They have four children. In international politics, he moved from proposing in the House to employ nuclear weapons for establishing a radioactive demilitarized zone during the Korean War, to voting for the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and speaking against the Vietnam War, which cost him his Senate seat in 1970.[22]. Senator for the Democratic Party from Tennessee.He was the father of Albert A. Gore Jr., the 45th vice president of the United States (1993–2001). You know the old saying: you win some, you lose some... and then there's that little-known third category. Gore was one of only three Democratic senators from the former Confederate states who did not sign the 1956 Southern Manifesto opposing integration, the others being Senate Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas (who was not asked to sign), and Tennessee's other Senator, Estes Kefauver. I think that gay men and women ought to have the same rights as heterosexual men and women -- to make contracts, to have hospital visiting rights, to join together in marriage, and I don't understand why it is considered by some people to be a threat to heterosexual marriage to allow it by gays and lesbians. [17][18], Gore easily won renomination in 1958 over former governor Jim Nance McCord. The climate-related extreme weather events are unfortunately way more frequent and way more destructive, but solutions are available now. Gore has backed numerous ventures and invested in such companies as Amazon and eBay through the firm. Gore's father was defeated for reelection to the U.S. Senate in November 1970, largely due to his liberal positions on many issues such as the Vietnam War and Civil Rights. Other Works Al and Tipper had a rarity in politics: a genuine partnership. He later attended Nashville School of Law and was elected to Congress at 30, in 1938. [7] He completed basic training at Fort Meade, Maryland, after which he was assigned to the Allied Military Government for Occupied Territories in Germany as a prosecutor in one of the military government courts. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. [on TV show "Nightline", 5/5/86, regarding the unsuccessful launch of an unmanned rocket shortly after the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion] To use a Southern euphemism, our space program has been snake-bit. |  Gore voted in favor of the Civil Rights Acts of 1957,[12] 1960,[13] and 1968,[14] as well as the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the confirmation of Thurgood Marshall to the U.S. Supreme Court,[15][16] but voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and did not vote on the 24th Amendment to the U.S. In 2014, Gore sued Al-Jazeera for allegedly trying to take $65 million in escrow funds connected to the deal, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Gore ended up losing the state to Bush by 537 votes – and, in losing Florida, lost the election. In early 2020, Gore launched a voter registration campaign designed to increase turnout among young people who harbored concerns about climate change. He divides his time between homes in Nashville, Tennessee, and San Francisco, California. Thu. Gore's victory is widely regarded as a major turning point in Tennessee political history and as largely marking the end of statewide influence for E. H. Crump, the Memphis political boss. It then halted further recounts by voting 5-4 to ban further recounts using alternate procedures. Al Gore, in full Albert Arnold Gore, Jr., (born March 31, 1948, Washington, D.C., U.S.), 45th vice president of the United States (1993–2001) in the Democratic administration of President Bill Clinton. Gore was the son of a Democratic congressman and senator from Tennessee. An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, the sequel to his 2006 documentary, was released in 2017. Corrections? They continue to do so today. Before that, he was a Senator for Tennessee and a congressman.He is a Democrat.. [2007], (October 29, 2007) Merited a place in Time magazine's Special Issue "Heroes of the Environment" (Leaders & Visionaries section) with a tribute penned by. Bush.In the national popular vote, Gore … In 1952, Gore Sr. was elected to the Senate. Later, he pushed the High Performance Computing and Communication Act of 1991, which greatly expanded the Internet. Gore announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States in June 1999. During this term, Gore was instrumental in sponsoring and enacting the legislation creating the Interstate Highway System. Gore won the popular vote but conceded defeat to Republican George W. Bush after five weeks of complex legal arguments over the voting procedure in the presidential