As it cools it also dehumidifies the air giving your pet cool and relaxing comfort. We investigated many different air conditioners by a number of manufacturers, and have chosen a 5,200 btu, ENERGY STAR rated unit that meets all of the requirements of our dog house with AC. Air Conditioning a Dog House: Keeping Your Pooch Cool and Safe Air conditioners are now seen as the better option if you really want to make sure that you dogs stay cool and protected from heat. With their sweat glands only mostly found in their paw pads, dogs can’t perspire the way we do. It's been a learning experience for us; the most important lesson learned - listen to the customers. Our exclusive remote controlled DogAire™ / CatAire™ dog house air conditioner* can be set up by the customer in less than two minutes. And believe it or not, air conditioning the dog house would make a lot of difference. The truth is, it’s just a matter of finding the best model that can fit your application. Copyright © 2020 ComfortUp. And let us explain why. Energy Star Rated 284 Pine Grove Road No good dog owner would ever want to see their pets get dehydrated, get sick, or worse, die just because of heat. Dog House Heating; Heating and Cooling for Dog Houses Now, you can keep your dog comfortable and cozy in their dog house during those cold winter nights. That’s right, at the heart of it all, it’s a health issue for the dogs. And no amount of cooling fan or water can dissipate that body heat, so your dogs would normally be forced to endure heat as much as they can. Step 4: Place the gasket back on the Dog House Air Conditioner unit and insert unit into the pre-drilled holes. It is made of primarily solid fir and features steps along one side that lead to a rooftop porch with slat rails. The truth is, dogs are some of the most active, if not hyperactive domestic animals. Unit Weight: 43 pounds All their life. EER: 10.7 (Energy Star Rated) In addition, we build a custom platform to hold the air conditioner to the side of the house. Everyday. It will drain better if the unit is tilted to the right slightly. They don’t sweat the way we humans do. Please enter your Product question(s) or Technical Issues below. Before ordering, please read the note below in. Before you embark on finding the best cooling system, keep in mind that one primary consideration is the type of house that your dog has. Many are avid pet advocates; some are super dog-lovers. The Perfect HVAC Solution For Healthier Families, How Increased Time At Home Can Affect Air Quality, What To Expect When Getting A Mini Split Shipment. For more cooling system choices for a dog house, you can visit Beyond the impression of superfluity, air conditioning your dog’s house means you care for the pets. If you are considering an air conditioned dog house using the DogAire™ system, we recommend the insulation option, along with the Seal Safe™ door, especially for larger houses with multiple dogs. Office: 803-786-0755 Some are made of wood, concrete, plastic, and even metal. Dog houses vary in sizes and materials in which they are made of. The ADP H-1400-AC 120-Volt, Thermostatically Controlled Dog House Air Conditioner AC unit is the perfect solution to cool and dehumidify your pets doghouse. In some cases, dog owners put their pets in a cooling bed or provide them with an electric fan. Aside from water, what your canine companion needs is the comfort of a shade and a minute of rest. Panting. Heat problems for dogs can be avoided. 3. An electric heater box , such as the ClimateRight Heater & Fan is an excellent option to provide widespread heating and cooling throughout your dog house. They are at the highest risk of suffering from heat stroke. Drill holes in sets of twos around the lip of … Included in the cost of the DogAire™ is the extra labor and materials required for the air conditioning unit to be installed in the house, and which make it super easy for you, the customer, to install. They relayed to us that they desired an air conditioned dog house that had an air conditioning system with a better warranty and a longer life. Also, by lowering the humidity levels you will never have mold and mildew growth in your dog house. OR... Click Here for all Order related questions. We have thermostatically controlled heated dog houses that are safe, simple to use, and efficient. In many ways these methods help a lot. The Best Dog House Heaters & Dog Heating Pads. If you’re looking for a really high energy-efficient, flexible, and high-performance cooling and heating system for your dog’s house, then this type of system is hands-down the best option. We totally prepare your dog house for the AC unit at no extra charge. To make sure that you will be able to get the right system, the key is in choosing the right size and in considering the type of installation required. You would perspire, of course, but you wouldn’t really be able to cool off completely. Be the first to review: Dog House Air Conditioner AC Unit, Dog House Heater and Air Conditioner Unit, Elevated Dog Bed - The Original Coolaroo Dog Bed, Heat-N-Breeze Deluxe - Dog House Heater and Ventilator, Click Here for all Order related questions, Easy to use, just plug into any standard wall outlet, Incredibly energy efficient and affordable to operate, Safe and environmentally friendly refrigerant with no carbon monoxide or fluorocarbon emissions, Removes heat and humidity to keep your dog safe from overheating, Supplies 1400 BTU's to cool even the largest dog houses, Easy installation, takes approximately 15-30 minutes, Mounts to the side of the dog house or can be attached to irregular shaped dog houses using.