[1] X Research source Move an indoors plant outdoors in summer to a shady location. These roots only penetrate a short distance into the soil. Use a newspaper folded into a … The depth is dependent on the type of succulent you’re planting. Regardless of the cactus's size, these plants must have well-drained soil within the container to prevent root rot and stunted growth. Company No.05695741 To ensure optimal growth, you can feed your young Pencil Cactus with controlled-release fertilizer or one that is low in nitrogen in early spring. For larger cactus, we recommend at least 2 feet of depth, and don’t crowd them too close to each other either. The barrel cactus cares for lost travelers in the desert because it habitually grows tilted to the southwest. Due to their easy-growing nature, Pencil Cacti are very popular ornamental houseplants. Insert the cut, callus end of the prickly pear pad into a soil mix that is 50 percent sand, pumice or … If you choose to grow your cactus in a container, the size of the container must match that of the plant. A taproot offers to secure a plant from... Side Roots. Grow cacti from seed. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In most cases, you'll get faster and more predictable results taking cuttings than you would planting seeds. This will be done last. The symptoms of an under and over-watered Pencil Cactus are quite similar, so it could be difficult to discern which one is the real issue. Succulents have shallow roots and do not require very deep pots with a ton of soil to grow. Give your Christmas Cactus bright but indirect light. They have fibre like roots which are specialised to absorb the surrounding moisture more easily. For general care, you can clean the stalks regularly using a cotton cloth. Each cactus species grows at a different rate; repotting should only be done when the cactus is visually in need of a new container rather than sticking to a particular time schedule. This way of propagation is the easiest way to propagate cacti. Check the drainage holes for protruding roots, which is a good indicator that repotting is necessary. When it rains the roots absorb the water and store it in its leaves. They are vulnerable to spider mites, mealybugs, and aphids. You can plant your Pencil Cactus in an unglazed container. With your cacti still in their original pots, experiment with arranging them in the … However, a Pencil Cactus can receive too little water. You can propagate your Pencil Cactus from stem cuttings. International House, The depth of the pot should be proportionate to the natural growing process of your cactus.