election. Gore later devoted himself to environmental causes, winning a Nobel Prize for his efforts in 2007. [March 2003], Visiting Professor at UCLA, Fisk University, and Middle Tennessee State University. Results of the American presidential election, 2000Source: Federal Election Commission. RES. His stances on civil rights and Vietnam would cost him in his 1970 election against Republican Bill Brock. Won the popular vote in the 2000 presidential election but lost the electoral college vote. [3][fn 1], Gore studied at Middle Tennessee State Teachers College and graduated from the Nashville Y.M.C.A. But was he really a progressive, despite his mixed legacy? In 1956, Southern Senators made a manifesto protesting Brown vs. Board of Ed., a opposing desegregation. Tasked with a mission to manage Alfred Nobel's fortune and has ultimate responsibility for fulfilling the intentions of Nobel's will. Served as a Democratic US senator from Tennessee, 3 January 1985 - 2 January 1993 (resigned; sworn in as vice president on 20 January 1993). Served in the US House of Representatives as a Democratic representative from Tennessee, 3 January 1977 - 3 January 1985. Gore Sr. would also be famous for his opposition to the Vietnam War, telling an audience at the University of Idaho in 1968 that the country should get out of the “morass in Vietnam.”, ‘’’We are destroying the country we profess to be saving.’’. After all, Gore Sr. was a Senator in Tennessee, a heavily hawkish and Southern state, where he lost 51%-47%. It became clear that both candidates needed Florida's electoral votes to win the presidency. Tipper Gore, Al Gore Separation: Why They Split. And the loyalty and love that two people feel for one another when they fall in love ought to be celebrated and encouraged and shouldn't be prevented by any form of discrimination in the law. Served in Vietnam for nearly five months as an army journalist. When Gore Sr. was 23, his first campaign for public office as a bid for the superintendent of schools in Smith County, Tennessee. Al Gore served as the 45th vice president of the United States from 1993 to 2001. Publicity Listings In 2007 Gore published The Assault on Reason, in which he sharply criticized the administration of President Bush. One of his eight times great-grandfathers, Domingo Madeiros, was a Portuguese man who came to Virginia in the 17th century, making Al Gore of 1/1024 Portuguese descent. Gore fended off this primary challenge, but he was ultimately unseated in the 1970 general election by Republican Congressman Bill Brock. -- Senate Vote #78 -- May 26, 1965", "CONFIRMATION OF NOMINATION OF THURGOOD MARSHALL, THE FIRST NEGRO APPOINTED TO THE SUPREME COURT", "S.J. Gore also scored hits with "Maybe I Know" and "You Don't Own Me.". Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! Gore was one of the key targets in the Nixon/Agnew "Southern strategy." When Gore Sr. died in 1998, President Clinton would say: “Albert Gore Sr. was the embodiment of everything public service ought to be…He was a teacher, he was a progressive, he helped to connect the South with the rest of America.”. Al Gore was born on March 31, 1948 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA as Albert Arnold Gore Jr. In 1988, Gore made a bid for the Democratic nomination for the presidency. When he was later moved to the city politics beat, Gore uncovered political and bribery cases that led to convictions. First elected to the presidency in 2008, he won a second term in 2012. His lecture tour on the dangers of global warming led to the 2006 publication of An Inconvenient Truth and a companion documentary, which won a pair of Academy Awards. [6] Gore was one of several members of Congress who joined the military incognito for short tours in order to observe training and combat and firsthand reports to the U.S. House and Senate. [2004]. 2516, A BILL TO PROHIBIT DISCRIMINATION IN ... -- Senate Vote #346 -- Mar 11, 1968", "TO PASS S. 1564, THE VOTING RIGHTS ACT OF 1965. Trailing in Florida after a mandatory recount by fewer than 1,000 votes, Gore sought a manual recount of ballots in heavily Democratic counties in southern Florida. Gore's childhood was divided between a hotel room the nation's capital during the school year and his family's farm in Carthage, Tennessee, in the summer. This article was most recently revised and updated by,, Internet Hall of Fame - Biography of Al Gore, Al Gore - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up), Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, vice president of the United States of America, “The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change”. Robert Speel, Penn State. Worked as an investigative reporter at The Tennessean.