How to play Pokemon Platinum on android devices: 1- Download the Drastic emulator, it's fast, safe, free and works best for the ROM. Here's how to play Pokémon games on Android! Pokémon Go took the world by storm, attracting new players and instilling a powerful feeling of nostalgia in others. While the free version of the app is no longer available, the paid full version allows you to save at any time and fast-forward up to 16x speed. We'd say that's worth a few dollars, especially if you plan to play several games. All the download links seem to be suspended. While the performance won't blow you away, it's good enough on most devices. version is considered one of generation IV of Pokemon. By the way, we've looked at how to play Pokémon games on iPhone and iPad if you have those devices as well. If you want to take it up a notch, try playing through a fun Pokémon challenge in one of these games. Just because the consoles were backwards-compatible doesn't mean the emulators necessarily are. For some reason, the creator of Pokemon … It also hasn't been updated in a few years, unfortunately. To be able to challenge the champion who will be: Champion Cynthia                            Specialty: Mixed, After defeating her, the player will be the region, Download the Drastic emulator, it's fast, safe. 2- Download the Pokemon Platinum for android from the above links (Pokemon Platinum for android). These codes will give your Pokemon 255 EV’s. This means that newer games like Pokémon X and Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and Sun and Moon can't be emulated on Android. While there are some experimental builds available, 3DS emulation is still not possible for Android. Any region should work with an emulator, but you'll of course want to get one that matches where you live. We've tested the below choices to ensure that they work well; see more of our favorite emulators for Android if you want to play other consoles too. He will follow the player to the lake when he saw professor Rowan and his assistant are doing the same stupid idea the player's friend had and done more stupid things, they left their Pokemon behind, so the player friend decides to check the briefcase when he got to do that, wild Pokemon attacked them (that's what happened when he didn't listen to his mother). Free (Free) | My OldBoy! A ROM of the game. the game works greatly, i have tested all of them myself, and still testing other games i will add in the future if any unnormal problem happened, plz uninstall the drastic emulator and download it again and setup it correctlly, (never update it). Most emulators supports custom save states and fast-forwarding, both of which are extremely useful for Pokémon games. After most ROM names, there will be a (J), (U), (E), or some other letter depending on the game. Much like with the GB/GBC, the GBA has really one standout emulator: My Boy! We'll first mention the free option: nds4droid. 1- you must unrar the emulator and the game2- put the emulator and the game on you phone from your pc or laptop3- if you downloaded the game from your phone you must have the unrar program installed on your phone to unrar it4- install the emulator ( the program)5- open the installed program and chose the rom ( unrared game)6- enjoy playing the game its working on all samsung phone and androrid devices ( tested it myself)I hope that helps, I follow your step. Upgrading for $4 allows you to link up with other users to trade Pokémon, fast-forward faster than 2x, and save at any time. That includes: These are the main series games, though you can also emulate spinoff titles like Pokémon Pinball if you like. Either way, both the free and paid versions have perfect performance since these systems are so old---and there are no ads during gameplay. You need to have one and select the emulator according to your emulation needs – install it on your Android device. ($3.99). You can start reliving your favorites or trying a generation you missed on-the-go anytime. The player starts the game watching the TV, he saw a red Gyarados spotted in a far away lake, when the player decided to go to his friend, his mother warns him not to go to the tall grass, so he leaves and meet his friend, like other stupid friends in the series, This one is no different he tells the player the most stupid thing that ever done in the Pokemon series that to go to your town lake so they may be find something like Red Gyarados. We can, however, give you a few tips for parsing through ROMs. When Does Noibat Evolve And How to Use Noibat? you can download the game and the emulator for free from the above links. It's easy to relive your favorite games and take them with you anywhere. It allows for regular in-game saves, fast-forwarding up to 2x speed, entering cheat codes, and customizing the controls. Like most emulators, it supports custom save states and cheat codes, but there's no fast-forwarding. When he's not writing or on stage, he's tinkering with DIY electronics or code in the hope of becoming a mad scientist. For example, If you want to play Pokemon FireRed, you will need an emulation for Gameboy Advance, and I would suggest starting with MyBoy. This emulator from the same developer is almost identical to My OldBoy!, except that it plays GBA games instead. : there are now 5 time periods in Pokemon Platinum for. 7 Underground Torrent Sites for Getting Uncensored Content, how to play Pokémon games on iPhone and iPad, How to Play Pokémon Games on Your iPhone or iPad, more of our favorite emulators for Android, Google One Now Includes a VPN on 2TB and Higher Plans, TwitchCon Will Be Hosted Virtually on November 14.