After a week or so passes, Axel rejoins Roxas at the train station; he suggested that even if it's against Xemnas's orders, they'll search every world they know how to get to find her. While assigned to a mission in Wonderland, Xion runs off and Axel makes no attempt of stopping her once she knocks out Xigbar. He also stated in an interview that the two are "different people, but subconsciously alike". The other faction, consisting of Vexen, Lexaeus, and Zexion—three of the original six members of Organization XIII—realizes Marluxia's ambitions and tries to stop the traitors, using Riku to destroy Sora. Xemnas also states that due to contact with Sora's heart, Axel's own ability to feel emotions could have been affected. When did organ music become associated with baseball? During Explosion, Axel throws his Chakrams at enemies while they're engulfed in fire, creating a small explosion of fire afterwards. Axel bears a great number of similarities with Reno from Final Fantasy VII, even sharing his voice actor with Reno over a variety of languages. Axel is 16 in birth by sleep{Doesnt apper in B.B.S.} In Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, Axel states the reason for his betrayal of Zexion, saying: "You just found out way too much." In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, when Axel bids his final farewell to Roxas, it can be seen upon closer inspection that the teardrop at the end of the scene belongs to Axel, which displays his emotional capacities. He then ends up accepting Xion and is comforted when she asks him if she could also be his friend, Xion then reveals her face to Axel. Though initially seeming unrepentant for his actions, he soon apologizes for kidnapping Kairi. Got it memorized? Before this time, Axel thought of girls as complicated beings with buttons, press the wrong one and you're out. Realizing the Dusks' overwhelming numbers, Axel puts his entire being and essence into one, powerful attack, which destroys the Nobodies at the expense of his life. Despite Roxas's having regained his memories, Axel, who is hurt emotionally from his previous encounters, fights Roxas, who now wields dual Keyblades. Whenever Roxas or Xion asked him about it, he would give a brief or vague answer, then try to change the subject, often avoiding eye-contact when lying. has been in Castle Obllvion since then Vexen, Lexaeus, Zexion, Marluxia and Larxene were sent to Castle Oblivion ahead of him, letting Axel spend one last day sharing ice cream with Roxas. Roxas was dumbfounded by Axel's appearance, lacking any memories of him and awareness of what was going on. Now go... On the way to The World That Never Was, Sora, Donald, Goofy, and King Mickey are trapped in Betwixt and Between by Nobodies, but Axel arrives to help. While Sora reawakens with Roxas inside him, Axel is entrusted by Riku to protect Naminé. Axel's human form, Lea, had been friends with Saïx's original persona, Isa. Initially, Axel was unsure how to treat Roxas, as he acted like a "zombie" due to his lack of memories. In some cases, he got them out of trouble, including helping out Xion and Roxas when Xion cannot summon her Keyblade and preventing them from destroying one another when they are tricked by the Organization into fighting each other. Each Chakram is circular and red, with silver spikes and circles around the edges, and two black handles shaped in a cross in the middle. Some time later, Axel found himself before Saïx, and revealed that he regretted not being able to talk with Saïx as he could with Roxas and Xion. Axel's personality changes drastically in between Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II because of his friendship with Roxas and Xion. Axel gives up a card created from Sora's memories, which allows Sora to progress further in the castle, After leaving a bewildered Sora, Axel confronts Larxene, professing an interest in preserving Sora's self-consciousness even after he became a Heartless. Naminé's words, about those who are dear to them despite being Nobodies, strangely move him. Axel was popular among members of the Kingdom Hearts staff and though he was initially supposed to die at the end of Roxas's prologue, his popularity caused him to be continued into the main game of Kingdom Hearts II. Early on, Axel spends most of his time with Marluxia and Larxene, trying to obtain their trust. He can summon pillars of flame at will and strike with rapid combos using his chakrams. Axel reveals that he regrets not being able to talk with Saïx as he could with Roxas and Xion. A data recreation of Axel can be fought during the New Organization XIII Event in the month of August. Zexion brought up the subject of Riku of being of no use with Marluxia and requested the Destiny Islands memory card to depose of him. Confused, Sora asks him what he was trying to do and Axel confessed that he wanted to see Roxas, the only one who made him feel like he had a heart. Axel's Chakrams bear more of a resemblance to Chinese wind-and-fire wheels, wheel-shaped weapons that are used strictly as melee weapons. This is seen when Saïx is defeated by Roxas, but Axel was able to defeat Xion at the Old Mansion, who at the time absorbed much of Roxas's power. Sora realizes that Axel is Kairi's captor, which Axel confirms. Axel's plan is simple: if Sora were to become a Heartless again, then Roxas would be reborn. This seems to be quite ambiguous, as in Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, Axel and Zexion were shown to be friendly with each other (e.g. This cruel nature persists even when Marluxia uses Naminé as a human shield against him: Axel confidently declares he would eliminate Naminé to get to Marluxia. Axel hints that the Keyblade caused the hearts that composed the Heartless to flee, but refuses to say what Organization XIII would do with those hearts. As his friendship with Roxas develops, Axel begins to demonstrate emotions, despite his being a Nobody. Beats bouncing back and forth between work and the castle. and a cocky "Goodbye" before Axel incinerates him without any hesitation. He... was the only one I liked... he made me feel... like I had a heart. Originally, when Axel displays emotion, he finds it unusual given that Nobodies cannot feel anything and often refuses to acknowledge them, even mocking his ability to feel towards his death. Like his Nobody, he uses the … It is implied that he had some sort of experience with women in his earlier life, seen when he gives Roxas a piece of friendly advice to "not push the wrong buttons" with women. What Is All The Braille Pokemon emerald And Ruby? Axel's plan was simple; if Sora were to become a Heartless again, then Roxas would be reborn. The exact reason for Axel's betrayal is not stated, and seems self-contradictory.