After getting repeated messages from Laura, Blaire presumes that someone has hacked her account and attempts to memorialize the account and have it terminated once and for all. Adam Sewell - Forced to shoot himself in the face by Laura. After another friend, Val, joins the conversation, billie227 makes her presence known by hacking Jess' and Adam's Facebook and posting drunken pictures of Val drinking and smoking marijuana. Frightened, she tells Mitch via iMessage, who tells her to unfriend Laura. She filmed the video of Laura collapsed with fecal matter decorating her inner thigh and made hateful comments that led to Laura's suicide. And the first time, she even said it only lasted for a second. Mitch Roussel - Forced to stab himself in the eye with a knife by Laura. Adam, drunken and angry, pulls a gun out halfway through the film to threaten Laura's poltergeist. ), In a director's cut she was seen being chainsawed. At this point though Laura had exposed far more heinous crimes out of the others that they had kept secret from most, making Blaire's offense relatively mild. And she was drunk when her and Mitch, clearly, accidently hooked up. She seemed as typical a teenager as her friends with her large variety of online accounts and the way she spoke. Nari - Pushed in front of a subway train by a Charon Hacker. She is indirectly responsible for the deaths of Laura Barns, Val Rommel, Adam Sewell, Ken Smith, Jess Felton, and Mitch Roussel. The trailer strongly implicates that the identity of Billie227 is the spirit … On April 12, 2014, during the one year anniversary of Laura's suicide, she is shown to be watching a video of Laura committing suicide and begins to watch the drunken video that started it all. It is possible that Blaire, along with her other friends, may have been spared if she had confessed to her heinous crimes. Jess Felton is blamed by Val Rommel for posting embarrassing pictures of her on Facebook, when it was originally Laura who was doing it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Blaire Lily (February 22, 1997 - 2014?) Her Facebook profile mention she was born in 1994 which makes her at the age of twenty but for unknown reason it indicates of seeing into Blaire's account of her date of birth is 1997 for the time of when the events take place (early 2014) she would only been sixteen. She had sex with her boyfriend's best friend named Adam and later had more physical intimacy with him to see if it was "something more." Eventually Jess's feed gets cut off, and when it resumes she is shown choking to death on her blistering-hot curling iron. Her selfish and lying nature would show that even at the last moments of her life she lied that Mitch posted it. This incident sparks a fight between the two. Ken was one of the more relaxed and laid back characters, often making jokes when the situation was tense. These traits are probably why Laura prolonged Blaire's torment the longest. Shortly, Laura closes Blaire's computer in front of her, and proceeds to plunge directly at her and gets killed afterwards. High school student Laura Barns commits suicide by gunshot after an anonymous user uploads a video of her passing out and defecating at an unsupervised party, and the video goes viral. She causes the death of Adam after she reveals a note from Laura that reads "If you reveal this note, Adam will die," and tries to save herself by blaming Mitch for the video, causing him to kill himself by stabbing himself in the eye. Her deceitful nature was even further shown as she cheated on her boyfriend Mitch, who she claims she loves, with his best friend Adam twice, banging with him. Eventually, she is able to unfriend Laura, but still receives a message from her, saying "You shouldn't have done that, Blaire.". As noted by Adam and Val, Jess appears to be somewhat promiscuous. The image is quickly filled up with hate messages, blaming Val for Laura's death. However, as the movie progresses it shows how deceitful, disloyal, cowardly, despicable, selfish & unfaithful she truly is. Unfriended Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Kelly - Suffocated by Charon IV with a plastic bag. Soon after they are joined by their friends and classmates Jess Felton, Ken Smith, and Adam Sewell, and an unknown user known as "billie… Jess is seen straightening her hair at the beginning of the film; she is eventually killed by Laura forcing a hot flat iron down her throat. The second time, it wasn't that long. Serena's Mother - Taken off life support by Charon Hackers. Laura tells Blaire that her crime will live on the internet forever. Anonymously posted mean comments on Laura's YouTube videos, as well as her Facebook page.