hunting (in season), snow shoeing, exploring or recreational activities. If you wish to obtain your Pleasure Craft Operator Card you can do so on line. 80 degrees W 04.042. The first 3 letters of your last name indicate your rental. The toilet smelled when we arrived and got progressively worse as the trip went on to the point it was actually sickening. Each year, more people find out just how staff in the event that you require assistance. It had one cramped private room and an upstairs loft with a ceiling that was so low, about 3 foot high, that the adult couple that had to sleep there could only crawl around. The “stateroom” was a joke, the bed was small and the plastic. Fishermen love the fact that Lake Temagami is beautiful and a lovely spot. We would never rent these boats again nor would we recommend that anyone else do so. Week booked solid. It could have been a great cruise but it turned out to be a huge and expensive disappointment. Click below to get yours now, or get a temporary licence for the duration of your rental with our Rental Boat Safety Checklist. All Rights Reserved. Vacations. Three Buoys Houseboats offer one model available for rent, 40’ Sportcruiser that sleeps 10. Ontario aside the formality and restraint of the city to the benefit of body and mind.'. The perspective of Temagami's incredible scenery from a houseboat is one you won't forget. Do not let the staff run off without settling the bill in person because you don't have much of a leg to stand on over the phone after the fact. Bottom line is that Three Buoys took my $200 deposit, kept my extra day rental (another $90) and told me I should be grateful I didn’t get charged for being towed back to base. For a complete list of suggested items to bring check out the checklist. Traffic on the lake is minimal, especially on the South Arm, allowing you to enjoy your houseboat vacation in peace. the night. The sliding door at the front of the boat didn’t close and when the temperature went low at night the wind blew in and it was freezing. whether it be fishing, relaxing (see Prior to departure you will be provided a safety checklist for review. You will need to bring your own inverters. Downstairs, the remaining sleeping quarters consisted of a pull-out couch that was so shabby and so in need of repairs that it took 3 of us about 10 minutes to be able to properly pull it out. Or touring and exploring the lake's many interesting islands and coves via an extremely manoeuvrable watercraft. expeditions. It’s too bad! Tamar would like to help Special note: The perimeter of Lake Temagami and most of the 1400 islands are almost entirely crown land providing unlimited private anchorage locations. from Australia where I live. Spring, Summer and Fall houseboat rates for our forty foot Sportcruisers in Temagami Ontario. It is a shall. cabin rentals and Temagami campsite while the family is busy playing games. Do your homework. Set Come see us in Temagami if you want to escape the hustle and and Family groups alike. The region I regret having not read these other reviews earlier and didn’t realize how poorly rated this company was. Our homemade pontoons have been thoroughly proven on Lake Temagami's rocky shoals during our nearly 25 years of operation. All Rights Reserved. Much of our food in the old fridge froze and had to be discarded. Tamar Vacations rents Temagami Ontario vacation cottages, Ontario cabin rentals and Temagami houseboat rentals with affordable rates. I knocked on the door — no answer. fishing), snowmobiling, hunting (in season), snow shoeing, P.O. Blue Haven Rentals We offer Summer Boat Rentals on Lake Temagami, as well as at select sites along the Marten River-Temiskaming Shores Corridor. Tamar Vacations rents Temagami Ontario vacation cottages, Ontario cabin rentals and Temagami houseboat rentals with affordable rates. Someone came by and alerted Three Buoys who came out to tow us in. Montreal: 651 km / 405 miles – 6 h 20m Boat and Motor Rental Deposit Required An extra charge of $100.00 applies to those cottages or houseboats left excessively dirty Tamar Island is an isolated location. there are water rules you must abide by and respect. for New Years! When asked if Three Buoys would consider a little ‘quid pro quo’ in consideration for the faults and shabby condition of the houseboat that we had to endure, the owner just said “Forget it! thoroughly proven on Lake Temagami's rocky shoals during our nearly 25 Houseboat & Boat and Motor Damage Deposit requires credit/cash card deposit. He was right!). Hey told us in an email that because our address is not from states we could still attend so they would not accommodate. Jim showed me the propeller which had clearly been damaged but said that it wasn’t a big deal. Enjoy a relaxing houseboat vacation experience on Lake Temagami on one of our houseboats.