Next, you will listen to a lecture related to the information from the passage you have just read. Don’t try to write about both sides. (TPO 52), The reading discusses several beliefs that humans have developed about elephants. Listen for phrases like first … second … third and first of all … secondly … finally; they will signal when the lecturer transitions from one point to another. When writing your essay, you’ll want to use a variety of reporting verbs to describe what the reading and the lecturer say. Writing the TOEFL Integrated Essay Without Fear: A 7-step Plan 1. Reading Claim: Birthday cake is a positive tradition because it helps people celebrate with family and friends. First, the stone balls as hunting weapons. Birthday cake. The reading passage from TPO (TOEFL Practice Online) 33 is as follows. A third theory is that the carved stone balls served a social purpose as opposed to a practical or utilitarian one. I hope these articles will give you very specific and practical information and advice you need to improve your English fluency. Answer? Because the balls are made from different types of stones, the balls have different densities, and thus different weights. In addition, this article provides two excellent writing templates to help add advanced language and structure to your work. However, rather than using variety, I think you should be consistent in how you refer to the reading and the lecture. There are two options to organize your essay: block style or point by point. Answer? For examples of “Advantages and Disadvantages” Independent Essay topics, click here. The first part is the reading passage which is approximately 250-300 words long. If you miss any of the three key points in the lecture, you won’t be able to score higher than a 3 out of 5. It is better for your score to pretend to be passionate about your position. For example: “first,” “next” or “lastly.”. Archaeologists have found round, carved stone balls dating from the late Neolithic period at several sites in Scotland. The topic is the general idea that is found throughout the passages, and will be just a few words. I recommend that you vary this structure a little bit if you can. It is important to only choose one side. Learn lots of synonyms (words that have the same meaning). This view is supported by the fact that many stone balls have elaborate designs. A couple of facts are inconsistent with this theory. Learn About All 4 TOEFL Sections Here! But first, let’s look at how you can prepare for the Integrated essay. Although TOEFL study guides say that some lectures support or strengthen the information in the reading passage, this is highly unlikely. She (he) claims (suggests, points out) that …. Although several theories about the meaning and purpose of these balls are discussed in the reading, the lecturer strongly disagrees with their validity. Next, let’s look at free TOEFL Writing samples for Task 1 from the most authentic source out there: ETS, the official makers of the TOEFL Exam. I didn’t feel qualified to write related reading and writing selections at the exact TOEFL level myself. Common Neolithic weapons such as arrowheads and hand axes generally show signs of wear, so we should expect that if the stone balls had been used as weapons for hunting or fighting, they too would show signs of that use. She observes that although some stones have intricate patterns, others are quite plain. The second and longer task is the independent essay.The first is the integrated essay. It is important to only choose one option and stick with it. You’ll have another chance to read for details. Make sure you use your time wisely and don’t dedicate too much of your essay writing about only one side. In this task, you will have to read a passage and listen to a speaker before writing your essay. Claim #2: Birthday cake is a negative tradition because people should be able to celebrate their birthdays with whatever dessert they like, not just birthday cakes. Your email address will not be published. Don’t forget, those transition words give you clues to find the reasons! On the left-hand side of the table, you’ll write the three main points of the reading. Therefore, the balls could not have been used as a primitive weighing system. In this case, the first paragraph would talk about birthday cake being a positive tradition, and the second would talk about it being negative. However, the lecturer challenges the arguments in favor of such taxes. You should also include details that support their points. You should write down as much as you can, especially from the audio clip because you will only get to hear it once. The reading and listening are connected through the detail that they share. If you are starting to feel lost, don’t panic! That makes it unlikely that the balls were personal possessions that marked a person’s status within the community. (TPO 54), The reading passage cites a number of social benefits resulting from high taxes placed on cigarettes and unhealthy foods. For more samples, click here. Put all of the ideas from the reading in the first paragraph, and all of the ideas from the listening in the second one. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you With years of experience teaching English both in the classroom and online, as well as scoring TOEFL Speaking, I am well aware of various issues and problems that students have when they are learning English. My article on reporting verbs should provide you with lots of information to make these distinctions clearly. The first thing to understand is that on the TOEFL, the Integrated Writing section is different from the Independent Writing section. This essay is all about understanding the connection between the reading and the listening passages, and restating it in your own words as much as you can. If the reading and listening passages have opposite viewpoints, you will want to show that you understand that by using contrast transitions like “however,” “but” and “although.”, If the viewpoints are similar, use comparison transitions—like “similarly,” “also” and “equally.” You can also use number transitions at the beginnings of paragraphs. Nevertheless, until your reading and listening skills are developed well enough for you to understand the three points of connection between the reading and the lecture, there’s little reason to put much effort into practicing the essay itself. Great news: You can definitely prepare for this part of the TOEFL. The model essay there comes with two additional companion posts: a tutorial on paraphrasing in TOEFL Integrated Writing, and a guide to revising your work in TOEFL Writing Task 1. . After you finish the lecture, you’ll have 20 minutes to write your essay of around 150 to 225 words. During the TOEFL iBT, you will have two writing tasks. The TOEFL suggests an Independent Writing that is 300-325 words long, but we recommend writing 350-400 words. He (she) maintains (affirms, observes) that [two ideas from the lecture]. However (in contrast), the lecturer (disputes, contradicts, disagrees with) this (statement, idea, opinion). For block style, just make two paragraphs! During this three-minute reading time, what’s most important is that you clearly identify and understand the three main points. Tip: Some students find it helpful to note the topic, claim and reasons (using their own numbering system or symbols) as they are reading or listening. Then, provide at least two supporting reasons for your opinions with detailed personal experiences. The lecturer is almost always going to offer views which conflict with the author is some way. Even William Shakespeare himself would not get a 5 unless he understood what he heard in the lecture. In the same way, call the person giving the lecture either the speaker, the lecturer, or the professor and stick with that. Essay topics: TOEFL integrated writing: Altruism. This most often appears as a question asking you to explain the advantages and disadvantages of an issue. Next, listen or read for reasons that explain or prove the claim in both the reading and listening passages. The TOEFL suggests an Integrated Writing that is 150-225 words, but we recommend writing 250-300 words. The author asserts (contends, argues) that [another point from the text]. Because the writing task is so standardized, test-takers tend to follow certain templates or formulaic language that they’ve encountered at test-preparation websites or courses. How could you organize these ideas in a block style? The Integrated essay asks you to first read a short passage, and then listen to a selection on the same topic. It also provides a fun activity for the party and a way for each guest to be included in the celebration. If used as weapons, these balls would likely be cracked or broken. To find it, look (or listen) for repeated words and ideas throughout the passages. They allow you to show your English knowledge in different ways. For examples of “Advantages and Disadvantages” Independent Essay topics, click here. 6:43 pm. They are round in shape; they were carved from several types of stone; most are about 70 mm in diameter; and many are ornamented to some degree. Third, the reading proposes that, due to their elaborately carved designs,  the stones might have had a social purpose and been used to mark the social status of their owners. This time, let’s find the reasons that the author believes birthday cake is so important. Listen for addition transitions like “next,” “also” and “furthermore.” These transitions give you a clue that important details are coming! For this question type, you will usually be given a statement and then will be asked if you agree or disagree with that statement. These words are often at the beginnings of sentences. Furthermore, we know that in Neolithic Britain, when someone died, particularly a high-ranking person, they were usually buried with their possessions.