To visit him, she was told, she had to first obtain permission from the precinct. The IAB interviewed six police officers who said they were at the scene: the four who initially stopped Sanchez and Fludd and two others, partners Randy Paulsaint and Christopher Spicer. Fludd extended this interaction to his conception of disease: the movement of Spirit between the macrocosm and microcosm could be corrupted and invade the microcosm as disease. He eventually became a prosperous London doctor. On July 12, two days after Deion Fludd was released to a rehabilitation center after showing progress in physical therapy, he died. But, she said, the police seemed intent on making an arrest. “It depends on how tall the person is, their position, how they’re hit, how fast the train is going,” he said. Deriving his ideas from such diverse sources as the Old Testament, the Jewish Kabbala, alchemy, astrology, sympathetic magic, and chiromancy, Fludd was primarily interested in establishing parallelisms between man and the world, both of which he viewed as images of God. According to the report, an unidentified person made the first call for medical help from Ralph Avenue, not Rockaway. (Thompson’s office also did not respond to requests for comment for this article.). The three officers flashed their lights in the tunnel and shouted after him but soon gave up and walked back to Sanchez and the officer who had handcuffed her, according to the IAB report. (The police did not respond to requests for comment.). Samuel Negron, who supervised the four rookie cops, told the IAB that he encouraged his junior officers to make theft-of-service arrests. Nor did the investigators interview witnesses at Ralph Avenue. A medical examiner identified the cause of death as complications from blunt-trauma injuries. These were the Fama Fraternitatis, (The Fame of the Brotherhood of RC), and the Confessio Fraternitatis, (The Confession of the Brotherhood of RC). Fludd had already been arrested five times for infractions many teenagers commit without major consequences, including marijuana possession, fare evasion and fighting in school. Cavanagh remembered that many of the students in Fludd’s cohort said they felt singled out in school because they were black. Then in March 2013, Fludd was arrested for not paying his subway fare. “Deion looked so scared,” said Sanchez. A NYCTA car-inspection document, meanwhile, notes that the train car that allegedly struck Deion Fludd had “no damage or signs of contact with the customer” and adds, “ther [sic] are no signs of the customer making contact” with the train. As the crowd began moving into the street, Karen stood silently alongside members of her family. Further he dismissed Fludd's biblical exegesis. Omissions? Robert Fludd, Fludd also spelled Flud, Latin Robertus De Fluctibus, (born 1574, Bearsted, Kent, Eng.—died Sept. 8, 1637, London), British physician, author, and mystical philosopher remembered for his occultist opposition to science.. ; (2) Barbara, ?2da. Fludd told his family that after jumping onto the tracks, he ran the half mile from Rockaway to the next stop, Ralph Avenue. “I told each of my kids, you’re going to go to college; you’re going to go to school and have a big, wonderful life,” said Karen Fludd. Gassendi attacked Fludd's neo-Platonic position. The browser or device you are using is out of date. The theological and philosophical claims circulating under this name appear, to these outsiders, to have been more an intellectual fashion that swept Europe at the time of the Counter Reformation. She is also urging Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson to open a criminal investigation into the case. NEW YORK — One evening almost two years ago, a young couple walked hand in hand to a subway station in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn. An officer responding … As Fludd and Sanchez walked down the platform, the four officers poured out of the room and ordered them to stop, according to the IAB report, which cited surveillance footage. Between 1598 and 1604, Fludd studied medicine, chemistry and hermeticism on the European mainland following his graduation. [23][24], An unpublished manuscript, copied by an amanuensis, and headed Declaratio breuis, &c., is in the Royal manuscripts, British Library, 12 C. ii. Likewise, the blood of man carried the Spirit of the Lord (the same Spirit provided by the sun), and circulated through the body of man. They also filed public-records requests for surveillance-camera footage from both the Rockaway Avenue and Ralph Avenue stations. He intended to take a degree in medicine. m.(1) Elizabeth, da. The experimental observations in Fludd’s works are few, and their general tendency is opposed to the growing rationalism and scientific approach of his time. He’s not important. Like Paracelsus, Fludd conceived of disease as an external invader, rather than a complexional imbalance. More than 5,200 school safety agents and police officers are stationed in city schools, and arrests for minor infractions are not uncommon. [11] As the sun was to the earth, so was the heart to mankind. An examination revealed that Fludd had an “acute depressed open skull fracture” and two spinal fractures and bruising across his upper back and buttocks, as well as his right shoulder, hip, calf and knee.