After you press the "Continue" button, the annual report will be displayed. Prepaid Sunbiz E-File Account. By accessing (not, you can handle the following: Sunbiz is a great central hub to obtain all the information you need to either register a business in Florida, manage one or dissolve one. If the pre-printed information displayed is no longer correct, please highlight over it and enter the correct information or delete. If the principal is a business entity, a person with the authority to sign on behalf of the entity will sign the report. Reports filed using credit/debit cards and Sunbiz E-file accounts will be processed each day at 6 pm Eastern Standard Time. Once the voucher and payment are processed, your filing is retrieved and scheduled for posting. If an entity is designated as the agent, a principal (officer/director, member, partner, owner, etc.) An automatic prompt will allow you to print the voucher when you select the “Pay by Check” option. Sunbiz is managed by the Florida Department of State, the Division of Corporations. Search the Division's records online by name. Mail it to the Division of Corporations with … Forms| E-Filing Services| Service: Price: Additional Fees: New Florida/Foreign Corporation: Filing Fees: $35.00 Registered Agent Designation: $35.00 Certified Copy (optional): $8.75 Certificate of Status (optional): $8.75 Laurel M. Lee, Secretary of State. If requested, a certificate of status will be sent by email once the annual report has posted. The amendment forms are available for download. You will be directed to the payment page. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. The registered agent must be at a Florida street address. In addition to doing a corporation search, you can lookup trademarks, trademark names and trademark owners registered in Florida. It is a payment account similar to a debit account at a bank. Change the principal office address and mailing address for the business entity. Business entities with an account are allowed to fax all filings to the Division of Corporations, thus speeding up their processing time. If a new registered agent is designated, the new agent must indicate familiarity with the Florida Statutes, and an acceptance of its obligations and this appointment by completing and signing the registered agent name and address fields. Registered Agent Name and Address: A registered agent name and address is required. Can you file your documents online with the Department of State of Florida? Failure to comply with this act is a third degree felony. Here are the links for you to file your articles of dissolution or foreign entity withdrawal: If you have registered a fictitious name in Florida for your business, you must file a fictitious name renewal. The Florida Department of State provides businesses registered in Florida with certifications called “Certificate of Status”. How do you form a corporation in Florida? ), Consequential Damages (What Is It And Why It’s Important), Profit Articles of Dissolution (Shares Issued), Profit Articles of Dissolution (Prior to the Issuance of Shares or Commencement of Business), Revocation of Dissolution of Profit Corporation, Revocation of Dissolution of Non-Profit Corporation, Change of a Registered Agent/Registered Office, Florida Profit Corporation into Florida LLC, Florida Profit Corporation into “Other Business Entity”, “Other Business Entity” into Florida Profit Corporation, Profit Corporation Merger with other Corporation or Eligible Entity, Non-Profit Corporation Merger with other Corporation, Amended Application for a Foreign Not for Profit Corporation, Amended Application for a Foreign Profit Corporation, Change of Registered Agent/Registered Office, Resolution to Withdraw the Alternate Name, Profit Corporation Merger with other Corporation, Statement of Registered Agent/Registered Office Change, Resignation or Dissociation of Member or Manager, Florida LLC into Florida Profit Corporation, Certificate of Withdrawal of Authority to Transact Business, Statement of Qualification for Florida or Foreign LLP, Florida Partnership into “Other Organization”, “Other Organization” into Florida Partnership, Certificate of Merger for Florida Partnership, Certificate of Dissolution with Notice of Dissolution, Change of Registered Agent and/or Registered Office Address, Statement of Termination for Florida LP or LLLP, Certificate of Revocation of Dissolution for Florida LP or LLLP, Statement of Dissociation for General Partner of LP or LLLP, Statement of Correction for Florida or Foreign LP or LLLP, Florida LP or LLLP into “Other Organization”, “Other Organization” into Florida LP or LLLP, Certificate of Merger for Florida LP or LLLP, Application by Foreign Limited Partnership, Affidavit by Foreign LP or LLLP to Adopt an Alternate Name, Application for Certificate of Franchise Authority Affidavit, Application to Amend Certificate of Franchise Authority, Application for Renewal of Certificate of Franchise Authority, Profit Corporation – Foreign Name Registration, Profit Corporation – Foreign Name Renewal, Non-Profit Corporation – Foreign Name Registration, Non-Profit Corporation – Foreign Name Renewal, Alien Business, Financial Institution or Telehealth Provider, Alien Business Registered Agent Resignation, Domestication Florida to other Jurisdiction, Florida Profit Social Purpose Corporation, Articles of Amendment for Florida Benefit or Social Purpose Corporation.