Freddie Calthorpe himself is an example of this: his second forename of Somerset was the first forename of both his father and grandfather, who in turn inherited the name from Calthorpe’s great-grandmother, Lady Charlotte Sophia Somerset. [9] The 1958 side was skippered by future England captain Ted Dexter and his first victim behind the stumps, on his debut for Cambridge against Kent, was also another future England captain, Colin Cowdrey, whom he caught off Dexter's bowling. ‘Over & Out’ (£20, Hodder & Stoughton) is out on 19 October. I loved it there, but I also enjoyed my time beforehand at nearby Sunningdale prep school. I wonder, when did I cease to become impossible? Maybe 500. In Blofeld’s case, it is easy to find his entry in the national register of births, and from that, his parents’ marriage. And then by some incredible fluke, I managed to go on to something just over 450 before I was all out. Taking up his seat in the closing years of the 17th century, he initially held it in parliaments of England, then after the Act of Union, in those of Great Britain — at the same time as Thomas Blofeld, who had married a distant relative of his, was representing Norwich; Parliamentary records of the time show that he voted against the government on almost every debate. I had a double dose of luck – the luck that put me in certain situations, then the luck to have the talent to be able to take advantage. or debate this issue live on our message boards. But it is all to do with confidence and luck. The 21st century researcher, to whom the connection might not be quite so obvious, must pick up the thread from Barbara Calthorpe, wife of Sir Henry Gough. Until the early 20th century it remained common practice in England to keep a woman’s maiden name in the family by giving it as either a first or middle name to children of subsequent generations. Mr Blofeld, known as Blowers, hung up the … I had my accident in early June and went up to Cambridge that October. It’s just somewhere that my wife and I like. It was a very happy day and ended with me drinking champagne in the England dressing room, which was great fun, 2018: I met my third wife Valeria in 2009 and she has transformed my life. I came from a very privileged background. The former opening batsman apologised after suggesting he had “better black me face” if he wanted to improve his chances of getting a knighthood – an honour dished out “like confetti” to West Indian cricketers. I went on a honeymoon with my first wife and because I knew Ian Fleming, we had lunch at GoldenEye in Jamaica. Blofeld was awarded an OBE for services to broadcasting in 2003. Locations in Rugby and Leamington Spa had been considered, but the club secretary William Ansell felt that Birmingham, as the major population centre of the county, would be preferable (without his intervention, the county’s T20 team could have ended up being called Leamington Lions or Rugby Rhinos instead). We all feel better if we laugh. He attended King's College, Cambridge, but left after two years without receiving a degree. [29], In January 2015 Blofeld was a guest, and the winner, on the BBC One's comedy series Room 101. To find out more about cookies and how to manage them, please read our privacy policy. Catherine Calthorpe’s grandfather John died when her father — also John — was only six years old, compelling him to hold his first court at the manor under the guidance of his mother Katherine. I suppose that is the equivalent of, when you have made 100 at Lords, having Denis Compton – which I did have – walk up from first slip and shake me by the hand! Playing as an opening batsman, Blofeld top scored for his side with 60.[14]. On Geoffrey Boycott’s latest controversy: “It’s not something I’d have said. A person’s nephew is the son of that person’s brother or sister, so in order to have a nephew it is necessary first to have a brother or sister. I was the last of the ‘old farts’ left and perhaps I no longer quite fitted in – I’m not sure. The father and son Sir Henrys, and a third generation in Frederick Gough-Calthorpe (the fourth Baron, who inherited the title after his two elder brothers died childless), all served as Members of Parliament — in an age when doing so relied on owning land in the relevant borough, rather than any tiresome business of having to canvass votes. This week it’s legendary. I think he has star quality, 2017: This was my last day of commentary on Test Match Special and I did a lap of honour of Lord’s where 30,000 people stood and cheered me, which was wonderful. To assess the likelihood that they are part of the same family, some knowledge of the various different origins of British surnames is helpful. Blofeld lives in Chelsea. The thing is to be yourself, try to enjoy it and never forget to laugh. Some were originally patronymics — that is, they were derived from the name of the person’s father; examples of these are those ending with the suffix -son (although there are also other names whose origin as a patronymic is less obvious). Other matches involved many of the same players, but with the teams divided along different lines for a little variety: that year there were two matches between the Fast Bowlers and Slow Bowlers (ending in one win apiece). Each family was required to submit information regarding its lineage, which was documented in the official record of the visitation. I got married when I was 21 to my daughter’s mama who is no longer around. [6], Blofeld was educated at Sunningdale School and at Eton College, followed by King's College, Cambridge, but failed both his final exams "by an innings". Blofeld and the BBC apologised for a comment that was "not spawned by malice".[20]. In the case of Henry Blofeld, fortune smiles on the researcher, in the form of a visitation. Tracing the Blofeld line further back, the 1911 England census shows Thomas Robert Calthorpe Blofeld, aged seven, living with his parents John Calthorpe Blofeld and Isabel Clare (nee Burroughs). It is cutesy, but perhaps the cushion decorated with the image of a Jack Russell terrier wearing a red scarf is my favourite touch. That controlled my life. Given the number of records kept in the UK pertaining to births, deaths and familial connections from the mid-nineteenth century onwards, and their ready accessibility, it is not usually difficult to establish whether or not two individuals are closely related. But he has “no idea” what his final words will be, and no desire to “contrive” them. My job became the central platform in my life. Visit I was living in Norfolk at my family home and was at school at Eton. His only nephew is Anthony Vernon-Harcourt — not Henry Blofeld. This week it’s legendary cricket commentator Henry Blofeld, 79, Henry Blofeld, 79, (pictured) reveals the stories behind a selection of his favourite photographs, 1941: I had a very happy childhood with two older siblings in Hoveton, Norfolk. At that age I knew I was going to go places. But I don’t do it as well as I used to, I don’t think, and I’ve been doing it a long time – in fact, I think longer than anyone else has ever done it before.