During the third story event battle, Dunban, not yet recovered from his injuries, tries to use again the Monado. The Aegis sword of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 bears many similarities to the Monado. In fact, there are more than 400 quests found in the game, and a good chunk of … (Run! He uses the Monado (in its first form) in battle, and when it is activated in battle, Shulk's features and abilities change. Fear: inflicts strength down and ether down debuffs to the party. The party learns in Alcamoth, the High Entia capital, that the Monado was sealed away by the High Entia forefathers. Even after the battle ends, Shulk still cannot use the Monado. The Aegis sword of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 bears many similarities to the Monado. The Monado (English dub:/moˈnɑːdoʊ/) is a mythical sword in Xenoblade Chronicles. Top Voted Answer. When Shulk begins the game, the Monado displays the symbol for "Machine". Each art of the Monado shows a different colour of the blade of light when used. The reasons of its existence and powers are the core of the story. Cheers, I've got Monado Armour now and I'll hunt down this Lupa later to get Eater. You gain the ability to level your Monado arts past level 4 automatically as part of the main story. Bionis wields the Monado against Mechonis. (11.2 – 15) × Lvl (Shulk)200 – 280 (Dunban) The Monado (English dub: /moˈnɑːdoʊ/) is a mythical sword in Xenoblade Chronicles. Jail: shackles Blades, similar to Monado Purge. Armour: creates a barrier that surrounds himself and his allies which reduces the time for. Shulk can activate the Monado's Arts by selecting the large icon in the center of the screen when it is fully charged. Attack You just need to be far enough in the plot to get to that part of Makna, as well as completing prerequisite quests for Lupa and having enough Frontier Village affinity (3 stars to get all the quests in this chain). While looking for ether crystals alone in Makna Forest, Shulk is attacked by strange monsters. When Zanza is freed on Prison Island and Shulk gets the Monado II, it says "Person". Statistics Neither Monado Eater nor Monado Armor can be accessed before the story point at which Level 10 access is achieved. Type After the events on Prison Island, all of the Arts can reach level 10. "Heropon's breath smell great! Shulk experiences this great power for the first time when he sees the future while holding the Monado in his laboratory. N/A. Their travels took them to Valak Mountain, where they disappeared. - Vilurum Xaren, leader of the happy turtles, and knowitall.