Fantastic value. This isn’t an air rifle I’d expect to be ergonomically perfect. Kat is heading into her second decade of concealed carry, has been an avid hunter for decades, and has never met a firearm she didn’t want to run (she also has a penchant for big bores). I've got my Daisy Red Rider on my 7th birthday and although not as "deadly" as when it was first unpackaged it still shoots 43 years later! Ok so I am 11 and really want a red ryder bb gun but my mom is totally against it, my dad is kind of up for it. Although she is now a full-time outdoor writer her background is eclectic and includes K9 Search-and-Rescue and emergency veterinary medicine. This isn’t an air rifle I’d expect to be ergonomically perfect. We all know the four golden rules of gun safety. With their daughter, Blair, away, Luther and Nora Krank decide to skip Christmas all together until she decides to come home, causing an uproar when they have to celebrate it at the last minute. AMC Announces The Walking Dead Holiday Special For December, Netflix Announces First Wave Of New Movies/Shows For November, 20 Holiday Movies to Stream and Watch With Family, Holiday Movies Streaming With Amazon Video, Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell's Favourite Holiday Movies, If Classic Movie Quotes were Politically Correct, Mike & Mike: Episode dated 23 December 2014. Jump forward to 1938. When a man inadvertently makes Santa fall off of his roof on Christmas Eve, he finds himself magically recruited to take his place. The purpose of Red Ryders is to give kids a platform to learn the basics of gun safety and use that’s simple and safe. You should try to be a safety conscious person. This isn’t a precision rifle but it doesn’t need to be (it is, however, relatively accurate). It does exactly what it should and it’s fun for both kids and adults. If it pew-pews, it’s on. it sounds like this battle is between your parents. A grumpy hermit hatches a plan to steal Christmas from the Whos of Whoville. It’s still small-ish but it’s big enough to make shooting it easier. But what about the BB gun? If you trace the company’s roots all the way back you find yourself back in 1880 at the Plymouth Iron Windmill Co. Red Ryder, 870 express and ruger single 6 =childhood. 78 of 111 people found this review helpful. What you get and what you spend depends on what exact model and package you look at, but every incarnation of the Red Ryder I’ve seen is a steal of a price. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? He then decides on a perfect theme for his teacher but her reaction is like his. Junior Chambers and started a nationwide youth shooting education program. Long story short the windmill didn’t exactly go well but his next product, an air rifle, was a seriously big hit. Well are you mature enough? Since Christmas Story has been a family favorite for as long as it has been broadcast, two years ago I bought Red Ryders for my 2 sons and 2 grandsons, with enough ammo to get rid of Black Bart and all his henchmen. Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets worth $47 FREE - Limited Period Offer, Brownells: Ruger Wrangler .22LR - $199 (normally $218), Palmetto State Armory: Springfield Armory XDS Mod 2 OSP 9mm w/ CT Red Dot - $550 (normally $600), Brownells: Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x Gen 2 AND Vortex Sport Cantilever Mount - $430 (normally $490), Brownells: BRN-10 Retro Rifle .308/7.62x51 NATO - $1,200 w/ code "VTH" (normally $1,710). Go get one and let your inner child set free. Ergonomics: 4/5. (1983). A living snowman and a little girl struggle to elude a greedy magician who is after the snowman's magic hat. She knew I could be trusted with it, but he objected just cause he hated guns. Did you have a BB gun as a kid? do not say the red ryder is a bad gun, it will be my first so i do not need an expensive one just a useable one P.S I do not mind waiting a while and my B-day is in October If you have a very little brother you wouldn't let him play with a steak knife because he doesn't understand how badly people can get hurt with knifes, so he treats it like it wasn't dangerous. And anyway who doesn’t want an excuse to get one of these for themselves? Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email. Show that you understand the difference between playing with normal toys and using a projectile weapon. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. Whether it’s because you shot one as a kid or have seen Ralphie Parker get warned against shooting his eye out in A Christmas Story (though the BB gun pictured and described in the film aren’t accurate to the real Red Ryder), you’re probably already at least aware of this BB gun. We may have awesome rifles, shotguns, and handguns but we all have a Ralphie inside us secretly thrilled to shoot a Red Ryder BB gun. Use the HTML below. It's funny, poignant and totally memorable - it has some of the best scenes of all-time and although I know a few people who dislike it because it's a bit "weird" and "dark," most people I know love it.Worth watching every Christmas, forever! The Daisy Red Ryder is probably the best known BB gun on the market. It will put a considerable dent in an old piece of hardwood flooring, so it hasn't lost any of its bite over the years, either. Pa. judge grants Trump campaign's observation request, Despite Trump's repeated calls, vote counting will continue, Live: Biden moves closer to reaching 270 votes, Pennsylvania AG on Trump lawsuit: 'We'll win again', Black men drifted from Dems to Trump in record numbers, Bill Belichick subpoenaed about alleged conspiracy, Trump campaign unleashes wave of suits in key states, ESPN announces 300 layoffs, citing 'disruption' amid virus, Fox News hosts question network's Ariz. call for Biden, Giants trainer may have saved this player's wife's life, Fox News' big Arizona call angered Trump camp: NYT. Christmas is approaching and 9 year-old Ralphie wants only one thing: a Red Ryder Range 200 Shot BB gun. how do I convince her I am mature enough to get one. Without Daisy the BB gun world wouldn’t be what it is today. When he mentions it at the dinner table, his mother's immediate reaction is that he'll shoot his eye out. With Peter Billingsley, Melinda Dillon, Darren McGavin, Scott Schwartz. Great little guns.. same as my dad gave me in 1975. I bought one for my grandkids in DC. One of the greatest things about the Red Ryder is that you don’t need to mess with C02 cartridges. A BB gun is a type of air gun designed to shoot metallic ball projectiles called BBs (not to be confused with ball bearings), which are approximately the same size as BB-size lead birdshot (0.180 in or 4.6 mm in diameter). Factory sights are blade and ramp front sights and an adjustable rear sight. If you get one and like it enough to shoot once a week I suggest you save your money and buy a nice Sheridan when you feel like you're ready for something more sophisticated.