Quaid-i-Azam considered the creation of Pakistan a means to an end and not the end in itself. Before the creation, the muslims of subcontinent were mistreated a lot by Hindus. Islam acted as a nation building force before the establishment of Pakistan. 15 The new state commenced as the most disjointedly constructed nation-state in all of history, with two wings distant from each other by about 1000 miles of very unfriendly territory. As early as in the beginning of the eleventh century Al Behruni observed that Hindus were differed from the Muslims in all matters and usage. impure, and forbid having any connection with them, be it intermarriage or any other bond of relationship, or by sitting, eating and drinking with them, because thereby, they think they be polluted. Its basic principle being: "The only sovereign is Allah". It was due to the realization of the Muslims of South Asia that they are different from the Hindus that they demanded separate electorates. It was due to the realization of the Muslims of South Asia that they are different from the Hindus that they demanded separate electorates. Islamic ideology is not just manifest in Pakistan’s education system, but in other institutions as well, including the judiciary, political parties, and of course the Army. Unfortunately, After 70 years Pakistan is home to intolerance and religious violence and extremism, which is damaging the image of our country in the world. Ideology of Pakistan:- The ideology of a state comprehends the aspirations of its people, the nature of the state, the form of Government and above all the ideals set as goals. IDEOLOGY OF PAKISTAN Meaning of an Ideology The word “ideology” is composed of two Greek words “ideo” and “logos”. Do you believe that the Joe Biden administration will seek an improvement in ties with Iran? Before partition of India, the whole of the country was called ‘India’. On March 24, 1940 the Muslims finally abundant the idea of federalism and defined separate homeland as their target. Because of the ideology of Pakistan, the Muslims of India who had become a minority due to western democracy became a great nation. IDEOLOGY OF PAKISTAN Pakistan is an Ideological state and the ideology of Pakistan is an Islamic ideology. NIPCO House, 4 - Shaharah e Fatima Jinnah,Lahore, Pakistan Tel: +92 42 36367580    |     Fax : +92 42 36367005, PDM is trying hard to get NRO: CM Usman Buzdar, Building ties with African countries is important: FM, Govt committed to eradicate terrorism: Ashrafi, Maryam Nawaz urges Hazaras to bury corpses of miners, By-elections voter list updated in eight constituencies: ECP, Omar Ayub announces govt's focus on energy projects, Pakistan, Cuba to cooperate in field of culture: Shibli, PM announces to visit to families of slain miners, Shehbaz Sharif’s daughter, son-in-law issued arrest warrants, Peshawar hand-grenade blast kills two children, Pakistan has potential to serve as regional pivot: Moeed, Pakistan wants unity of Islamic world to address confronting issues: Ashrafi, Ahsan Bhoon Group leads Pakistan Bar Council polls, Pakistan reports 2,118 new coronavirus cases in one day, Pakistan criticises Indian denial of handing bodies of martyred Kashmiris, Russia's interest for registering Sputnik V vaccine in Pakistan, NAB recovers 389 bn in the year 2019-2020: PM Imran. Historical experience provided the base; Allama Iqbal gave it a philosophical explanation; Quaid-i-Azam translated it into a political reality; and the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan, by passing Objectives Resolution in March 1949, gave it legal sanction. The Ideology of Pakistan: In the historical context of the subcontinent, Muslims were well aware that they were a separate nation based on Islamic ideology. 1. History provides a testimony to this assumption that commitment to Islamic way of life was the primary force behind struggle for freedom, concludes El Hamza in his work, Pakistan: a Nation. Pakistan was perhaps the first country to be formed on the basis not of a common ethnicity or language, but religion. The founding father of Pakistan M. A. Jinnah ideology for the nation was based on Unity Faith Discipline. They neither intermarry, nor inter-dine together, and indeed they belong to two different civilizations which are based on conflicting ideas and conceptions.