Extra tip: Keep your rough copy close by because we recommend you test the paint quality every time you re-initiate your POSCA. To preserve the colour s and the appearance of the creation, you need to apply a water-based aerosol varnish. Consult our cookie usage policy and change your settings. With this board I do not have the luxury of experimenting with poly gloss so I have decided to go with U-POL #1 Clear. Oh my word...we have talked about this adnausem...If you lived closer to me I drive over and kick you in your taco.... Don't bring a plastic knife to a gun fight? How do I initiate/re-initiate my Posca tip (PCF-350)? Can I use Posca on a window / display case? POSCA markers are artistic creation tools, they are not certified for cosmetic use and must therefore not be used on skin. You can find paint markers in a local craft store or online at websites like Blick Art Materials or Cheap Joe's Art Stuff. You got your paint, you painted your rocks, but now how do you seal your painted rocks in a way that preserves the artwork and keeps it weatherproof? With rough ceramics, fire your creation in the oven. What is the best way to seal rocks painted with Uni-Posca Paint Pens? Find all the tips and advice you need to fix your creations on different materials here. Press the tip several times on a spare piece of paper until the tip is filled with paint. Goodies and stickers are distributed at POSCA events. To optimise paint flow, conduct a quick test on a sheet of paper before actually using it. In the case of non removable tips (PCF-350 et PC-1MR), soak them directly in water, which cannot travel into the marker because of the incorporated valve mechanism. Outline special areas, write messages and create shading with the pens. Sanded it to 400 grit, cleaned it with acetone, drew on it with water based Posca pen then sprayed it with several coats of Plasti-kote Clear Super Acrylic spray paint in a can - its supposed to be their toughest scratch resistant product but already some of the line work near the rails is rubbing off. For the love of the cajones plasticote is crap..so is all the stuff at the hardware store. POSCA markers can be kept in any position as long as POSCA is a paint marker popular with artists and creative hobbyists. To learn more, click here. Make all sorts of crafts with ceramic or glass objects using ceramic paint pens. The ball inside can be used to mix the paint, which is perfectly conserved inside the body of the marker. Most POSCA tips are washable and replaceable (PC-1MC, PC-3M, PC-5m, PC-7M, PC-8K and PC-17K). Remove the object and it is ready to use. PREPARE THE POSCA MARKER I shall follow your advice  Resinhead and try 2 coats. If this guide was helpful don't forget to save it for later! How long does it take for the paint to dry? Acrylic from a spray gun? POSCAs are water-based pigment paint markers which are without solvent and odourless and can write on any surface. I've painted with lots of paint pens and these are by far my favorite. You can, however, reuse the bodies of your markers as creative material! It is permanent with no need for fixatives on porous materials such as wood, cardboard, textiles, pebbles, certain plastics and metals. It is useful to keep a cloth at hand to clean the tip easily or absorb any excess paint. Some are also reversible (PC-3M and PC-5M). Shop windows and museum displays are increasingly decorated and set off to perfection by professional and amateur artists. We use technical, customisation and audience measurement cookies on the www.posca.com website to provide you with a better on-line experience. It's been decided: your new favorite thing is painting rocks! POSCA markers are perfect for customising wood. Make all sorts of crafts with ceramic or glass objects using ceramic paint pens. Supplies for Paint Pen DIY Christmas Ornaments. This type of paint is so much fun to use because you don't need to have a kiln or look for a ceramic shop that can fire your art work. No wonder I can no longer walk properly. Do I need to do anything in particular to fix the paint? To conserve your creation over time, we also recommend you wash your fabric inside out at low temperature. Using sealer helps keep the colors vibrant when exposed to the weather, prevents the paint from becoming tacky if warm and helps keep the paint well attached to the rock so it doesn't peel off and become litter. To optimise paint flow, conduct a quick test on a sheet of paper before actually using it. Put glass in a 160° oven for 45 min beforehand. This is one of the features of POSCA: other than your material (and, ideally, a rough piece of paper), no other piece of equipment is necessary! Find detailed instructions here. You will hear the ball inside clicking announcing that the paint colour inside the POSCA marker is being mixed. REPLACE Turn off the oven and allow the object to cool down to room temperature in the oven. Learn how to apply temporary tattoos to rocks here! Learn about the POSCA tool. Either cover it with poly resin, or use a 2 pac automotive grade covering. I have read and accept the information on the processing of my personal data provided in the data protection declaration. PRIME AND TEST THE MARKER Consult our cookie usage policy and change your settings. Place your piece in the cool oven when you are finished painting and turn the oven on, setting the temperature to 149 degrees Celsius. Or something else like a thin layer of clear polyurethane varnish? Just scroll down and find the section related to what you used to paint your rock and I'll make sure you have all the info you need to help you properly seal your rock. Shake the marker energetically up and down with the cap on. PREPARE THE POSCA MARKER. If it gets very dry, you can even leave it to soak in water overnight. Self-sealing paints include. image by Kevin Chesson from Fotolia.com. Apply a layer of water-based varnish. Jennifer Moore began writing in 2006, specializing in Web content, blogs and forum postings. I agree to receive information on current events and commercial offers from POSCA by email. If they are especially dirty or used, certain POSCA tips can be replaced. It is absolutely possible to customise your vehicle with POSCA (car/motorcycle/scooter/bicycle, etc.). hand painted plate. Cure objects painted with paint pens by heating the objects in your kitchen oven. In general, the paint dries faster on porous surfaces than on smooth surfaces. As with the entire POSCA range, start by firmly shaking your marker (cap closed) to allow the ball inside to mix and homogenise the paint well. Find all of our tips here. Thanks so much for stopping by! The paint does not bleed through paper. The real trick is not to brush it to much with the gloss resin since he styrene in the gloss resin will eat the posca away so only brush the gloss as little as possible.Aloha,Kokua. A special case: the Posca brush, which we recommend you store in a horizontal position. Find detailed instructions here. Nothing is more disheartening than seeing your beautiful work ruined by using the wrong type of sealer! Click here to learn more. What is the best way to seal rocks painted with Sharpies? If you want to use a brush on sealer (perhaps to add glitter?) Be careful however, if there’s a scratch on a very old pane that has become porous on its surface, the pigments can become encrusted. The paint dries extremely fast. Ok, this is where you have to get a little creative!