The process to delete those items DOES NOT WORK any more, as it used to a month ago. You can access Marketplace from the Facebook app on your mobile device. Why can't I log into a memorialized account on Facebook? If you don't see Marketplace, tap See More. Note: If you've enabled the Checkout with Shipping option, please keep in mind that listings with active orders can't be edited or deleted. Why can't I change my name on Facebook? I have so many messages on there and it would probably take me an hour to delete them all one by one. share | improve this question | follow | edited Jan 4 '19 at 12:45. serenesat. ... No such option is available in Marketplace replies. NOTE: There doesn't appear to be any way to flag them which would help immensely? Tap Marketplace. Tap in the bottom right of Facebook. I can't access Marketplace. The only phone number that I … facebook facebook-marketplace. Tap . I have tried 3 different computers/browsers without success. Click Delete, then click Delete again. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 11 months ago. Repeated messages to Facebook through their help system have not resolved the issue. Facebook Marketplace: Deleting messages from people no longer interested in item. My "saved items" page in Facebook Marketplace is jammed up with listings that are sold or that I am not interested in any more. Once you've opened the app, select Your Items in the top right corner. When I click on it and scroll through, I have ZERO unread messages from users. Facebook Marketplace Notifications. It should be the center icon at the bottom of your News Feed. I cannot edit, delete or add items for sale on marketplace, Related Help Center FAQs; How do I edit or delete my listing on Marketplace? Tap Your listings. Tap Delete Item, then tap Delete; Follow on-screen instructions. As Olivia and many other readers pointed out, FB Marketplace tends to submit significant amount of notifications, which people people are trying to turn off. I am sharing a screenshot of what my messenger app is showing me. I can’t send messages on Marketplace. If the listing has an order that's pending, waiting to be accepted or declined, or has been shipped, it can't be edited or deleted. Tap in the top right of the listing, then tap Delete listing.