Chapter 341 - : Red Cats Corps, and the Prince of the Fallen Kingdom. Chapter 302: The World Alliance And The Railroad Project, Chapter 301: Drakliff Island And The Silver Dragon, Chapter 299: The Price Of The Crown And The Activation, Chapter 298: The Purple Crown And The Lunatic, Chapter 296: The Magic Training And The Talent, Chapter 295: The Dimensional Gate Mark 2 And The Color Red, Chapter 292: The Third Day Evening Till Night, Chapter 291: Third Day Afternoon Till Evening, Chapter 287: The Festival And The First Day, Chapter 286: The Additional Participating Nations And The Opening Announcement, Chapter 285: Shogi Tournament And The First Festival, Chapter 284: Battle Guidance And A Freefall, Chapter 283: The Boy King And The Prodigal Girl, Chapter 282: The Discussion And The Paluf Kingdom, Chapter 281: The Personal Machine And The Pregnancy, Chapter 280: The Chief Of The red Cats And The Curse Removal, Chapter 279: The Capital Alen And A Golem, Chapter 278: The Barrier Release And The Second Visit To The Parallel World, Chapter 276: The Help Of God And Reflecting On Ones Actions, Chapter 275: The Invocation And An Unknown Land, Chapter 274: The Mentor And The Central Temple, Chapter 273: The Three Behemoths And Palerius, Chapter 272: Opening The Beach Season And The Behemoth Invasion, Chapter 271: The Release And The Second Death, Chapter 270: The Takeover And Suffering The Consequences, Chapter 269: The King Of Slaves And The Overwrite, Chapter 268: The Circumstances Of The Island And A Critical Situation, Chapter 267: The Ongoing Damage And An Enigmatic Island, Chapter 266: An Urgent Meeting And An Island Of No Return, Chapter 265: The Burned City And The Crystal Skeletons, Chapter 264: The Kingdom Of Slaves And The Strangeness Of The Desert, Chapter 263: The Interlude And The Investigation And The Infiltration, Chapter 262: The Tortoise And An Enigmatic Ruler Class, Chapter 261: The Lunch Box Made By The Beloved Wife And A Woman On Each Side, Chapter 260: New Relatives And Song Magic, Chapter 258: The Prize Capsule And The Third, Chapter 257: The Queen And The Blessing Of Life, Chapter 256: The Secret Phrase And The Snow Wolf, Chapter 255: Black And Blue And The Fishery, Chapter 254: The Interview And The Successful Candidates, Chapter 253: The End Of The Survival Test And The Ninjas, Chapter 251: Start Of The Examination And Survival, Chapter 249: Sacred Treasure And Heavy Weapon Equipment, Chapter 248: Everything So Far And From Now On, Chapter 246: Suspicious Person And The Feedback, Chapter 244: The Fusion And The Great Golden Deity, Chapter 243: Dealing With Aftermath And sanctuary, Chapter 242: Escape And The Path Of Human, Chapter 241: The Sovereign Seal And The Iron Machine Soldier, Chapter 240: The Obstruction Barrier And The Castle Invasion, Chapter 239: The Grudge And The Symbolic Mark, Chapter 238: The Capital Heiron And A Reunion, Chapter 237: The New Heavenly Emperor And The Reclamation Plan, Chapter 236: Mass Production And The Pressure Of Work, Chapter 235: The Kings Children And The Analysis, Chapter 233: The Sea Dragon And laboratory, Chapter 232: The Blade Of Light And The Cat Knight, Chapter 231: The Theater And A Starry Sky Confession, Chapter 230: The Mastermind And The School, Chapter 229: The Demon King And Doting Father, Chapter 228: An Attack And The Second Ruler Class, Chapter 227: Memories And A Reunion With Mother, Chapter 226: Farne And An Extremely Stupid Guy, Chapter 224: Completion Of The Bridge Curry And Rice, Chapter 223: Marriage Greetings And The Golden Association, Chapter 222: The Collection And The Brother In Law, Chapter 219: The Subordinate God And The Spirit World, Chapter 