Tube tints do not work well for this, as the relative amount of volume of pigment can be small … This is called tinting strength. The Unique Characteristics of Acrylic Paint. If you’re forced to store your paintings in an attic, basement or garage, wrap them in bubble wrap then cover them with brown paper or plastic garbage bags to keep dust from settling on them. You may want to tint a color in your painting for a highlight if the sun is touching it. A good alternative to using true black paint is to create a color that’s near black by mixing complementary colors (opposites on the color wheel) together, like red and green, violet and yellow, or blue and orange. I cropped the image proportionally to the canvas size I wanted to use, 8”x10”. Or you can use books and something else to prop your painting up. By using our site, you agree to our. If it doesn't, try vinegar. For example, mixing red and white gives you pink rather than a lighter red. When using a separate light source to illuminate a painting, make sure it’s not intense enough to cause fading to occur. Wear comfortable clothes that you are not afraid of staining or an apron. Channel your inner Jackson Pollack and attempt the splattering technique to create abstract masterpieces. This is why they are all compatible. Some of the mediums are for increasing the drying time, for making the paint glossy, making it thick, create texture, or improve the flow. Lower quality paints have less pigment and can make color mixing and coverage much harder. Is it possible to remove the top layer of acrylic paint to reveal the old painting underneath? She also received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts. The detergent will help emulsify dirt and grime to lift them from the surface of the paint while the water flushes them away. If there is too much moisture in the cloth, it may begin to dissolve the paint, creating a blotchy, fuzzy appearance. These days, it’s becoming increasingly common for artists to use water-based acrylic paints in their pieces. Colors opposite on the wheel mix to make a gray or black. All paints, gels, mediums, and varnishes are basically the same polymer plastic substance, but with different weights, viscosity and thicknesses. You are going to need a flat surface for your palette and water, support for your canvas, and a place to rest your brushes between uses. Make sure you select a varnish that has been specially formulated for use on acrylic paints. To remove a heavier layer of dust, hold a vacuum cleaner hose close to the painting as you brush it. Dark colors have a higher tinting strength because they’re darker to start with and so have more room to be made lighter. Reusable glass and high-density plastic make good palettes because acrylic paint doesn’t cling to them, which makes cleanup easy. Kelly is a graduate of the Florence Academy of Art. You can use transparent acrylics for glazing, where you paint transparent layers on top of a monochrome underpainting, for example.3. You can read more about creative acrylic techniques. 1. When you're painting a lighter color on top of a darker one, the darker color shows through. Look for opportunities to improve your drawing. Clean the brush with paint thinner and wipe with a rag. Kelly Medford is an American painter based in Rome, Italy.