She told me that they trained all of the horses to urinate when someone whistled. I would say, “Good boy”!! Hmm – now how can we use a horse’s natural behavior – the concept of stud piles and. On the training side of things it seems that the answer is clear; YES, many horses can be potty trained! Upon reading all of the comments on the blog and Facebook there seems to be a theme on how to potty train a horse. Really cheezed! Required fields are marked *. Some horses are naturally clean in their stalls…. However, a few days later, Kaliah pooed in the walkway again, so we just repeated the same sequence: Likewise, if you see any horse defecating in the chosen area, praise them lavishly for being so smart and doing such a great job. Erin H. The miniature horses I work with are trained to go in shavings or wood chips, all you have to do is tell them to go potty and stand and wait for a little while. I have tried stud piles but they just didn’t work for me…for a lot of reasons. This is interesting on several levels (why they did it, and where they chose to locate them), and we’ll get into that later, but for now, let me explain what they showed me and how this then led to easier manure management…. Which Paddock Surface is Best for a Rainy Climate. And remember, because they didn’t urinate there, it didn’t smell bad either. There is enough room on either side of the box for horses to walk through, so no risk of injury. At first we were kinda grossed out, but then we realized, wait a minute… it’s way drier than the fields and warmer too. Susan S I’ve been potty training mine for years now, ppl not only made fun of me, they thought it couldn’t be done! It makes for an easy clean up! Just persevere and know that they will get it and it will be worth it. If you’re doing everything as outlined above, but your horses are still crapping all over the place, here’s a checklist of things to watch out for and possibly correct: #1 Your manure piles aren’t fresh or piled up – check that you are leaving the newest/freshest piles of manure to mark poo areas. Remove manure piles weekly or every other week. Some days the horses are extra frisky, or squabbling and their poo pattern shows things got a bit crazy. I have a smaller track system with footing that helps with keeping that area somewhat dried up during the more wet times of the year. Maybe  I could even add a little guidance and direct the poop placement. © 2019-2020 STACY WESTFALL | WEBSITE BY MAP, PRIVACY | TERMS | CONTACT | STUDENT LOGIN. Many of you also reported that the therapy minis are also ‘housebroke.’. These seem to fall into three categories; comfort, reward, habit. For me this was the edges of the paddock and one corner of the barn. You may need to pick up intact piles (the more ‘natural looking’ the poo, the better) from other locations and carefully deposit them in the desired poo area. Now why the heck would they do that?? He is a very ‘busy’ nosy kind of horse, and is not stressed by being in the barn, also, he is only in for short periods of time. Linda S Fortunately my horse that I bought last October does not poop in his stall. Maybe we need to designate more poo areas as density increases? I’m loving this more than anyone will ever know I worried that they may hold it for too long being so loyal to this although after about 8 hours , they will go if I’m not there to take them outside the barn to relieve themselves! Why break your back siftin’ through every inch of shavin’s when it could be as easy as maybe a 5min. Mornings, I always awaken at 5 AM to turn him out. Natural Horse Concepts That Help Your Horse Thrive™. I live off-site so only clear manure once a day. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. But when I consider this question from the perspective that ‘nature is a self-sustaining, regenerative loop’ I realize that what they are doing is fertilizing the field evenly. A Natural Trim on Your Barefoot Horse is Best Performed by You, Revealed: How to Deepen Your Relationship with Your Horse. The Empowered Mustang: Herd Update 2 Years Later, Tapping Session to Transform Fear in Difficult Times, Horse Hates Living Conditions But I Can’t Move, Horses Apply Mudpaint-Warpaint on a Cold Afternoon, LTYH Podcast: Ways to Meditate with your Horse & Why you Should, Guided Healing Meditation in the Big Barn, Working Horses, Working Cattle – An Insider’s Ethos, Horse Wisdom: Take Risks, Face Fears & Write a New Story.