218: The Golden Gourd And The Awakening, Chapter 217: The Running Horseman And The One Eyed Warrior, Chapter 216: The Flying Boat And The Silver Oni Warrior, Chapter 215: The Clock Tower And A Celebration For The Promotion, Chapter 214: The Railcar And An Omen Of War, Chapter 212: The Two New Models And The Shield, Chapter 210: The Search For An Answer And A Gentle Change, Chapter 209: The Postwar Cleanup And The Robbery, Chapter 208: An Interlude And The Space Between Dimensions, Chapter 207: Gorilla And The Ruling Class, Chapter 206: The Advantageous War Situation And The Second Advanced Class, Chapter 205: Standing By And The Appearance Of Frazes, Chapter 204: The Rampage And The Red Deity Of Destruction, Chapter 203: Completion Of The Repairs And Mans Romance, Chapter 202: The End Of The Mock Battle And The Hill State Governor, Chapter 200: Again Profile Introduction 2, Chapter 199: The New Frame And Invasion Prophecy, Chapter 198: The Cave Of The Ruins And An Attribute Of Clumsiness, Chapter 197: The 8th Bride And The Snow Mouse, Chapter 196: The Slave Merchant And Coming Home In The Morning, Chapter 195: The Curse And The Slavers Ship, Chapter 194: Fake Adventurers And Human Trafficking, Chapter 193: Fortune Making And The Rookie Adventurers, Chapter 192: The Island Of Dragons And The Dragon King, Chapter 191: The Dragon Raid And The Knights Power, Chapter 190: The Dragon Rebellion And An Unjustified Resentment, Chapter 189: The Echo Needle Of Domination And The Azure Dragon, Chapter 186: Non Serious Exploration And A Gold Ring, Chapter 184: Fairys Confession And Human Type, Chapter 182: The Demon Country And The Puzzle, Chapter 181: The East West Alliance And Skating, Chapter 180: The Winter Comes And A Songstress, Chapter 179: The Wood Golem And The Fragarach, Chapter 178: The Boxing Match And A Nullified Poison, Chapter 177: The Boujutsu User And The Dual Swords User, Chapter 176: The Dragons Magic Eye And A Sign Of Change, Chapter 175: The Tribe Of Poison And Older Sisters True Strength, Chapter 174: The Warriors And A Second Older Sister, Chapter 173: Balum Tribe And The Spirit Of The Great Tree, Chapter 172: The Deity Tree Region And The Start Of The Game, Chapter 171: The Pruning Ceremony And A Proposal, Chapter 170: The Guild Branch And A Tanned Girl, Chapter 169: The Sacred Sword And The New Knight King, Chapter 168: The Brides Conference And The String Swimsuit, Chapter 167: Dazzling First Love And A Match, Chapter 166: Two Gold Ranked People And A Princess In Love, Chapter 165: The Last Days Of The Heavenly Kingdom And The New Weapon, Chapter 164: Meteor Shower And Annihilation, Chapter 163: The Melee And The Appearance Of Advanced Class, Chapter 162: Battle Preparations And Battle Commencement, Chapter 161: Urgent Meeting And Allied Participation, Chapter 160: Sonorant And Dragon Knight Transfer, Chapter 159: Written Protest And Grand Invasion, Chapter 157: The Yuuron Invasion And The Quint Village, Chapter 156: Absorption Magic And Elder Sisters Visit, Chapter 155: Assassin And Self Destructing, Chapter 154: The Babylon Castle And The Punishment, Chapter 152: The Princess Knight And The Presentation, Chapter 151: The Dragon Knight And The Raid, Chapter 150: After A Long Time And The Introduction Of Characters, Chapter 148: Golden Golem And A Mysterious Girl, Chapter 147: Train Project And Gathering Raw Materials, Chapter 146: New Machine Type And Working People, Chapter 145: The Scorpion And The Request For Cooperation, Chapter 144: The Guild Master And The Behemoth, Chapter 143: The Startup And The Test Run, Chapter 141: Joining The Alliance And A Little Fiancee, Chapter 140: The Inheritance Of The Throne