Eventually her father had a falling out with his business partners, and in 1920 he opened a general store in Grants Pass, a one-street town in Oregon that had been settled by lumberjacks and forty-niners. 2. Your Navigational System is your Intuition, when your Higher Self is at the realm it knows the best Course. Not long after To Publishers collapsed, the Oppens were confronted with another failure, one that required a different sense of responsibility. In the seventh section of the title poem of Of Being Numerous, George writes: We have chosen the meaning Of being numerous. (Too precious. This nautical phrase refers to the ease of sailing in the same direction as the wind. Spirit is calling you – to re-awaken – to begin a more in-depth knowledge of your Higher Self and Purpose.The Sea … “Of course I am I and George is most certainly George, his accomplishments are his and mine are mine, but the composite life we live is us,” Mary wrote in 1975. Primarily heard in US. 1. Their only daughter worked, saved what she could and plotted an escape. Although they did not consider themselves to be professional revolutionaries, the Oppens put aside their interest in the arts to work on “organizing the unemployed to do something themselves about their predicament,” in Mary’s words. Image credit: Stephen Johnson, George and Mary Oppen, Pt. When Meaning a Life was published, one of its chapters appeared in a slightly different form in a special issue of the journal Feminist Studies about birth and motherhood. Mary Colby loved Seattle. To enter or arrive in an abrupt and nonchalant manner. in Mary’s words. to travel on a course in a boat or plane. Terrified of the gift and its implications, Mary and George hit the road again in 1928, determined to learn about life by throwing themselves into it. The bright light can also be death by fire, the sign of a singular, bewildering obsession that obliterates people, and it too can be numerous. If we can just get the application approved, it should be smooth sailing from there. Eventually he was drafted into the Army at the age of 34, fought in the 103rd Division in Europe and was awarded a Purple Heart. In an attempt to please her, the second husband builds Marge a house with a modern kitchen deep in the woods—“but she stays outside, works all the land anyone offers her, plants gardens that grow,” Mary writes. We'll be sailing from Athens to the island of Naxos a couple of days after we arrive. We were sailing along, minding out own business, when suddenly a whole pod of whales began breaching right alongside us! While they did not believe that the economic crisis made art irrelevant, they thought that poetry and painting were not a cure for the economic and political problems people faced on the streets every day. The boss had a very bad temper. Into the direction that the wind is coming from. It claims to be a fair and rigorous examination of the issue, but it is no such thing. Mary “did not find honesty or sincerity in the so-called arts of the left,” whereas George found the rhetoric of many political poems to be “merely excruciating.” The reason was that such poems, filled with exhortations about the responsibilities of art or politics, depended on a language that does not test itself. Lest you think I'm sailing under false colors, let me say straight away that I'm being paid to give a review of this product today. Ezra Pound hailed him as “a serious craftsman,” yet George did not write poetry again until around 1958. “I come as a guest / entering my own life,” begins a poem of hers published in 1979. We'll have to sail around the massive storms in Buffalo if we want to ensure the safety of everyone on board.. We're finally sailing around Cape Horn tomorrow morning. Describing a situation that is free of obstacles or challenges, especially after obstacles or challenges have been overcome. The supervisor sailed into the workers for the shoddy job they were doing. To enter or arrive into some place or thing an abrupt and nonchalant manner. Similarly in our life we have to face the ups and downs of life.Many people have difficulties in crossing this ocean and they need motivation to cross the sea of life and reach their goal. We sailed into the harbor nearly an hour late. More easily able to withstand Life in it’s rawest form. They repeat, with several crucial differences, the final line of T. S. Eliot’s “Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”: “Till human voices wake us and we drown.” In Eliot’s line, we may be submerged, die, be forgotten, despite having been awakened by human voices. It’s clear, though, that when Mary returned to writing prose and poetry in the 1970s, she began to have a different kind of correspondence with George, writing in her own manner about experiences and observations they shared or had in common. She sailed into the room wearing a flowing gown.