Since there are no natural predators indoors, you will need to use some type of contact insecticides, such as neem or insecticidal soap. Choose the right plant for your indoor environment, making sure new purchases are healthy and pest free. That makes them easy prey for plant pests that find their way indoors. You can catch the adults with yellow sticky traps, which will cut down on the population. Plants infested with mealy bugs often look like they are drying out, even when they've been watered. • Natural Control Preference is on the use of natural methods as you want to minimize the chemicals you are exposing yourself to. To deter the insects, try using dryer sheets. Check your indoor plants regularly for signs that an insect has infested. Aphid. Indoor plant pests can multiply rapidly and infest plant life throughout the course of a year. Many houseplants are susceptible to indoor bugs and insects due to the lack of natural atmosphere indoors. Your houseplants spend all their time indoors where the temperature, sunlight, and humidity may not be optimal. Mealybugs look like small cottony white blobs, usually attached to the plant at the stem joints, but they may also be found along the stems. Pests have no natural predators inside, and their population can increase rapidly. Pest Problem Solver. In a cluster and they all spring upwards together, looking like a small cloud. Although springtails can feed on roots, when they are in the soil, they don't do much damage to plants. They stay close together and reproduce quickly, making them easy to identify though they hide under leaves. If you notice a plant that suddenly begins to look ill, take a closer look — chances are an insect is responsible. These tiny whiteflies tend to hide out on the underside of leaves and fly up in a puff when disturbed. But don't give up! Broad mites and cyclamen mites are less common pests, but they can do considerable damage to the growing tips of plants. Where: At or above the soil line of indoor, outdoor and greenhouse grown plants. There’s no wind to blow the pests away or rain to wash them off. If you catch the problem early, cut out the infested branches. Fungus gnats are tiny flies that hover around indoor plants and fly up in a cloud when disturbed. Common Indoor Plant Pests. It is possible to get your indoor garden back to normal with a little extra effort. You can also dab the mealybugs with a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol. Take the plant … Leafminer damage on edible greens, like Swiss chard and spinach, can ruin a crop, but on a houseplant, they are just unsightly. Like all plants, houseplants will occasionally come under attack from pests. They favor damp soil and are a bigger problem with seedlings than with established houseplants. If infestation is identified early, you can handpick out the pests… You can trap the adults with blue sticky tape and remove any damaged leaves, to keep new flies from emerging.