People love free stuff, there’s no doubt about that. Please note that you need to be HONEST here. Turning something you enjoy into a job can take the fun out it. You’re providing an experience that a big grocery store simply cannot. Try out MailChimp for an easy way to get started with your first email marketing campaign. bake better and start their Holding it in my hands is like it was made to be there. Baking can be time-consuming especially to bake in quantities that will generate a good income. Both the well known and the unknown baker must get the word out if they expect to have a substantial customer base. Keep the lines of communication open. If a business needs to pay for advertising, it means it wasn’t built the right way. For people who have decided that they want to follow their own path or march to their own beat and start a home baking business right from the comfort of their own home, the biggest thing they have to consider is the number of customers they have and how they can grow their business. If you operate a bakery, creative marketing can be a big driver of business. What causes are they supporting and how can you help out? 7 Books every home bakery owner needs to read. Get Answers Here, How to Start a Home-Based Catering Business, Make Money this Holiday Season. Try making it fun – you can have a trivia question written out and a discount to any person who gets the answer right. For those who’ve decided that starting a home bakery is what they want to do to make money for the holidays or for any time, spreading the word about your new business is critical. But hashtags are SUPER STRATEGIC my friend! Plus, it’s the BEST way for you to learn how to interact with clients and confidently speak about your bakes. Like honey, eggs, certain cheeses, wine, olive oil and sometimes even things like chocolate and butter! When a baking business succeeds it’s because there are lots of elements working together in harmony. Is there ONE ingredient in a super delicious bake? – Determining where you fit into the market is crucial to getting the right kinds of people coming into your bakery, this high-level explanation may help you determine what niche to pursue. Here are 10 tips to promote your business without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing. If you’re looking for more ideas and resources to market your small business, call us at Deneen Pottery today: 888-646-0238. If you wait to “feel 100% ready” to tell people about your business, you’ll be waiting forever. These cookies do not store any personal information. Fear is simply a sign that you’re HUMAN. You can make your own business cards that look classy, professional, and attractive to look at all at the same time. You can choose to do just one or several of these marketing techniques together as a way to advertise and promote your home based bakery. Click here to get some of my photo tips I’ve shared on Instagram. Whatever cause you support, you can find an event or group that’s for it. Share the photo on your Instagram stories with text describing why you love their chocolate so much and tag the chocolaterie in the post too. When you have products that aren’t selling, you need to find creative ways to move them off your shelves by either marking them down or bundling them with other offers to make a package. Get your email game on point by placing a sign-up sheet on your counter. Below are a few marketing techniques that will allow you to market your home bakery without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to do it. The following GDPR rules must be read and accepted: This form collects your name, email and content so that we can keep track of the comments placed on the website. Great news is; you can totally create a sold out home bakery without ever paying for advertising! Then look for quick tips to get more sales. I love hearing my customers say ‘oh you have a sea blue mug, looks like I’m buying another one for my collection’. Set up at flea markets. Also include business cards and flyers so customers can contact you. Bake things, post them on social media and HOPE someone orders. What can you give away that doesn’t cost much but adds tremendous value to your current offerings – a coupon, free slice or extra sample? When you have something new, your customers are much more likely to be tempted into taste-testing it themselves. Just make sure you don’t use hashtags that have been used more than 200k times. So you love to bake; the question now is how do you promote your home baking business and turn that passion into income. Bake something super yummy with it. Promise me! ", Jessica Hancock -, “ I'm continually blown away at how popular the (mugs) are. Include a few business cards with every order that goes out of your door. Volunteer to bake for a non-profit club or organization. forward approach to getting the word out about your bakery. But over time I’ve found that this is actually a very random and difficult goal. Let me know in the comments below because I can’t wait to hear from you . If your known around town as the baking queen, your well on your way. These tips apply for BOTH introverted and extroverted home bakers! I learned everything I know about hashtags from Instagram expert Carla Biesinger.