And The Screaming Fool, Chapter 139: The Secret And An Illustration Of The Future, Chapter 138: The Rescue And A Mother And Child Reunion, Chapter 137: The Idiot Prince The Rotten Queen And The Wicked Prime Minister, Chapter 136: Rynie And The Alliance Conference, Chapter 135: First Prince And The Second Prince, Chapter 134: Mass Production And Marriage Proposal, Chapter 133: Magic Stone Discovery And Mock Experience, Chapter 131: Solitary Island And Pipe Wrench, Chapter 130: Surprise Morning And The Fourth, Chapter 128: Counterplan And The King Of Birds, Chapter 127: The Thunder Bear And An Unexpected Reunion, Chapter 126: The Farm And A Family Reunion, Chapter 125: The Invitations And The Crystal Knight Order, Chapter 124: Selection Meeting And Passed Candidates, Chapter 123: The Knight Order Recruitment And The Commander Selection, Chapter 121: Divine Message Fake And Reform, Chapter 120: The Spirit Of Darkness And The Fraud Kami Sama, Chapter 119: Second Coming And The Wriggling Object, Chapter 117: The Female Pope And The Denial Of God, Chapter 115: Holy Kingdom Messenger And Descending, Chapter 114: Spinning Top And Crystal Weapons, Chapter 113: Nurse Clothes And The Holy Kingdom, Chapter 112: Alchemy Building And The Maidens Qualities, Chapter 111: Arctic Region And Magical Ice, Chapter 108: The Women Tribe And The Increase Of Vassals, Chapter 106: Friendship Party And The Fireworks, Chapter 105: Game Room And Invitation Preparations, Chapter 103: Completion And First Vassals, Chapter 102: Abandoned Castle And The Ghost, Chapter 101: Abandoned Castle And The Ghost, Chapter 100: Country Foundation And Castle Construction, Chapter 99: Territory And The Wedding Funds, Chapter 98: The Fifth One And Establishment Of A New Nation, Chapter 97: Airtight And The Chemical Slime, Chapter 96: The Rushed Contract And The Declaration Of War, Chapter 95: Highest Level Talks And The Empires 12 Swords, Chapter 94: The Two Princesses And The Strategy Preparations, Chapter 93: Imbibe Demons Bracelet And The Defense Bracelet, Chapter 92: The Empires Princess And The Demon, Chapter 91: The Empire And The Female Knight, Chapter 90: Early Rising And New Gauntlet, Chapter 89: The Bookstore And The Author Encounter, Chapter 88: The Crab And The List Of Goods, Chapter 87: The Opening And The Rose Colored Cafe, Chapter 86: The Voice Input And The Gravity Change, Chapter 85: The Book Collection And The Store, Chapter 84: The Workshop And The Babylon Linking, Chapter 83: The Investigation And The Nosebleed, Chapter 81: The Emancipation And The Third Time, Chapter 80: The Vacant House Remodelling And The Survivors, Chapter 79: The Hot Spring And The Peeking, Chapter 78: The Mirage And The Screening Party, Chapter 77: The Knight Orders Affairs And The Night Raid, Chapter 76: The Electric Fan And The Scuffle, Chapter 75: The Search For Babylon And The Katana Production Commission, Chapter 74: The Fall And The Mithril Collection, Chapter 73: The Mithril Golem And The Spiciness, Chapter 72: Rings And Paruteno Silver Coin, Chapter 71: The Professor And The Monotone Boy, Chapter 68: The Duel For Some Reason And Magic Prohibition, Chapter 67: Wifes Anger And The Second Person, Chapter 65: Compatible Person And Babylon, Chapter 64: Transfer Formation And Sky Garden, Chapter 63: Black Tortoise And Infinite Loop, Chapter 62: Beach Paradise And Ruins On The Bottom The Ocean, Chapter 59: The Four Kings And The Rescue, Chapter 58: Takedas Circumstances And Infiltration, Chapter 57: Rain Of Light And The Secret Message, Chapter 56: The Demon Mask And Complete Recovery Magic, Chapter 53: The Visitors And The Bad News, Chapter 52: The New Employee And The Pendant.