You can remove it without taking anyone’s help as it is a simple process to follow. Metal shavings in the eye are not at all fun. Mostly, it bents over after a period of time. It worked well for me! Make sure you have a firm grip on the pliers so they don’t slip and damage anything. Pull the housing apart. First place the antenna in a vice so that it was upside down and level. The first step is to remove your original antenna. If you don’t know what a rubber grommet is, let me tell you where you can find it. Removing these screws or clips allows you to remove the plastic or carpet covering the antenna. Made with ♥ in Silicon Valley. Replacing suspension springs can be challenging, as involves making sure all power from the car is disconnected and that the proper tools are used. But even if you don’t have anyone around, you can undo the socket just by protecting the antenna and car’s surface with a clean cloth. Step 2: Gain access to the antenna motor. Pay attention to the direction of the teeth on the nylon cable as it comes out. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. We had several trim pieces to choose from with this universal power antenna kit on this third-gen Firebird. You aren’t working with any high currents, but it’s better to be safe and remove the power so nothing shorts out while you install the new motor. You can easily fix both pillar-mount and fixed-mast antennas for less than $20 in parts. Here’s a list. The Maxima shown has separate power and radio signal connectors. You will get them between $15 to $25. Car antennas are unfortunately open to the elements when driving, and as a result, are likely to get damaged at some point in time. There is a nut on the underside of the roof between the headliner and the roof. How to Remove Car Antenna – Steps to Remove Antenna from Car Roof, We can’t deny the fact that after a few years, any car’s antenna – whether it is telescopic or fixed – starts wearing out. Then screw in the new mast. Tools required:4-in-1 screwdriverLineman’s pliers, Materials required:Replacement antennaElectrician’s tape. Your email address will not be published. The trim in trunk or rear area of a number of older cars is held in with screws while most newer vehicles will use clips of some sort. Great service. Did you make this project? Need to fix a bent or broken antenna? We recommend our users to update the browser. If this is the case, long sleeves and gloves offer good protection. Some could also contain fiberglass. Both styles are easy to fix yourself. The solder melted and filled the socket to the top. Form a hook in the old cable, loop a picture-hanging wire through it and then wrap it with tape for added insurance. For about $5, you can buy removal instructions from Note: You’ll need a socket for the battery and one for the nuts/bolts that hold the motor assembly to the car. Inside the antenna is a nylon string that can pull and push the antenna to raise and lower it. Once the second set are very secure, loosen and then move the first set out of the way. There will be between five and seven bolts/screws to remove. In most cases, you will find it behind the dashboard. Step 2: Gain access to the antenna motor. If the antenna isn’t going up or down, but you can hear the motor working, you should try replacing just the mast first - they are cheaper than the whole motor unit. This Nissan Maxima has two bolts that hold the drive assembly in. Washing your car by hand has many benefits. Just grip the grommet and slide it up and off. LEARN MORE. It will save much more of your time than you have imagined! Spray all the moving parts with lithium grease. You can complete this task quickly and conveniently with a crescent wrench.